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  1. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic The 2017 BDO Forum Academy Awards   

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  2. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic Black Desert in Steam!!!   

    Lol @ all those people on the first page.
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  3. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Firstly, in wow you get level max in a few hours???? Lol no. The cap is so stupidly high now that it can take a month to get a toon to cap (they should have made WoW2 by now for sure).
    I pretty much agree with you on everything else though.  BDO has a PERFECT combat system with a huge skill cap, that is COMPLETELY ruined by the fact that skill matters for shit.  There should be a hard cap at 56, and gear should only give you a 10-20% advantage in combat at it's greatest.  That would make this game perfect.
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  4. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic This game is DEAD [Sarcasm]   

    Guaranteed that at lease 80% of those players are AFK
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  5. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic So I started my week long trial...   

    You compared it because a game with a lot of systems to learn is the same as a game that is known for it's difficult gameplay? Not even remotely the same at all... DS will be remembered forever, BDO will be forgotten in no time.
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  6. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic So I started my week long trial...   

    They're literally nothing alike at all, BDO isn't difficult gameplay at all, but whatever
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  7. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic Easy leveling/grind spots nowdays ?   

    LOLOLOL You're one to talk.
    Go back to your carebear game where grinding mobs for countless hours because you have no life makes you think you're good at PvP.
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  8. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic So I started my week long trial...   

    No, hell no. Dark souls is an amazing franchise that brought difficulty back into gaming.  BDO is a korean grinder that's terribly unbalanced, relies on RNG, and has no goal other than making silver and getting your wizard the best gear possible so you can one shot a group of people.
    You can't even remotely compare the two, having a lot of shitty systems in your game that take time to learn doesn't make you Dark Souls.
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  9. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic Solo Leveling   

    I can stay alive well enough, but I also don't want the mobs to be so hard that my xp per hour suffers because of it.
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  10. Oakenkeg added a topic in General   

    Best places to solo level?
    What are the best places to solo level past 56? I hate the conflict at Sausans, Pirates are too far out, and prefer to stay out of a group.
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  11. Oakenkeg added a topic in PVP   

    Solo Leveling
    What are the best places to solo-level past 56? I hate the crowds at Sausans and Pirates are too far out.  Also hate grouping to level.
    edit: sorry for wrong forum
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  12. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic Please optimize the game so we get the same FPS that we used to get 6 months ago   

    Sad as it is to say, I really wish they would instance the different areas (mediah, valencia, calpheon, ect.).  I wouldn't mind a loading screen when going in if it meant that the game would be fully optimized and pop in would be eliminated.
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  13. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic Admit that the game needs a level hard cap   

    Right?!?! Especially when there's only one way to get to 60.
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  14. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic Admit that the game needs a level hard cap   

    All those games have tournaments that are widely streamed and have large cash rewards... Yeah they're e-sports.  Sorry that you obviously don't seem to know what that means.
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  15. Oakenkeg added a post in a topic Admit that the game needs a level hard cap   

    So I'm guessing you've never heard of Twitch, or been there during any of the regular MMO PvP tournaments... WoW, GW2, BnS, should I go on? Plenty of MMOs are esports.
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