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  1. Rhabdo added a post in a topic Worker manage farm   

  2. Rhabdo added a post in a topic ferrid guild boss health bar   

    How many 50+ players do you normally need to kill this boss?  
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  3. Rhabdo added a post in a topic Diminishing returns on loot drops.   

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, I always thought that investing in a node only increased the drop AMOUNT of the trade in times / silver that those mobs normally drop.  The drop rate of RARE items like blackstones and witches earings are determined by the mob grade, specifically S-grade.  
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  4. Rhabdo added a post in a topic Open Map and Cash Shop while doing activites such as fishing   

    You can already do these things.  
    To open cash shop while fishing - hit ESC and click the Marketplace icon
    To open map while fishing - type /reloadui then immediately hit M when it's done loading
    P.S. Yes I do agree that these options should be built in and not require a workaround.
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  5. Rhabdo added a post in a topic How do you get the best loot in this game?   

    watch this video: Hakurai Endgame Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P18PKCQX4I4
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  6. Rhabdo added a post in a topic What skills are mandatory?   

    We actually have 4 nukes... when you hit the level where you build up black spirit power, the lightning bolt turns into lightning storm and consumes your black spirit power at 100%
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  7. Rhabdo added a post in a topic Alts for Professions?   

    An alt for every profession is not really needed.  What I have done in KR and plan to do in NA will be to have alts at different main citys/ports and have their professions be designated by the area and available nodes / workshops nearby.
    ie.  I have an alt in Velia who will be fishing A LOT as well as being in charge of crafting beer for ALL of my workers.  I will have a Calpheon alt sitting at the library resetting mob grade as well as managing the various workshops only available at Calpheon by processing the goods brought in by workers from nearby nodes, etc, etc 
    So far this has worked wonders for me. 
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  8. Rhabdo added a post in a topic Launch day maintenance???   

    I believe it is 4 hours prior to the scheduled launch time so it cuts into headstart time, not launch time.  But again realize this is a MMO launch, so downtime should be expected within the first days/weeks.
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  9. Rhabdo added a post in a topic Non-party mob tagging/exp   

    It is based on damage dealt to the mob.  Not first tag or last hit AFAIK.  So even as a solo player, just spam AOE amongst the hoards of grinding groups and you will gain xp. 
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  10. Rhabdo added a post in a topic Playing Mercenaries   

    Until the Bounty Hunter system has been completed and added to the build there is no such thing as a profitable "mercenary" in BDO.  You can of your own volition take it upon yourselves to kill the baddies and meanyfaces of BDO but due to the lack of player trading you cannot charge a fee for services rendered.  
    As I understand it however is with the BH system you can have your "clients" place a large enough bounty on your target to satisfy your needs to kill as well as cover any retainer fees you feel is just for your much valued and most important work.  ;p
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