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  1. Xariun added a post in a topic Helping Hand: Guide Contest   

    Would..You rather not having any interaction?... I mean.. They can go back to doing that..
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  2. Xariun added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    ...But the game servers are still the same.. Their comment.. Had nothing to do with the Steam servers... Just the player load that will come with another base for players to join the game from..
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  3. Xariun added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    When you're salty because you finished the quest before the servers were supposed to be up and still didn't get the title.
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  4. Xariun added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    You.. Do realize... This is hosted in multiple time zones?.. Yes?... And one of the servers it is currently night and in the other it is currently typical work hours, in which Kakao EU would likely be in their office.. Yes?...
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  5. Xariun added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    Still failing to see the "@devs" tag..

    Anyways, if this is actually a thing, it would explain why I failed to notice much of a difference from changing from a Saiyer Knot to a Kutum Knot of a higher enhancement level.
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  6. Xariun added a post in a topic What "secret" game mechanic probably doesn't exist but you could believe it does because it's so BDO?   

    You forgot that white knighting increases enchant success rate by .000000000001%.
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  7. Xariun added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

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  8. Xariun added a post in a topic What "secret" game mechanic probably doesn't exist but you could believe it does because it's so BDO?   

    That RNG is based on what slot your items were in prior to use...
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  9. Xariun added a post in a topic Rate The Screenshot Above You!   

    This says screenshots. The thread you linked is for characters. So far the screenshots happen to be characters.
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  10. Xariun added a post in a topic Have fun with Dark Knight’s awakening weapon!   

    Except. You know.. That part where they're re-balancing the older classes to be on the same level.. Just maybe.. Of course that could be a ploy to draw players back to those classes to spend even more money... But you know. You could just not stop playing that class.
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  11. Xariun added a post in a topic Tantu Armor - Cape (Feathers) Option?   

    As far as I know, it does hide the mane of feathers. But I do not play Berserker and have just seen this on many friends who wear this costume set so don't take anything I say as 100%. Though personally, I would buy it, test it, and if it does not hide it, simply file for a refund within 24 hours. Or is it 48 now? Not sure, but either way. 24 to be safe. That is their current refund policy.
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  12. Xariun added a post in a topic Node level and knowledge rank test   

    Bumpity bump bump.
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  13. Xariun added a post in a topic "★``````S`e`c`u`r`i`t`y```````A`l`e`r`t```````★" 0xE019101A   

    I only get this when I DC and leave BDO open for an extended period of time.
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  14. Xariun added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    Just tried yet again with two T3s. Still no T4.
    Just tried again absolutely from scratch with fresh rabbits. Still. No. T4. This seriously needs to be looked into as I've literally dropped over 10,000 pearls on it just for the sake of testing it further. It's outrageous and as I've said before, I have multiple T4s already.
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  15. Xariun added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    I have other Tier 4s. This is my issue. It was not this difficult to get them there. One of them was done with a Tier 3 and Tier 2. Lol. I got combat exp on the first T3 so I was like "Why not?" 7,000 pearls later. That's why not.
    Would love to see some screenshots of a T4 Choppy if anyone does own one.
    Update: Made two more attempts. Still failures.
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