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  1. pilot2fly added a topic in General   

    Guild commands
    How do you make a member of your guild the Second In Command? I want to have more than one person able to invite people to the guild.
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  2. pilot2fly added a topic in US Guild   

    [Orwen] Church of Bacon is recruiting bacon lovers!
    We are Church of Bacon. We enjoy having fun and camaraderie within our ranks. Enjoy group PVP? Want help with some quests? Our Teamspeak is open 24/7 and we are open for recruitment. We generally love bacon, and it is a requirement to join. We also share recipes that include bacon. Bacon is life. Bacon is god. We allow all types of players, from new to experienced, to join our guild. We are located in the Orwen server, Calpheon 01 channel.
    We offer the following to all our members:
    24/7 Teamspeak 3 server where we enjoy joking around and having funBacon recipesBacon talkFun PVX including PVE and PVP, with guild battles includedFishing, lots of fishingCamaraderie among our members and help for any new membersDaily guild quests to build our guild and make bacon the one true godInquire today by messaging me, Pilottofly, in game or Archdiocese and we will get you set up!
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  3. pilot2fly added a post in a topic Everything expired on marketplace   

    Well that makes sense, didn't know I had to be there but now I do. Thanks guys!
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  4. pilot2fly added a post in a topic Everything expired on marketplace   

    Not very helpful and not user error, since I've tried over and over and can't get it to work.
    Anyone else have any ideas?

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  5. pilot2fly added a topic in General   

    Everything expired on marketplace
    Every time I go to try to buy something on the marketplace, everything is always expired. I have yet to find a single item that I can buy! Even 25,000+ beers for sale are all expired and I can't buy them. Even new stuff that goes up is immediately expired but still listed as for sale. What is going on here?
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  6. pilot2fly added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Low FPS and pop-in
    Ever since I got the game Monday, I've had tons of pop-in issues. High End Mode helps alleviate that, but it lowers my FPS dramatically. When I turn High End Mode off, my FPS goes up but my game constantly stutters due to the pop-in. I wish there was a way to fix it. If there was, my FPS would stay consistent. It gets so bad in Calpheon that I'm getting low 20's FPS with black characters until I get closer. Makes the game almost unplayable in cities in towns. Also, if I enable or disable High End Mode after playing for a while, it takes at least 2 full minutes to take effect. My compuiter tends to slow down while BDO is open. It's really ruining my experience. I've tried windowed mode, and full screen and no difference. Even tried adding it to Geforce Experience to no avail.
    My specs:
    8 gigs RamAMD FX-8300 8 core CPU @ 3.3 GhzAsus M5A78 L-M LX Plus MotherboardNvidia GTX 960 OC 2 GB WindforceWindows 10 64 BitMost other games and even most other MMO's give me great FPS, often in the 60 FPS range on high settings. Most of my settings in BDO are medium to high, and lowering them doesn't seem to fix the problem. 
    Anyone have any ides on how to fix this?
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  7. pilot2fly added a post in a topic NVIDIA Lag Spikes [SOLVED!]   

    That fixed it in Geforce Experience, thanks!
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  8. pilot2fly added a post in a topic NVIDIA Lag Spikes [SOLVED!]   

    So we change the desktop launcher name or the name in the Black Desert Folder? Tried both and still don't see it in Geforce Experience.
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  9. pilot2fly added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    Me on my cruise last week in St. Thomas

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  10. pilot2fly added a post in a topic How Are you Guys Staying Healthy   

    I like your post and it's very well thought out. You could almost make some sort of e-book and sell it. However, going to the gym is very hard for some people. I notice that many times when people want to get fit, they need someone to work out with them or else they lose interest. Not sure what it is, but it happens. You don't even necessarily need to join a gym. You simply have to burn more calories than you eat. That could be walking on a treadmill at home, jogging around the neighborhood, doing a workout routine in the living room, etc. It takes commitment and often times people will give up because they fell they aren't gaining anything from a gym.
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  11. pilot2fly added a post in a topic Why are so many people wanting to play Blader?   

    Because martial arts. People love ninjas and Blader is probably the closest we will get to being able to play as one.
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  12. pilot2fly added a post in a topic Maintenance extended two hours   

    I'm a little antsy, I'll admit. But honestly if they get some of the FPS issues and bugs fixed, I'm all for the extra delay. 
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  13. pilot2fly added a post in a topic Maintenance is getting me kicked from my guild   

    Is the OP serious? That's hilarious.
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  14. pilot2fly added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

  15. pilot2fly added a post in a topic What have you bought off the cash shop since launch?   

    I purchased some extra inventory slots. Personally I think the cash shop is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced. $10 for 8 slots of inventory seems steep to me.
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