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  1. Shineira added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    We can see up to Quick Back, and none of the skills visible are any good. That means the only possible skills on the 2nd page(if there is a 2nd page of skills) would be Streak Jump, Roar, Caution, Quick Ride and Two-Seater.
    But considering it's only 12mil I'm pretty sure it doesn't have Two-Seater either.
    All in all, that T7 has nothing but garbage skills ;~; A moment of silence for this horse breeder
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  2. Shineira added a post in a topic Arrival of the Night Vendor   

    Hype Hype!
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  3. Shineira added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    A lot of people use templates, even moreso now with the Beauty Album. I see plenty people with variations of some of the more popular templates without giving credit to the original.
    This thread is for showing pictures of Rangers. It's never said anywhere you have to link the original templates on your replies. That's not the point of this thread. 
    Someone politely asked Kisa for the template she used, but you butted in before she could answer in any way. 
    I know Kisa and she's a wonderful and kind person who would have immediately directed them to the original file. I know this because she's had people ask for templates before and she always gives proper credit where it is due.
    However you took that chance away from here in a rather rude way, acting like she was pretending the whole design was hers.
    Next time maybe chill before you tell people to give credit, and actually give people time to respond to questions aimed at THEM, not at you.
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  4. Shineira added a post in a topic List of good looking houses in Valencia   

    @Lethality there's several drops from bosses and mobs that have a bit of a special artifact kind of feel
    There's also various gorgeous pots and vases you can make. I have a few in my house. Sorry for the crappy lighting, my house is faaaar from done~
    I also have some boss/monster drops on the table there. Maybe this is along the lines of what you're looking for to decorate your house?

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  5. Shineira added a post in a topic List of good looking houses in Valencia   

    Thank you both for your kind messages <3
    I'd be very interested in seeing your finished houses! 
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  6. Shineira added a topic in Guides   

    List of good looking houses in Valencia
    What is this?
    I've been googling for a bit to find information on the coolest/prettiest/weirdest houses in Valencia but sadly I couldn't find any.
    So I, being the masochist that I am, decided it was time to make one.
    This is NOT a complete list of all the houses in Valencia City at all. I've only included houses with either 2 storeys or those that have something special.
    Valencia City
    3-5,   16-1,   17-2,   19-1
    2 storeys, "private"(in the open world, but only leads to this 1 house) entry staircase, closed balcony with lattices on 2nd floor

    First Floor:

    Second Floor:


    View from 3-5:

    View from 16-1:

    View from 17-2:

    View from 19-1:

    6-1 lv2 room 3,   6-2 lv2,   20-1 lv2,   20-1 lv3
    1 storey, first room is very open on 1 side and overlooks the central courtyard, second room has a domed roof
    The 6-houses' central courtyard looks residential, has a small fountain.
    The 20-houses' central courtyard has a lot of people interested in stargazing as well as a little library in the side of the courtyard.
    First Room:

    Second Room:

    11-3,    15-4,    16-3 lv2
    2 storeys, smaller than 3-5, 16-1, 17-2 and 19-1, no balcony. 16-3 lv2 has significantly more windows on the second floor, while 11-3 and 15-4 can be a bit dark.
    Entry to 11-3:

    Entry to 15-4:

    Entry to 16-3 lv2:

    First Floor 16-3 lv2:

    Second Floor 16-3 lv2:      (that door in the corner is closed and doesn't open, 11-3 and 15-4 are darker upstairs)

    2-4 lv2
    2 storeys, tiny balcony on 1st floor, large open balcony on 2nd floor

    First Floor:

    Tiny Balcony:

    Second Floor:

    Big Balcony:

    1 big room with a small balcony.



    5-2 lv2
    A single room but with an entire wall as an open wooden lattice.


    Ancado Inner Harbor
    2 storeys, door on 2nd floor is locked.

    First Floor:

    Second Floor:

    2 storeys, similar to 1-1 but has a balcony with an amazing view

    Balcony:    (has double doors)

    This house has only 1 room, but it has a height difference in the room and it's located inside what seems to be a bar. (great for some RolePlay perhaps? :D)


    If you know any more cool/pretty/weird houses in Valencia, let me know and I'll add them to this list with credit
    I'm working on making lists for the houses in other places as well and I hope to eventually have lists for ALL the cities, towns and remote hamlets.
    If you want to help me with this by pointing me in the right direction I would be ever so grateful and will of course give credit on the final lists!
    PS: If you own any of these houses and have them all decorated and pretty I'd LOVE to see them! <3
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  7. Shineira added a post in a topic Legit or....?   

    I was wondering about that too! Shotgun staggers the Ranger back but this guy just pumps out like 3-5 of them in about a second??? :\
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  8. Shineira added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    My T7 might not be the fastest, but he learned a really good skill

    Cooking. He makes crazy good Grunil-a bars, but I'm afraid he might have Bern-t them this time because of all the commotion in the kitchen...
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  9. Shineira added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    On behalf of my entire guild <Guild> I'd like to thank you for doing A+ science! We were all wondering this
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  10. Shineira added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Bred + exchanged T5L lv30 and T5J lv29 together today and got T6Tfemale and T7Gmale!
    Sold the T6T to my friend who sold me the level 30 T5L and we're both SUPER HAPPY because those are the horses we wanted!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention! I'm Artisan 1 in Training, if it even makes any difference when it comes to breeding~
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  11. Shineira added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


    I don't know if this will be accepted as an entry, but instead of drawing something I decided to try my hand at dressing up as a pirate!
    With our BFF, the smallest Black Spirit! x'D
    Bonus pic, Barehanded Gathering:

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  12. Shineira added a post in a topic Post Pics of your couples! Spring is in the air!   

    This thread was looking a lil too straight. <Guild> is here to fix that! :3c
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  13. Shineira added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Thank you soooo much! That shows it perfectly! <3
    Your horse looks great in it!
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  14. Shineira added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Congrats on the T7 Black, Starling~! And good luck on the possible T7 White breeding!!
    Quick question to everyone here: Does anyone here have the LAHR ARCIEN HORSE GEAR?
    My friend is tempted to buy it but is wondering how the Lahr Arcien gear's hoof protectors look on horses with really poofy leghair. In particular on a T7 black because that's what she's breeding for, but any horse with really poofy leghair will do.
    Any pictures of this would be immensely appreciated <333 Thank you in advance~
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  15. Shineira added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    This was posted a while ago in this thread, I hope this helps explain the Colour Theory a bit better for you!
    As they say, RNG is brutal :'(
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