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  1. MrWagoner added a topic in Suggestions   

    New sea warfare guild mission type: galley transport
    Currently there is little to no reason to engage in PVP sea warfare. There is no sea nodes or anything similar that is worth for guilds & solo players to even fire their (PVP) cannons for. Therfore this idea for a new guild mission type:

    Guild pays a certain amount of guild funds to start the mission. Double (or triple, etc.) the amount gets loaded on their guild ship. The amount needs to be transported to a random location across the map (e.g. Epheria -> Altinova). When the guild galley arrives, the guild can collect the money from the transport including the bonus + guild xp as usual.

    The catch: The mission gets announced for everyone on the channel to see. Cannon ball hits on the galley that carries the money will transfer a bit of silver over to the ship that landed the hit.

    The idea is that the guild executing the mission will need to avoid enemies and bring in other ships to protect the cargo, while other guilds can try to stop the mission & get a bit of silver for themselves. Think of the tax wagon event on saturday just initiated via a guild mission & with ships.

    Of course there would be a lot of details that one would need to think about, like how is flagging up for PVP in context of this mission handled, possible exploits, time limit etc. etc. But I think this would be an interesting first step into making people actually using their boats for PVP sea warfare.
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  2. MrWagoner added a post in a topic Warehouse directives   

    Like the idea as well, I gather resources from various nodes all over the map and I have to send them around manually at the moment, many redundant and boring clicks extra a day. Creating orders like "item type -> threshold -> send to" for each storage would be amazing.
    Also nice to have would be orders like "craft up to <threshold> of item x using worker y when materials are available". Once you would set up this order, the worker would be "reserved" for this task so these orders would not interfere with your other workers in any way.
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  3. MrWagoner added a post in a topic What in god's name is wrong with ship autopathing?   

    Good, a lot of experts have come together here. Since this is a suggestion thread, can you please explain,  in real or in pseudo-code, how you would solve pathfinding in BDO better without using a navmesh approach?
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  4. MrWagoner added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add notification when chat scrolling is disabled
    When you scroll the chat history up with your scrollwheel on the mouse, the chat text does not move automatically anymore when new messages are coming in. This is fine, since it allows you to read older messages again without any interruption.
    However it can happen that you either forget that you scrolled up, or you manage not to entirely scroll down to the bottom again, missing just a few pixels until you would completely be at the bottom of the text. This results in the chat window standing still until you notice your mistake and scroll down again to see the new messages. It happened to me many times already that I missed a lot of messages in guild chat because I did not scroll back to the bottom properly after reading up on old messages.
    Suggestion: Add a small symbol next to the chat window that appears when automatic scrolling is disabled, so you can see the state the chat window is being in at first glance. Another option would be to display "X new chat messages" somewhere at the bottom of the chat window as soon as new messages arrive.
    Here is how this issue is handled in twitch chat as an example:

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  5. MrWagoner added a post in a topic Old Totems of the Sea is too Hard   

    Agree, the totems are a bit too tough to level at the moment. I managed to level my totem once, so now I'm at 0.25% XP per fish as well. Now and then, if I feel like it, I drive to a harpooning spot and do the minigame over and over again until my inv is full and the totem XP has raised about 10%. If it ever falls back one level by failing I'm done with totems I guess. If you manage to catch 600 green fish over hours and hours and the game leaves it up to rng whether you recieve an upgrade or a downgrade for that, it simply isn't valuing your time very well.
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  6. MrWagoner added a topic in Suggestions   

    The white scottish fold cat is too large
    Not a gamebreaking issue, but the white scottish-fold style cat seems to be a bit too large for my taste. When sitting on a horse it is almost the size of a player in game. (see pic). 
    If technically possible, please scale it down a bit to more realistic proportions.

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  7. MrWagoner added a post in a topic Stopping the game from exiting   

    +1, the longest part of reconnecting to the game is from starting up the launcher until the main menu. If it would be possible to always re-connect from the main menu it would make disconnects far less annoying.
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  8. MrWagoner added a post in a topic This will make MORE money than the current business model   

    I would welcome these changes as well. Especially the dyes should be permanent. I currently have collected some free dyes from events etc. but I'm too afraid to use them since I know they will be lost and I'm not sure whether I will keep my gear as it is at the moment, so I still run around in standard gear. :-/
    A nice side effect of permanent dyes would be that there will be much more variety in character outfits / horses / boats / wagons in the world, since nobody will be holding back with the dyes anymore.
    So from the player side, yes please make costumes family bound and dyes permanent. But I don't really know if Daum will make more money out of this model or the current one. Only they have the cash shop numbers in front of them and can evaluate how many players are buying multiple costumes and dyes at the moment, so we can only make assumptions about the impact this change would have for their cash shop revenue.
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  9. MrWagoner added a post in a topic Workers - What the absolute...   

    I switched to goblin workers entirely and found it quite easy to buy them from the worker exchange. Just check now and then and fire one of your old workers every time you see a goblin in the market.
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  10. MrWagoner added a post in a topic Improve Distance checkbox leads to bad map performance, crashes with graphics driver error   

    Thanks for adding in the clarification Asmodeus, now people can estimate better what they are missing when switching that setting off.
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  11. MrWagoner added a post in a topic Client remaining download timer   

    No it was the "usual" behavior for me, the value adjusted over time with increasing / decreasing download speed.
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  12. MrWagoner added a post in a topic Horse leveling/training improvement (no need for loop running)   

    Finally someone who gets it....if it is a drag to achieve something in the game (like horse leveling for breeding) you need to change the underlying mechanics, not add a feature that allows you to automate the drag while being AFK.
    So +1 for this suggestion. I personally would like to have the option to "send workers to the stable" just like with the workshop buildings, so you can use the crafting interface to let the workers train a horse while you are doing other things in the game. This would even allow you to train multiple horses at the same time, if you are willing to invest multiple workers for it.
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  13. MrWagoner added a post in a topic A Pet idea [Fairies]   

    True.....hmmm, since it is not the Guide Fairy I have no idea how to get it, sorry! 
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  14. MrWagoner added a post in a topic A Pet idea [Fairies]   

    This looks like the "Guide Fairy" that you can turn off and on under Esc -> Settings -> Game -> Navigation Guide Type.
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  15. MrWagoner added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    Same here, I try to avoid it as well, but sometimes I happen to run around with 99%, 100%, 101% etc. because I just want to do "just one more" quest before I return to the next town. So the time you need to level up would need to be adjusted to acommodate that most people will avoid running around over-encumbered.
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