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  1. Lowen added a post in a topic CBT-1 Events   

    Why did you do this? Do you know how hyped I am? 

    If I was any more hyped, I would be vibrating so infinitely fast that I would be slowly breaking through the outer stratosphere of the planet. 

    Thanks a lot Jouska, you can be the one to explain to my parents why their son became an interplanetary ballistic missile. 
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  2. Lowen added a post in a topic So tell me....   

    ummm... i dont know how forums work.... did i do a bad touch?

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  3. Lowen added a post in a topic So tell me....   

    I limbering up never hurt to do a little stretching
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  4. Lowen added a post in a topic How many of you are multilingual?   

    I can speak Burmese and English. Also I can somewhat understand spoken Japanese because I'm a filthy weeb
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  5. Lowen added a post in a topic To new beginnings, cheers!   

    Damn! You old school just like me
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  6. Lowen added a post in a topic Damn, dat skill   

    Those are amazing! I wish I was as good as that
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  7. Lowen added a topic in New Adventurers   

    To new beginnings, cheers!
    Hi there  My name's Lowen and I forgot to introduce myself before going nuts deep in the forums so here it is!

    I am coming to BDO from Acheage and it will be my second ever mmorpg I have ever played! I will be playing with the boys and girls from the Outcry and Dysfunctional guild  
    If you ever see me ingame (NA CBT1 & 2) don't be afraid to say hello  My guild and I will be looking for some healthy PvP while diving really deep into the PvE aspect of BDO also.

    See you all on the battlefield or in the beautiful cities!!  
    (My forum avatar is a custom crest I made a while back for Firran in Archeage a while back. I should make an equally derpy crest for BDO)
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  8. Lowen added a post in a topic Hey guys ~   

    I will also be playing on the NA server for cbt1
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  9. Lowen added a post in a topic How to troll people in bdo   

    what r u doin here m8, u lost or somtin?
    Please apply the cold water to the BURNED area.
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  10. Lowen added a post in a topic hello to all BD community   

    Hello and welcome mate! see you in cbt1 hopefully!
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  11. Lowen added a post in a topic So ready   

    Welcome and let the hype rollll~~~ !

    i think this guy makes good class tutorials and guides https://www.youtube.com/user/Domeran/videos
    and this video was very enlightening also. worth a watch even if you only a little serious about the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWPaPa82DzU

    Good luck and see you ingame!
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  12. Lowen added a post in a topic Hello everyone!   

    Hey and welcome! i'm coming here from Archeage and am also super hyped! I plan on spending like 12 hours in character creation alone

    see ya ingame hopefully!
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  13. Lowen added a post in a topic Hey everyone   

    Welcome grim! Gaming is also my greatest hobby and hopefully i'll get to make it into my job one day but til then, ill be the one enjoying the games being created
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  14. Lowen added a post in a topic Hey all.   

    Welcome! I'm also really new to the mmorpg genre (this will be my second ever one) and hopefully we'll see eachother ingame!
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  15. Lowen added a post in a topic New here!   

    Welcome makao! see you in cbt!

    ~Gaming and metal makes for a brutal mixture~
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