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  1. Aokami added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

    Poor Zeggy.
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  2. Aokami added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    PA too busy developing more cash shop items and FotM to concern about how the way they integrated a third party system is messing up players' game play.
    But I guess I now know what's been eating my comp, because I get random spikes that has me looking at my task manager and seeing 100% usage which shouldn't be happening at all.
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  3. Aokami added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    I stop once i find a game to become more of a chore than something I enjoy playing. Which was why I pretty much just stopped playing and log in to claim the attendance reward and build play hours into getting achievement rewards just because. I mainly play casually now unlike before when I first returned. I just do whatever I can and basically have no actual goal I want to get at other than playing with a few people I know.
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  4. Aokami added a post in a topic Add Brokers in minor cities   

    I think he means the marketplace NPC...Not the Black Market dealer, Patrigeo.
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  5. Aokami added a post in a topic [Weekend Buff]: Westernizing XP Events   

    Wait- how is it broken? Of all things, you did not consider to put expiration on the perks (like 7 days to use until you can get another) so it can't be "abused" or putting a cooldown on it? Just make it a perk buff (which appears next to your level on the upper left hand) similar to Value Pack and have it put a cooldown timer of 7 day for when you actually use it until you can receive another buff.
    I feel like the term "broken" is thrown around so carelessly just to try and exaggerate a point.
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  6. Aokami added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    From my point of view, I do believe that you're entitled to your own opinion as anyone is, and voicing your concern is important, but how it's constructed is even more important, so that message isn't skewed nor is misunderstood.
    The point was that your actions snowballed to cause defamation with the game among a number of players.
    It's obvious it's not a "how to" thread, but it feels to me you continue to disregard what the class is based around and using anecdotal arguments. I'm not speaking subjectively here. Because of your claim that Striker is OP, which I see it as nothing more than exaggeration. One thing I want to make clear is that I am not including player skills at all but generally speaking base on how the class is built. Also, my definition in which something I would consider overpower to be a class that literally has very little need to counter against any other class. Which from what I see in the video you showed, and looking over Striker's skills in their main tree does not have any that gives a huge advantage over the others classes.
    Pre-awakened stance by no mean meant to be OP nor is it. Striker may have all sorts of cc but that does not correlate to it being OP considering it also needs to chain prerequisite skills. Not to mention what kind of cc it is, just like any other class, there's less knockdown/bound/floating than the rest. And pointing out in the video you mainly repeat one combo on them, doesn't quite signify it something OP, since from the looks of it you mainly relied on one of your KD from a Flow vs the rest of the cc you keep mentioning which were probably consisting of stuns and staggers. Generally speaking, Striker's placement is a little above average in terms of kit because of the super armors but it's not over the top broken to the point it tops any other classes as the class isn't completely impregnable. It's not like playing Striker, you literally don't need to put zero effort into killing anyone with just facerolling even if you're not good at PvPing, you actually did need to put some effort seeing how you fought those players and how long it took for you to kill one. It's a solid class with defensive plays but definitely not something overpowered or broken. But we need to wait for awakening before jumping the gun on any conclusion.
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  7. Aokami added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    I missed some but from the 13 eggs I got:
    1 Sharp Shard Bag
    3 Witch Earring
    1 MoS
    1 Bensho
    3 Guardian Seal
    1 BSC Sturdiness
    16 Cron Stone
    Not as great or bad but decent...I guess.
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  8. Aokami added a post in a topic [Weekend Buff]: Westernizing XP Events   

    I think the OP's point is mainly for convenience, so that he can utilize 100% xp a lot better for himself. And the buff is there on the weekends because majority of  the players have the day off or time to play.
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  9. Aokami added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    I never mention nor implied that you're unable to make videos to express what you feel or that it should always be positive, mind you. I don't want to continue to elaborate on what you did would be considered something along the lines of defamation so I'll keep it short. You made a rant video, you argued against people who spoke against your rant and some viewers exaggerated the situation without even weighing in a number of things, and thus lead to the P2W argument that still persists today. I'm not saying you are the main cause of it but you are one of the people who fed oil to the fire. So what I am referring to was the outcome/result that snowballed from the source(s).
    I never said that you stating Strikers have 25 different cc is false claim. So what's the point in bringing it up even though it's irrelevant? I'm just pointing out how Striker is linear in terms of skill cycling because of they have numerous Flow:- skills, so playing as one or fighting one, knowing when to counter or when you're vulnerable is something important.
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  10. Aokami added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    I am not sure why you bring up Bhegs/Kzarka in this conversation as it's irrelevant since we are comparing two awakening weapons (dandy and ultimate blue). It's obvious bheg's makes a difference and same goes with kzarka but that's not the issue here. It's stupid to assume people haven't used those items in either pvp or pve.
    Now let me spell some things out for you. This discussion here is about optimization, OP is considering two items: TET Ultimate Blue or a TRI Dandy. Comparing both items, they basically perform on par in both PvP and PvE, hence it's concluded he does not need to have it replace until he can get a TET dandy or PEN. Hence he'll be able to focus on his other gears like having full TET boss armors or better accessories which will save time and silver. It's up to you to believe that a TET blue can perform as well as a TRI Dandy even though Dandy is the BiS gear. But let me tell you that the difference is marginal with a TET Ultimate Blue vs a TRI Dandy because of the +human damage you gain from the Ultimate Blue which leads to it being on par with a TRI Dandy.
    It's obvious Dandy doesn't have accuracy so it's redundant why you quoted remi's comment on dandy having no accuracy and pointing out something from the tooltip but wrongly explaining it. Since every single mainhand, awakened, armor has that same Enhancement Effects tooltip but with similar enhancement bonuses.
    The only thing that's hidden is accuracy or any damage modifier such as All Species, Demihuman, Human, etc. that won't show on your character sheet but everything else is there (excluding crystals, set bonuses, consumable buffs). So you don't get extra bonus AP from enhancement that's hidden. It's questionable you even came to this kind of conclusion if you had a dandy, kzarka, boss gear. The numbers provide are actually as you see it on the item tooltip and thanks to the this, it pretty much invalidates your claim. But apparently, you probably never knew so you continued to believe of an existing pseudo hidden bonus from every BiS.
    This discussion is similar to global warming debate, with those who have done tests and those who are just suddenly spouting things from no where...
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  11. Aokami added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    If you're not backing up with your own data to argue against it, it definitely is just you wearing the tinfoil now.
    It's not a coding nightmare considering that the game just extended on the damage formula for awakening to calculate and Zephon provided proof for why offhand/accessories have more benefit than weapon AP by breaking down and dissecting the AP sources. Since you're just basically taking ~43% of mainhand on sheet and applying that into the awk damage formula which leads you to using ~143% of the AP from offhand/accessories instead.
    To refute saying AP from accessories and offhand is not worth more than the weapon is practically saying the dev's statement to awk damage of having ~50% of mainhand added to your awakening damage would be false (which it is to an extent but not entirely false). Because how is it that your other sources of AP not worth a lot more? For every 1 awakened AP (only from the weapon), during damage calculation: ~.43 AP comes mainhand, ~1.43 AP comes from rest of your other sources (offhand/accessories/crystals/buffs).
    I mean- 1 AP from your awk weapon is sure more than ~1.43 AP from your accessories,offhand, consumable/guild/potion/alchemy stone/etc buffs, right?
    For your awakening, 1 AP is not entirely just 1 AP for the most part, it holds true for mainhand but not exactly for awakening when it comes to calculating damage.
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  12. Aokami added a post in a topic [Weekend Buff]: Westernizing XP Events   

    I think rather than 2 items, I like it if they gave 3 instead, considering during the weekends we have about 2 days and 15 hours every week . Every hour counts!
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  13. Aokami added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Effort or none, you still went and ranted even if your main point was about how the game was handled by the company. Yes, it's not exactly that you are defaming the game but the game is apart of the company (as a product) hence, you are indirectly defaming the game unintentionally. You might have raised awareness with the management but in a way have kept a partial amount of viewers that were curious about the game away as they'll be taking the words face value and probably not try the game because of that video. It's possible to play a game while disliking the company but when you're making a video to rant, you're also making a public statement.It's pretty important to know they are on Flows, that way you can see what moments they have openings. It's a little dumb to be disregarding that fact, especially if you're going up against a Striker and you'll lose to anyone if you can't read your opponent or know how the class you're up against is played.  So, yes, you should care if they are dependent on Flow if you're playing the class or fighting it because that's their main playstyle.The only reason I mentioned Zerker in that list because of @Catclaw's statement about zerker being a potential counter against a pre-awakened Striker based on general playstyle and you argued that statement bringing in player skill which any class can beat the other if they are better/more experienced. 
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  14. Aokami added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Then he brought it on himself if he went as far as to putting an utmost effort in defaming a game he came back to. It's like a celebrity defaming the agency where they work, and leaving but suddenly comes back to it. People would be calling the celebrity a hypocrite and it leads to losing credibility.
    After looking at multiple sources (1 | 2 | 3) and comparing them, they have some skills with cc BUT most are from their Flow skills. The class have iframes which are 2 with hard cd on them and mobility to make up for having to be mainly point blank in every of their encounters. He has multiple super armors but it mainly comes from his Flow.
    The class overall is not OP, I would say their release would be on par with DK because both of new classes were scaled to be superior than most of the old classes in terms of pre-awakening since most of their damage are quite significant. It's expected that Strikers wouldn't be able to kill awakening classes ideally but it's possible when considering actual player skills, and gears.
    But like all classes, they have a weakness in pre-awakening. Knowing when to disrupt a Striker's combo is your main objective to beating them, with Striker heavily reliant on being able to successively land the first skill and the Flows that follow it to chain cc and also kill them. But not all of his skills have super armor and if you're an awakening class, it's just mainly up to you knowing when to time a cc during his combos. It's not as easy as it sounds but it's doable. So far, a lot of MMO with classes reliant on step-by-step combos tend to be very easy to read and obvious.
    From the look of it, Striker's not safe being that close in battle against any grab class if they can't get that first skill into a flow before getting grabbed, not to mention Zerker being the class with a magnet grab. But like many others have stated and what I also think, it would be a lot better to confirm it's broken if the OP went up against awakened classes with actual gears or someone with PvP experience even in preawakening. There were barely anyone in the video that's actually geared enough to kill and most were PvE'ers like majority of the Korean playerbase also majority weren't retaliating until later.
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  15. Aokami added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    I tend to ask if the person or people have room to join, but usually they either see me as I clear a group of mob and run away or straight up flag right away before I could say anything. This issue goes both ways, and it all comes down to not being a total jerkwad jumping to conclusions. Not everyone you see coming to a grind area is a jerkwad like you and will purposely karma bomb you unless you deserved it.
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