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  1. Slicerific added a post in a topic Pirate grinding   

    I average about 1400 bandanas when I do the donut rotation in the north end of the island
    edit: this is pre-awakening with a maehwa that had 190 AP/ 227 DP and a skill awakening on red moon that adds 30 monster damage for 8 seconds. I've yet to measure myself post-awakening
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  2. Slicerific added a topic in Maehwa   

    Concerning Sticky Snowflake

    The damage is "meh", the debuffs are alright. 
    How have you guys been using this skill? Do you use it at all? 
    I can only imagine you use it at the end of a knockdown combo so that your opponent wakes up being crippled and that much more vulnerable to another CC.
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  3. Slicerific added a post in a topic Game plan for Maehwa awakening?   

    Thanks a million dude
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  4. Slicerific added a topic in Maehwa   

    Game plan for Maehwa awakening?
    Imagine in your mind, it's november 22nd, and you're going to sleep nice and early to wake up just as early for maehwa's awakening.
    That first hundred title's gonna be yours! 
    ... But where does the quest line start even? Any KR players that wanna fill me in?
    P.S. attached pic of baehwa

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  5. Slicerific added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Removing the tax exemption of 30% would probably earn a value pack purchase from me. 
    It feels misleading to say that people will earn more from an item they're selling on the marketplace when really, they were never going to earn that money anyhow. To give them that tax reduction would mean that they simply get more money than they would've because they bought something with actual currency.
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  6. Slicerific added a post in a topic This Post is Old and Done   

    I'd also like to make a stink about this. Minus the long-winded spiel.
    I'd like for this outfit to be downgraded to the likes of the riding outfit and other costumes suited to crafting professions (Venia Riding Attire). Of course, it's price tag will have to change to match the others as well. Refund the difference in price to those that have already bought the outfit and offer full refunds of the whole outfit for a reasonable amount of time (a week? 2?)
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  7. Slicerific added a post in a topic May 13th Musa & Maehwa Update Feedback   

    Level 50 Maehwa running around at the hexe sanctuary. I've noticed it takes one less hit from Lunar slash to kill the skeletons there. 100ish AP and 150+ DP. Overall, not a very noticeable increase in damage. 
    Grinding at the manes now with 106 AP/161 DP and it feels alright. I feel like I get hung up on the giant manes for too long.
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  8. Slicerific added a post in a topic Lag / Cant move / Disconnect - VERIZON USERS   

    Verizon fios user, Brooklyn NY.
    This makes me very sad.
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