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  1. Catclaw added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Same. The sad thing is all they need to do is give WvW meaningful rewards and people would play it  
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  2. Catclaw added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    WoW: While you are correct about gear equalization there is still a 10% stat difference in PvP. However, they decided to allow artifact power in PvP. This means you have to grind artifact power to catch up to everyone else to be competitive in PvP. Not having AP is a good 15%+ difference in damage and stuff.
    WoW basically decided to equalize all of there stuff, and then mess it up a little with artifact power. WoW also doesn't have any type of siege game-play. WoW also has a mandatory subscription cost while the other 2 games don't. 
    GW2: This game was so equalized in PvP that it's player-base left the pvp modes. WvW is a -----ing ghost town in GW2. I loved this game. I loved the shit out of it. ArenaNet Neglected WvW though and the community died and now SPVP is dying. It just recently got dropped by ESL so that should be a big indicator. 
    GW2 is a prime indicator that just because a game is equalized doesn't mean it's good or that people will like it for PvP. League is one of the most unbalanced PvP games where half of it's heroes are absolutely garbage in it's current meta, yet people continously play league. People continue to play league because it's FUN!
    They equalized the game so much that people LITERALLY left the PvP game modes. There was no good rewards or even a valid reason to do WvW and WvW siege artillery feels like plastic toys. It was a 24/7 siege with no purpose. GW2 still has some SPvP players and has a shit ton of PvE players but it's WvW playerbase is all but gone, and now SPvP is starting to decline. They have an upcoming expansion but who knows if they will fix the shit they've not fixed for the last 2 years. 
    I only play BDO for the sieges and the amazing combat system. Graphics are also awesome.  It has sieges done 100% the correct way with actual rewards and guild politics. WoW doesn't have sieges and GW2 doesn't have much of a siege player-base left.
    Right now I play both GW2 and BDO, primarily BDO and that way I get the best of both worlds. GW2 takes no effort to play and the gear i had 2 years ago in GW2 is still the exact same best gear now so I just play GW2 during its content releases.
     Before you guys talk about how GW2's netcode for pvp is so much better. They never fixed GW2's WvW issue. The only reason the issue went away is because players left the game-mode. WvW on T1 servers like jade quarry would have literal 10-15 second skill delays on eternal battlefield. There "implementation" of fixing it was making it so you have the option to render less people or only render nameplates. Making enemy players invisible isn't a fix its a copout and another one of the reasons WvW players left the game-mode. At the end of the day, you see 100's of BDO players doing siege. We just got done with a siege that had over 400 people in serendia in BDO. I bet if i login to WvW right now on a T1 server I won't even be able to see 50 people in eternal battlegrounds. If GW2 has way better PvP. Why is no one bothering to play the WvW game-mode 
    BDO's PRIME ISSUE is server lag and they need to fix it. I get 40-50+ FPS in siege @ 1440p max settings so I can't say this games optimization is bad because of how good the game looks. It's 2017, get a good PC and a job. Back during GW2's golden days of WvW I only got 30-40fps and I have the same rig right now that I did then basically.
    I get over 90fps in velia for example, with 60-70fps in heidel - https://gyazo.com/7c097213fa94404f97ef091f570e3956
    I've PvPed at a decent skill level in all 3 games. I've hit 2432 in 3's in WoW and 2.4K in 2's. I was a Jade Quarry WvW commander for 3 months on GW2, and in BDO I've been in a guild that's held regions over 7 or 8 times at this point. I have experience in all three games extensively. 
    If we could get BDO's gameplay, graphics, and siege mechanics combined with GW2's gearing and also incorporate WoW's arena system that would be the absolute best of both worlds, but who knows when that's gonna happen. MMORPG's are a risky investment and that might be a pipe dream.
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  3. Catclaw added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    There's people almost nearing there 10k hour reward. They simply AFK alot and also enjoy the game. I know people whom are retired and play this game 8hrs/day 
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  4. Catclaw added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    You can actually hit 0.6% per hr 60-61. 
    With kama you can get near 0,9% in a group. 
    Most players will stop at 60 or 61. I'll do 61 when kama is out. Otherwise I'll have 2 60s beforehand 
    Sorry but there's still level 59 players in TRI boss gear in region level guilds. The average gearscore for most guilds that isn't vision or manup is between 480 to 510.
    Therefore, you can't say PvP is "only for the nolifer level 60s with TET + Gear" because most of the people PvPing these days are level 59. It's the top 1% that are level 61 and full TET boss + TET Dande and half the time you never see them PvP outside of siege. 
    I can simply put my gear on my level 58 alts and faceroll most players still. 1-58 is easy, 58-59 is kinda hard, 59-60 takes a couple weeks. You have to spend effort in this game to get anywhere. Aslong as you are 59, level isnt the hugest difference.
    This isn't GW2 where people can PvP the moment they buy the game at the same level/gear as everyone else. (Plot Twist: GW2's PvP basically lost a ton of players because of TOO MUCH equalization, which shows that equalization isn't always good like people think because people get bored and have nothing to do)
    This is a grinder game with a siege option as a playstyle. Gear, Level, and Skill all matter in this game. Don't try to turn this game into something it's not just because you are so used to it from other NA MMORPG's because this isn't a NA MMORPG.
    This game is also currently doing fine in the western market. Fix the games server issues and boom, done, easy.
    Also, this game's grind isn't even that bad. I grinded worse to try and stay on diablo 3's rift leaderboard and that's a NA game. People need to treat it like a marathon though, not a race. If you try to bang out 59-60 in a week (i've seen people do this) then you will probably hate the game after. 
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  5. Catclaw added a post in a topic Sieges went from sheild wall+ranged support+initiators to wizards+fodder   

    Zerkers went from slow moving heavy hitting bulldozers to whatever the heck they are now (wizard grabbers? CC bots?) 
    I get 30-50kills a siege as a saiyer zerker with 207 AP (Full Accuracy Stacked) and over 300DP. 
    I also have a full DP set where I just CC people in there base and it works amazingly well. 
    Once inside a base zerkers are also hilarious. Climb up the enemies wall, heal to full HP, jump back down and continue to CC and Kill. Rinse-Repeat.
    Zerkers flame buster also does a huge amount of damage at level 61 with big range if you are accuracy stacked (the skill has 0 accuracy by default). There's actually a siege video of me shooting people with it at only level 60 and doing 30-40% of there HP when they have 283 DP when I get clear shots in
    People underestimate zerkers in sieges because they don't have 100 kills like wizards, but plot twist, kills isnt everything, and they can still chunk you very quickly if they get a float off on you. I've killed people with 2 or 3 skills before if they get floated
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  6. Catclaw added a post in a topic Downgrading Gear   

    Downgrading items is exactly the same. Also, keep in mind that enchantment was only increased if you select the new "enchant" option. If you select the "durable" option, it's just like it was. I failstacked on a +14 krea blade to 20-25 stacks today multiple times.
    Just RNG. I've downgraded 3 pieces in 1 death and one time it took me 10minutes. I instant respawn in velia and get killed by the guard every 5-10seconds or so. 
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  7. Catclaw added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    There's a infinite method to Black Stone Powder in BDO.
    There's a calpheon vendor that sells unlimited green gems for silver, or you can buy and grind luck gems.
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  8. Catclaw added a post in a topic Instant Accel & Sprint Nerf   

    Horse training seems unchanged for me. Got a horse with both today
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  9. Catclaw added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Paypal also requires photocopy of ID and CC to verify accounts if you've ever had a fraud flag. 
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  10. Catclaw added a post in a topic Not OP?   

    DK is also the most played class with players 250 ap or higher. Everyone in that tourny is 260-280ap. It's honestly not a good representation because alot of the high geared players on KR have nothing to do so they just reroll alts. This is why wizard was the highest # wise 250ap + and then suddenly DK
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  11. Catclaw added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Yeah. They don't balance 1v1 that much. Zerker needed buffs in siege because it was honestly a shitty siege class. Now it's relatively balanced in siege but it overbuffed it's 1v1 ability. 
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  12. Catclaw added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    I never refuted it. I said Zerks have a good advantage towards strikers because zerker counters base striker very well at this point in time. 
    On paper a good zerker should beat a good striker the majority of the time. Obviously this isn't on paper though. 
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  13. Catclaw added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    Any class can beat any class. There is such a thing as outplaying your opponent even if the enemy class counters you. Either way, someone else posted videos that show higher level gameplay in this thread which basically verifies with what I see on stream.
    End consensus.
    Striker is by no means OP pre-awakened. It has a strong pre-awakened skillset. We must wait until we see the awakening. Contrary to popular belief most classes in BDO are released super under-powered (musa, maewha, kuno). DK was released pretty OP and then nerfed quickly upon release (spirit legacy nerf)
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  14. Catclaw added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    You are missing the point. Most people in this game don't have 300dp. None the less having 300dp while having 220-240ap. That's what i'm saying. Most people have TRI boss armor, not TET boss armor. 
    Besides, I'll almost get 1 clicked in my DP set by a 250ap ninja anyway because this game has insane AP scaling still. I've killed 400dp wizards in seconds on my zerker with 230ap. Hopefully we get KR's 2nd dr buff
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  15. Catclaw added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    What caliber of ninja are you referring too? Line them up and I'll gear match them and duel them. 
    Also, ninjas don't stay in full on zerkers. I never agreed that they did. Most ninjas have to play somewhat defensively and rely on block jump and quick stealths when fighting a zerker. The only way a ninja will stay full on a zerker 24/7 is if the ninja has enough AP to one combo the zerker. 
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