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  1. Rheanen added a post in a topic Only allow PvP if both sides flagged   

    I DID research this game before I bought it. At the time I pre-ordered: PvP was at level 50 AND could only be accessed by a quest. They changed the game a week after launch which is more than a week after many of us had already been playing. 
    I like PvP but if I'm talking to a trader NPC and you walk up behind me, 10 lvls higher, and one shot me... that's not PvP that's lame. There is no "challenge". And most of the people screaming "carebear!" aren't in it for the "challenge".
    And yes, I do and have seen PvPers join "carebear games" and scream that they need PvP in order to stay to keep the game alive.
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  2. Rheanen added a topic in Suggestions   

    Wardrobe tab in inventory
    I love events that allow players to accrue clothing without having to spend cash. I like the option of clothing to allow bonuses to trading or fishing or gathering as needed. And with more players prepping for Node/Seige, armor swappning for PvE vs PvP play is also becoming more important.
    But, inventory space and weight are limited. It'd be nice to get a second tab for the storage of clothing/armor along with a weight allowance.
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  3. Rheanen added a topic in Suggestions   

    sending player to player mail
    I'd like to be able to send in-game mail to my guildmates, friends list, and at least an auto "THANK YOU!" to the nice person who sent me a gift letter.
    I get not allowing a general in-game mail system. Given our chat, I can't imagine what that would look like, but something for guildies and friends - people we voluntarily choose to associate with.
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  4. Rheanen added a post in a topic A Comment About Residence Rank/Decoration/Points   

    I've also seen several places that were wall to wall with bookshelves and lights from the Pearl Store.
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  5. Rheanen added a post in a topic Inventory must have available slots : No more please   

    The game requires 2 free spaces when ever you do something as you have a chance to acquire higher level items with production activities. Admittedly I believe they have that set for ALL activities, including quests, when it wouldn't necessarily be needed but this is not a bug.
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  6. Rheanen added a post in a topic Harassment, false accusation   

    Two weeks seems a long time, have they appealed?
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  7. Rheanen added a post in a topic Aesthetic Snobbery: Immersive Clothes & Hairstyles   

    Bump. Clothing like this would be great, especially with the new content.

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  8. Rheanen added a post in a topic Some More Home Placeable Ideas   

    This too. There are a lot of nice items already in game - you see them in the luxury shops and market places, especially in Calpheon. The assets are already made - be nice to see them available. 

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  9. Rheanen added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    Nice shot just north of Calpheon. I'm the witch on the right. I liked the form for turn in.

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  10. Rheanen added a topic in Suggestions   

    Pearl shop, moving items
    With the addition of new classes, some players are going to transfer their "main" to a new character. 
    It would be nice if there was a way to have either an "account bound" portion of the pearl shop for things like horse whistles, xp scrolls, and dyes or a way to transfer pearl items from one character to another. Which would probably also resolves some issues people have with sending costumes to the wrong character.
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  11. Rheanen added a topic in Suggestions   

    Flag NPC text that uses energy
    Over the last few days I've been working on amity games and stashing energy in order to accrue knowledge faster. A couple of things have come to my attention:
    1) Some of the NPC which looks, to me, like knowledge I don't have yet, are actually offering a buff. Oops there goes 25 energy for a buff that I would love while fighting but I'm about to log off.
    2) Some of the NPCs, even once you've paid the purchase and read the knowledge will then still offer it to you for that same energy fee. Mercianne Moretti I can confirm.
    3) Put all the effort into raising the amity and you either a) already have the knowledge b) can't access it because there's other content you haven't accessed yet.
    4) Larc has a weird symbol that no one seems to know what it's for. Do we bring her fresh fish? Is  that what the smiley face with a double ^ is supposed indicate?
    I'm not looking for easy mode but I would like a visual signal for at least, "this is a buff," and "you already bought this, don't click it again." 
    I don't know what to do about the verifying knowledge before you spend to accrue it - an option to view that area of the knowledge book could work but then maybe we're approaching easy mode...
    Thanks for your time!
    Caoin Frost
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  12. Rheanen added a post in a topic NA / EU Players - Why are most so ungratefull?   

    A lot of it is because previous western based MMOs have listened to the squeaky wheel about what changes should be made to content and game design. So, now everyone is a squeaky wheel.
    Case in point: "auto-run loops were a catch-up mechanic in KR and we do not forsee adding them to the NA/EU game" Now we have a vote option on the forums to add auto-run loops.
    Personally, I think it's horrible. If you're going to allow everyone to afk level up breath and strength, just set it at max for all players and move on. That way you aren't short changing the people who have limited access to the internet. But, if you look at the polling results more than 84% of current voters are in favor.
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  13. Rheanen added a post in a topic Pile of Sunrise herbs   

    Processing and alchemy do not recognize them as an ingredient, I've tried.
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  14. Rheanen added a post in a topic Bought first house   

    If you've got them, the windows open, which makes a HUGE difference in the place I have. You can also get some through the pearl shop after a few days of receiving loyalty pearls. 
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