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  1. lRagna added a post in a topic Can't log in to game or website   

    My friend and I got this issue as well, more than 12 hours of waiting for a response and still nothing even tho I attached some images with what the website says (not registered, wrong password or email and email already exist while signing up)
    I truly wish this can be looked into quickly...
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  2. lRagna added a post in a topic Are all classes Gender-Locked?   

    They do it with normal women and when they give birth the baby is a Giant (?) 
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  3. lRagna added a post in a topic MMOsite Readers' Choice Awards   

    Steam will take some of their income so it won't be good for Daum
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  4. lRagna added a post in a topic News regarding the IP Block.   

    They cant break it, they can get a license (what they did with Oceania) when PA wants to when they find out there is no publishers in other regions aside from SEA, and no, I won't stop playing a game that I love just because of this, didn't stop in KR, nor JP, RU neither
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  5. lRagna added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Forgot to add my favorite one so far (not taking action pics yet until i get my costumes)

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  6. lRagna added a post in a topic News regarding the IP Block.   

    Other regions have no publishers Sir (Except for SEA)
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  7. lRagna added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    how did you do this?
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  8. lRagna added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    After a LOT of tweaking to my Kunoichi I finally finished her final look

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  9. lRagna added a post in a topic Your plans for 1st CBT?   

    interesting enough there is only 1 BDO folder for all of your BDO versions that saves all your screenshots, settings and customizations
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  10. lRagna added a post in a topic Your plans for 1st CBT?   

    I'm sure you are doing something wrong because I don't have any issues at all
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  11. lRagna added a post in a topic Your plans for 1st CBT?   

    Wrong, I just ported a file I did on the JP version to the RU without problems, I loaded some files from BDO KR to both RU and JP versions
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  12. lRagna added a post in a topic Your plans for 1st CBT?   

    Eh... that depends on the person, I prob spend more time in Character creator than I should when I'm just lazy to play anything lol
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  13. lRagna added a post in a topic Character Creation Preset # Generator   

    Or something even better than that:

    For example in PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2) has oen of the best character creator as well but more anime style and it has the option to save as many presets as you want, it saves it into a separate folder and you even can name that preset in-game before saving something that BDO DOESN'T have it, you need to copy that file in BDO and save it in another folder and then rename it wich it surprise me because PSO2 started in 2012 while BDO is quite new
    The suggestion that I was going to make is for Daum to make a Page where people can show their creations and as optional option to put the preset for people to donwload it like BDO KR has it for example these 2 links
    (this one is like a person showing the Kunoichi to people)
    It would be great actually but i keep it saying to make a whole new section of the main page for this instead of forums so it will have better presentation and what not
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  14. lRagna added a post in a topic Your plans for 1st CBT?   

    Is better to go to the JP version since it has pretty much all the classes but Ninja while in the RU they are just adding Blader withing this week
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  15. lRagna added a post in a topic Anyone playing the RU version of Black Desert Online until NA release?   

    I play both JP and RU versions since I love the game, waiting for NA release still and maintain in there
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