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  1. Cassin added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    Here it is. LeVeL - awesome shot at Ferrid Boss Fight. Get some!
    [Edan - Purslane]

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  2. Cassin added a post in a topic <BlueRose> Edan/ LF More 40+ Members/ PvX/Mature/Teamspeak/New Players welcome   

    <BlueRose> is pretty darn awesome. The people are funny and friendly. Most questions are answered quickly - and there's always time for boss scrolls and grinding.
    I'm glad I joined BlueRose and I look forward to what the future will bring.  Check us out.
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  3. Cassin added a topic in Technical Issues   

    No Get Moving Title or Items
    I made the submission for the Get Moving event. But I have not received my title or items. I made a support ticket and emailed the Moderator who created the original post.
    Have all of the titles and rewards been given out?  Why don't I have mine yet, my friends have theirs and other people have posted about them on the forums, even getting the wrong items - but still something.
    Please help.  Here is the link to my submission -- http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/28751-event-get-movin-3rd-22nd-march/&page=109#comment-722985
    Thank you.
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  4. Cassin added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  5. Cassin added a post in a topic Crashing   

    I'm having a similar issue on Edan - Serendia E1 and E2.  I had not experienced crashes during normal play - only during long time AFK fishing previously. I've crashed 7 times in the last 1.5 hours or so.   Also - as noted in a post by another user - I'm not running on a potato.
    After post edit - its also worth noting that I'm not having any in game lag or other issues. Everything is running along as normal and then I'm disconnected from the server.
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  6. Cassin added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    1) Me on my mount overlooking the Bay at Velia.
    2) Me on my ferry in the Bay at Velia - waiting for that sunset
    3) Me on Roadwarrior - pushing the trade from Velia to Heidel

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  7. Cassin added a post in a topic New to the game   

    Don't listen to Zakard being a naysayer. There's plenty of forum posts for guest passes.  The game is well worth $30.  Storyline - rocks. Crafting engine - intuitive. Combat - mid-tier.  PvP - open world and arena style, dig it.
    Check the guild recruiting forums - I totally saw at least two posts with guest passes.  Good luck!
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  8. Cassin added a post in a topic Crafting and some other questions   

    If you have the time - pick out the armor you want.  You can trade it between your alts - and you can buy it right now and start upgrading it as you get the money and stones.  Figure out which one you want - and just snag some. They are super cheap on the marketplace - and then you can slowly grow them as you get to level 50 and beyond.
    You can craft all kinds of things and do even more with your workers.  If crafting is your thing - follow Flaee's advice and do some gathering - then follow the quests. Not only will they teach you recipes, but you'll get contribution points and house decorations/tools while doing them.
    Good luck.
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  9. Cassin added a post in a topic Any culture differences between NA servers?   

    BC - check out the "guild recruitment" posts in the forums. The servers seem to have around the same amount of activity - and there's so many channels...well lets just call PvP a reality, but not until level 45. And even then almost everywhere I have gone (except lvl 50+ grinding spots) have at least one channel with no one else even remotely nearby.
    Edan is pretty cool.  There's some RP guilds - there's a lot of PvP as well. 
    There's so much to do in the game - I'm not sure why you're worried about the PvP...unless you really want to PvP and would like to know where the least competition is.  As far as I can tell - based on the information available to me - there's plenty of active, vibrant, and deadly PvP guilds on every server.
    Good luck in your choice.
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  10. Cassin added a post in a topic Guild trade quest costs money?   

    True story there Jaif.  The whole point is to level your guild and get yourself activity points by contributing.  Sometimes this is by being overpowered and killing things at level 50. Sometimes this is from using your energy while gathering.  And when doing trade quests - its all about spending a little silver (you should be making more in your daily salary than this costs to do...) gets you points too.
    Good luck!
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  11. Cassin added a post in a topic Guild trade quest costs money?   

    What do you get from doing the guild trade quests?  You get to spend silver instead of energy points (which are what you spend when you do the gathering quests).  
    The guild gets some guild experience and makes money to do fun things (like more quests and wars and sieges and giving you buffs) and you get activity points which let your guild leader know you are active.  Some guilds have minimum levels of activity - and doing trade quests gets you plenty of activity points.  Plus did you know what there's a maximum raise you can get each contract renewal - and that raise is based on your activity points?
    Also -  you should be getting paid daily by your guild - go to the guild members tab and click "Collect Money" button.  The amount is as defined by your contract.  If you don't have a contract you can't contribute to the guild quests - so make sure you have an active one.  
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  12. Cassin added a post in a topic Help selling fish?   

    Sometimes you get cool stuff when you trade - or do quests - or loot - or gather.  In which case you might need more than one slot.  You can put fish in the warehouse - you can put it on your horse/donkey/wagon.
    Also - for cheap fish - you can dry them and use them for cooking and crafting later.
    Good luck!
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  13. Cassin added a post in a topic Guild Activity Points   

    Use the points to give them a raise.  It shall reset their points and they can get more. 
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  14. Cassin added a post in a topic Where do I go to Milk Cows?   

    I agree - milk quest and then milk the cows in Olivia. I could not do it until I had first completed the milking quest.
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  15. Cassin added a post in a topic Worker Promotion   

    Mine come up any time after 10 - you get one chance to promote them between each major tier.  So his promotion button should come up soon.  I've had them come at 11 and 13.
    Good luck!
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