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  1. La_Vega added a topic in Sorceress   

    Sorc vs dk awake
    I don't know if this has been asked already, and sorry if it has. But I've been some what worried about how the Sorc is going to match up against dk after awakening. It seems like it will be a rough time trying to close in on dk's. I see even people like giken on his warrior doing a lot of running away and repositioning. 
    All in all, I hope it doesn't turn into a running away ordeal against dks. 
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  2. La_Vega added a post in a topic PSA warrior in KR is now dead   

    Too many nerds playing as a warrior and fighting shitters. They automatically think the class is ez. Not saying the class is insanely hard, but try playing against top tier players. The constant switching that is needed to play the class isn't as simple as the casual warrior thinks it is. 
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  3. La_Vega added a post in a topic New Guild: Madrigal - Recruiting (NA)   

    Message me in game. Family name is La_Vega
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  4. La_Vega added a post in a topic Rosar vs Vangertz ?   

    What is the best option as a shield (not counting kutumn) if you do have a tri bhegs?
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  5. La_Vega added a post in a topic Paradoxx NA Uno/Edan/Orwen   

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  6. La_Vega added a post in a topic PVE grinding with Awakening Weapon   

    Thats a 30 ap sheet difference... 
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  7. La_Vega added a post in a topic And i don't even have awakening...   

    Hey nice improvements. Just a tip, turn on mouse movement in the setting menu so you can redirect your 100% by clicking on a different spot. So if you trigger it one direction and they move you can recover and land it. Just in case you didn't know about that. Good luck. 
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  8. La_Vega added a post in a topic Top awakening classes   

    and what does this mean?
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  9. La_Vega added a post in a topic Ninja vs Warrior - Unbalanced.   

    I don't get why people think that class is all that. It's awakening doesn't seem good. Can't wait till they start crying about ninjas. 
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  10. La_Vega added a post in a topic Ya'll just need to start an equalized 1v1 arena guild.   

    Brilliant parallel examples. 
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  11. La_Vega added a post in a topic <Reborn> Looking for new blood! Edan NA gvg/nodewars/pvp   

    My bad, I must've been away from the computer. I tried messaging you in game as well. Is there anybody else i can contact in game? 
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  12. La_Vega added a post in a topic Small guilds struggling to do scrolls, node wars, etc? Consider us! Adult Gaming Community since 2003 wants you!   

    I just moved over from Uno to Edan. Is it a requirement to be 50+ to join? 
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  13. La_Vega added a post in a topic <Reborn> Looking for new blood! Edan NA gvg/nodewars/pvp   

    Sound like a pretty good group. I've just moved from Uno to Edan and am looking for a guild. I am a USAF vet as well. I'll message you in game. My family name is La_Vega. 
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  14. La_Vega added a post in a topic Where do I even begin?   

    Hey Grimmers! What server did you end up picking?!
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