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  1. Onimaru added a post in a topic Oni's Suggestions and Feedback v 1.0   

    Added a few more that came to mind.
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  2. Onimaru added a topic in Suggestions   

    Oni's Suggestions and Feedback v 1.0
    Here's some basic feedback and suggestions that I think would be good to change that i've noted over the past few weeks..
    First and foremost the lag needs to be fixed asap, it's making it impossible to play the game and it makes PvP especially frustrating.
    Besides the direct effects of the lag on gameplay it also makes things a lot worse when half the channels are down and eveyone has to cram into the few that work. Mediah coming out is going to put a massive amount of additional strain on an already unstable foundation.
    V Key(Escape Skill)
    The v key escape skill is complete utter nonsense in what is supposed to be a hardcore PvP game, literally every time you're about to kill a player they simply dissappear with no repurcussion.
    The cooldown needs to be heavliy extended, or preferably the skill could just be removed entirely after level 40 or so.
    PvP Flagging
    Similar to the escape skill, flagging for PvP needs to have a longer cooldown. People are constantly flagging up and then immediately unflagging when they start to lose.
    The sorc teleport is extremely overpowered, they can simply teleport repeatedly to run away any time they're in danger which combined with the lag makes it impossible to attack them unless they're really bad at PvP. Combined with their extremely effective cc it makes fighting them extremely tedious and one sided, especially for close range classes.I recommend adding a cooldown to their teleport.
    The normal healing pots have been balanced fairly well, however the inclusion of things like the life easter eggs has completely destroyed any balance that healing might have had in pvp and combat in general. I also think that players shouldn't be able to use consumables while stunned, knocked down, frozen, etc.
    In the future it would be good if any healing consumables planned to be added would be properly balanced as the regular ones were, having to use other players as healers is far more balanced and enjoyable than one person simply spamming a key..
    At the moment there isn't much meaning or purpose behind housing, I find myself never having much reason to ever go to mine aside from occasionally using the buffs from furniture.
    My suggestion would be to add rested XP to sleeping in beds, adding guild functions to houses that give reasons to meet there, and/or letting players use houses as player shops and makeshift guild houses.
    Cyclops Subjugation Guild Mission
    This mission is extremely impractical and unprofitable compared to the others, they simply don't spawn fast enough or in large enough quantities. They also don't drop anything that is in high demand.
    Having the missions be randomized makes sense but i'd recommend at least making the number of kills fewer for this one or taking out the mission entirely.
    Market Economy
    The prices for certain things in the trade market don't make sense atm, especially in terms of crafting. You can get more silver for selling the materials than a finished crafted item such as boats and wagons.
    I suggest altering the pricing so that people who craft things can actually make a profit based on the labor that went into it.
    Guild List
    We could use a search function for the guild list to make it easier to finds specific ones.
    Recieve All Button
    There needs to be a recieve all button for accepting all the silver rewards when you are in a party using the special sales loot option. It's pretty annoying to have to go through every mail one by one after a long period of grinding.
    Monster/Mob AI
    The AI and general patterns of mobs is extremely predictable and unenjoyable, the most noticeable part is how the enemies will simply go to the location that you aggro'd them from and then trace your steps to where you currently are.
    It looks really silly and combined with the lack of different attacks that the average enemy has it makes PvE very unchallenging and tedious.
    Mount Despawning
    The sheer number of horses and wagons left in the major towns absolutely wrecks most people's performance the moment they walk into one, even besides the effect it has on the immersion and general ascetics of the game.
    I suggest adding a cooldown for mounts that automatically sends them back to the town's stable once they've been left out for a certain amount of time.
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  3. Onimaru added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

    [Edan, Sovalis]

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  4. Onimaru added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

  5. Onimaru added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   

    Edan, GrandStrife

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  6. Onimaru added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    As far as people defending themselves go, I don't like the idea of PKing being ignored just because the other player tried to defend themselves. If somebody wants to kill non-hostile players they should have to live with the consequences, there's plenty of places and mechanics in BDO that allow people to PvP without any karma penalties. If somebody commits a crime what the other person does shouldn't have any bearing on how the crime is perceived. It'd be like if people broke into your house and killed your family but they weren't prosecuted because you shot at them. And then you'll have to spend the next ten years planning on how to get revenge while also teaching your prosecutor that the system is broken. Starring Gerard Butler.
    It's also pretty exploitable, all PKs would have to do is wait for a player to attack a mob and then jump in their way, then they could kill them with no repercussions regardless of anything. Personally I think the current karma system is fine, there just isn't enough motivation for anybody to actually PK or have negative karma yet. But once they add in more support for being evil like the pro-negative karma city and some other mechanics karma won't be as much of a penalty as it will be a character choice. Hopefully we'll eventually be able to take goods from players and/or their wagons so that being a bandit is a legit mechanic instead of PKing not having any point at all. Then they could get rid of those silly NPC bandits, I prefer that the game be player driven than have AI arbitrarily fill in for what should be a player mechanic.
    As far as bounty hunting goes I fully support the idea of it being a full mechanic and profession in the game. Ideally i'd like it if the whole thing was as simple as possible, a PK kills a random player for his wagon or trade pack contents but gets negative karma to simulate them getting a reputation for being a bandit/murderer. Then they can take their loot to a pro-bandit territory and sell the stolen goods on the market. Within a certain amount of time after being killed the victim can go to an NPC somewhere and register a bounty on that player based on their reputation level and can include a bonus if the goods are returned. The bandit can get a bonus on their return profit of stolen goods based on how high their reputation/karma is, but once the bandit has been slain by a bounty hunter their karma gets severely reduced.
    Something like that anyway.
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  7. Onimaru added a post in a topic So I Guess I'm Making a Guild.   

    We're keeping our new name and everything under wraps until launch for multiple reasons. The drama was one of the reasons for the re-marketing as well as the fact that there's a dozen other Aphelions on Star Citizen. We'd been wanting to change our image for a while and now seemed like a convenient opportunity to do so.
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  8. Onimaru added a post in a topic So I Guess I'm Making a Guild.   

    Pretty much, we changed our name though.
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  9. Onimaru added a post in a topic So I Guess I'm Making a Guild.   

    I peaceful wandering trade guild eh? If it was me I would go with "Zephyr".
    Also, this is just my two cents but i'd recommend being a little more direct and clear about everything. Saying that people can maybe do stuff some of the time if they feel like it I guess doesn't exactly inspire or motivate. You should clearly state your guild's mission and beliefs and throw some flavor into it so that it holds people's attention. Something like; "A traveling trade guild that focuses on commerce and seeks to enhance the BDO experience through camaraderie, profit, and adventure. Killing other players is absolutely prohibited except in self defense. Members must show civility and respect to everyone you interact with."
    It'd also be a good idea to come up with a decent looking and original emblem. Marketing your guild image is half the battle.
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  10. Onimaru added a post in a topic No shield Warrior Suggestion   

    Blocking is the whole point of the warrior, even with the greatsword blocking is still a main function. Dual swords simply isn't how the warrior was designed and completely rebalancing the classes just because you want dual wielding to copy a mainstream anime character is a very bad idea. The Blader has a temporary dual wield skill or you can wait for a male ranger and hope he gets dual swords like the female one.
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  11. Onimaru added a post in a topic APHELION - [NA/EU | Hardcore | PvX] - [Youtube Channel | Discord Server | Private Forum]   

    I've finished adding the information provided by Chun-Chun onto an improved map for a new leveling/grinding guide. It covers the first part of the continent atm, we'll likely make new ones for the expanded areas as they're released for our version.
    The Guide can be found on our guild forum in the guides and tips section.
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  12. Onimaru added a post in a topic [PvP/PvE] Pot Spamming   

    Truthfully i'm not overly concerned with early PvP healing, it'd be great if it was more balanced and less broken but if one aspect of healing needs to work properly then it definitely needs to be the sieges/node wars/GvG. Having basic potions for a little HP gain is fine so long as they aren't spammable, just for use in between fights, topping off your HP, and things like that. So I think the animation method would still be fine, but i'm 100% for the actual combat healing needing to be done by actual healers. Having anything overly solo oriented in the sieges just seems extremely counter-productive to me.
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  13. Onimaru added a post in a topic [PvP/PvE] Pot Spamming   

    They're removing the high end potions for the CBT, so if it sticks then potions aren't going to be practical for sieges regardless of how they work, which I completely agree with. So you are indeed correct with your generalization that the idea wouldn't be functional for them. I would much prefer end-game and large scale healing to be done with players and teamwork, so any suggestions I give for potions is mostly for early and non-siege related combat. But the animation method is just my personal preference, and while I still think it would work the best I'd be fine with other balancing methods such as global cooldowns, heal over time instead of all at once, or even the Witcher method where drinking too many potions too quickly can do harm or kill you. The one thing that absolutely has to be changed is the being able to use them while being CCed though.
    But as for the animation method, if someone breaks the animation too early then obviously they wouldn't heal. 90% of the process is the drinking animation so the time left after actually drinking the potion is extremely minimal. You could think of it as more of a pre-cooldown or wind up time for potions. Which is why I think the idea would work so well, people would actually have to pick their timing on using one and wouldn't be able to just spam them in the middle of combat. If someone didn't plan far enough ahead to have healers in their party and have to rely on using potions while being outnumbered then they shouldn't be able to simply use broken potions as a handicap, that's not my idea of skill based combat.
    Anyway don't let your preconceptions of Dark Souls cloud your judgement on the mechanic, the reference is just an example. Just pretend that the idea has never been done before instead. Flatly stating that the mechanic won't work isn't enough counter-argument to completely dismiss the idea in my opinion.
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  14. Onimaru added a post in a topic [PvP/PvE] Pot Spamming   

    Judging by how you were entirely wrong about the amount of players in Dark Souls it's pretty safe to say that you've never played the series, but the combat is in fact very similar in most ways. BDO is closer to DS than most other MMOs in terms of combat.
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  15. Onimaru added a post in a topic [PvP/PvE] Pot Spamming   

    Dark Souls can get up to 3 vs 2, but I hardly see why that matters. If you're outnumbered in BDO then you're going to be getting knocked around and CCed so much that you're not going to be able to heal either way if they fix how you can even use potions while stunned, knocked down, frozen, etc. Unless what you're saying is that you approve of keeping them like that in which case I disagree with you completely. Personally I first got interested in BDO years ago because it promised more tactical, skill based combat. I'd like it if the game evolved towards that direction instead of reinforcing solo play and button mashing..
    If they make potions more strategic and/or balanced then fights won't needlessly drag on like they do in the other versions and if they add the interruptible animation to potions it would make solo healing fit in with the combat mechanics a lot better as well as make it much more immersive since you'd actually be able see your opponent using one. Solo healing would become based more on skill than who can carry the most pots and smash a key the fastest.
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