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  1. Kunasha added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    we were about 56 but you're pretty strong now anyway, nice to see you back
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  2. Kunasha added a post in a topic HTF this bidding system work?   

    No, it means that the winner didn't buy the whole stack. The rest of the stack then goes to free for all, making the amount you want to buy invalid. 
    If you win a stack bid, you can take the whole stack
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  3. Kunasha added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    That's like saying, if you don't play football in the Champions League, you don't have a competitive mindset
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  4. Kunasha added a post in a topic Leveling in Mediah is overcrowded..   

    The game is getting positive "look again" reviews from the likes of PC Gamer, as a good example of a game that was too hardcore at the start bled players. But listened to the feedback and turned the game around making it more friendly to both new players and rerollers. 
    People are being convinced to give it a go. 
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  5. Kunasha added a post in a topic Should I buy a liverto or wait?   

    Crystal slots and 3 crit makes liverto far superior to yuria, even if you only use the awakening weapon 
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  6. Kunasha added a post in a topic Witch Awakening Q&A + Guide Tonight~ How to: Witch! Awakened Guide added soon! Beginner - Advanced Witch Guide!   

    Bhegs and muskans are a must have. You can replace the other 2 with Heve until pretty much all the rest of your gear is sorted out 
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  7. Kunasha added a post in a topic How come Wizards can't W+F to switch into orbs?   

    Your version is shift right click I think. Whichever says that it is available with the staff
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  8. Kunasha added a post in a topic Witch awakening out on NA!   

    That's a rather large strap on
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  9. Kunasha added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    So add in Blacktivist from your screenshot with the 17 we could see in the killspam (Cohab, snakes, XooVe, Crovexx, Gibson, Bluefoxx, Althara, Critica1, Sanyuh, ARRSHi, Christmass, Sinplay, Navster, BruceJenner, TrisX, Ruina, ThepowersthatB), and we get 18.
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  10. Kunasha added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    Let me guess, Addicted/Addlcted count as one, and Hydra count twice?
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  11. Kunasha added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    No, I base it off all the others that haven't been posted
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  12. Kunasha added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    Well, you are a model player that your members should look up to and emulate. However, having seen most of the screenshots of the salt and shit talk Addicted have given us over the past week, it is not happening. Perhaps if your members didn't give us ammunition?
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  13. Kunasha added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    In Balenos, ShadowElite had us (Ginnunga) slightly in numbers (48 ShadowElite with numbers on the conquest stats vs our 33 that we had in groups). But more than that they had us in getting cannons out and working 1st and their elephants out and being effective first. Ultimately, the speed ShadowElite could get going and be effective made it pretty obvious that ShadowElite would win very early on, say 30mins or so into the fight. Knowing that we would lose, we decided to turtle up and prolong as long as possible, seeing as we were having fun anyway.
    It'll be nice to get some node war action for a change, sieges only on a Saturday is a bit naff
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  14. Kunasha added a post in a topic Lightning Skill   

    It's your ultimate when you are at 100 black spirit rage
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  15. Kunasha added a post in a topic [Croxus] Top Guilds, Node and Siegewars   

    This is right, we went to Serendia for the fight tonight, where we battled with our 47 against Marauders 41. After stopping the initial push from Marauders, we drove them back to defend their base and managed to keep them there until their fort went down 45 minutes into the siege. It was a fun fight, and Marauders were great opponents and very good sport to fight against, but I think although we had a minor advantage in numbers, we had more of an advantage in levels and gear.
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