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  1. BC added a post in a topic Possible New Class? (Fighter/Monk/Pugilist/Combatant)   

    The monk type does seem to be the most likely since they have npc monks, and it could very well be some kind of Ki based mental-disciplines-as-magic style which would make an interesting contrast to the sorceress lore/sfx wise.  It would not necessarily have to be all melee fist either, those action labels with strike and grapple could apply to a chain-armed monk just as easily as it could to an unarmed combat type (though lately, with the exception of Jackie Chan movies, the fashion in games and movies has been for female characters to use the chain/whip type weapons instead of the male ones). 
    Why they keep bringing out new classes with the post-server-merge character slot crunch making it impossible to really explore the classes they already have is a mystery to me though.
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  2. BC added a post in a topic Voting for Linux client   

    That screwed up code situation sounds like Linden Lab and the engine for Second Life.  Somehow they got it to work once and could not figure out how they did it later so one part of the code has been the same for many years so they cannot port it to vulkan (and it started out in OpenGL which makes the situation even more idiotic).  Hopefully the engine for BDO is not that screwed up and can be ported with relatively little effort, but I have seen things in this game that make me wonder if they can too.
    Either way, I wish they would make the effort to try porting it, and it would save them headaches in the future too.
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  3. BC added a post in a topic Voting for Linux client   

    They do not have to bother with openGL for Linux anymore, they could do it in Vulcan once and it would be both Windows and Linux ready, and it would probably improve the performance too.
    You will probably have to put Windows 10 back on it if you want to play DirectX 12 games, last I heard Microsoft is not planning any backward compatibility.
    Anyway, +1 for Linux client (extra points if it is Vulkan compatible)
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  4. BC added a post in a topic New Dark Elf class   

    Maybe, if she really is a Spellblade type character her spells could be her ranged combat option similar to the bow the maehwa has.  I would like to see a split skill tree that would allow focusing on a ranged magic style or heavy hitting melee style or a less power optimized but more flexible mix, though I doubt that will happen.
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  5. BC added a post in a topic What weapon will the Dark Knight use?   

    The Dark Knight traditionally uses battarangs silly...  
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  6. BC added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    I did not buy any which means I ether have six or seven, the question is which is it?  And also why do they not put xx/xx values on the character selection page or change the background color on the slots or anything else that would make sense?  It is a shame that a game with such wide potential is maintained by people who seem to only think about a narrow, single type of player.
    I suppose it is a moot point anyway since after the merge there is really nothing to do anymore.  With all of the storage jammed up all industry is at a standstill, most of the characters do not have the personal storage space to do much of anything in crafting without using the warehouses, and all of the stables are completely jammed so catching more is out.  The market gluts make selling anything pretty useless at this point, and I am in no mood at the moment to consider what kinds of crafting or whatever to drop to free up enough warehouse space to get the other stuff working again.   That leaves going out and killing things which is sort of ok since the combat system is not that bad (though there are better out there), but which gets very boring rather quickly (and for that matter actually requires warehouse space itself for storing monster parts for turning in later).
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  7. BC added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    How do you even know how many slots you have?  All of my characters are lit up on the start screen but the highest number of slots I had before the idiotic merge was seven (so in theory I should have seven but it would be nice to know for sure since the seventh was the "free" slot from when the Maehwa came out).  The monkeys who designed the start screen did not put any kind of indicator on it of how many are active out of the ones shown.  
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  8. BC added a post in a topic How is the BDO community?   

    There are a lot of paths you can take from PK trolling to combat monster to craftsperson.  The problem comes in when trying to do more than one or possibly two types of crafting, since the merge there is simply not enough storage and CP to try more than one or two things.  Also the ease of combat, the repetitiveness (especially in crafting) and the constant fight with storage constraints makes a session boring fairly quickly. 
    Before the merge I used to go to a different server where I had different specializations set up on the map and storage and whatnot (along with different communities that tended to hang out on particular servers so the chat was at least different while waiting for things to happen), but now none of that is possible so I just go to a different game after an hour or two.  I often go to Defiance for its wild combat to wake up from Black Desert for instance.
    Is BDO worth it to bring friends in?  It used to be but I am not so sure anymore.
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  9. BC added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Server merges are usually handled in a much better manner than this one, usually active character slots are simply added together or at least a compromise of some kind is offered.  With BDO it is worse since there is the paywall to even start the game which leaves people with a sadly low entertainment budget (not uncommon with the economy still not fully recovered) with severe draconian limitations on playability.
    And the way to have a lot of characters on different servers is to not play the entire cast every day, and have some specialized ones "play" on their own by afk fishing or whatever.  Not everyone is a hardcore determined to play all their characters to the top end as quickly as possible.  Roleplayers often have characters that are played with certain other people or in certain situations which do not come up everyday, like I have one who I only played for a few hours on weekends because that was a group character and that group could only get together at that time.  I have another one (well, actually two, one on each of two servers) who is partnered with someone who only plays a few hours a few days a week and the only way to keep any consistency with that situation is to use that one only in the same sessions.  Too many game companies seem to have the stupid idea that all players are super-aggressive pimple faced no-lifes living in their parents basements with nothing to do all day but use one or two high level super equipped characters to gank everyone else.  
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  10. BC added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    The game really would not have been worth the price with a megaserver.  It is barely worth it as it is though the lowest tier cost dropping to $10 might just barely make it worth it (the game has FtP cash shop prices and everything so it makes little sense to put up a paywall to start with).
    They are so incredibly cheap to only give six slots per server after having 18 across the three servers.  The megaserver will be so boring compared to the flexibility of three that I will spend far less time on BDO, and I think a lot of others will too for the same reason.
    They let that situation drag on for the entire time the game was active with no comment on it whatsoever and then want to say "oh, my bad, time to take two thirds of your characters away and most of the flexibility too" and not expect people to feel betrayed by them?  Absolutely ridiculous. I am never going to buy a game by this backstabbing chickenshit outfit again. 
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  11. BC added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Your "math" is irrelevant since you are deliberately ignoring the facts.
    By extension of your logic you only have ONE character slot because when you are in the game you can only have one character running at a time.  That of course makes no sense at all but then your argument that there are only six character slots before the merge does not make sense either.
    I do not see how having one third the characters, one third the storage, and only one set of CP with only one trade and industry web configuration at a time is "more enjoyable" than the full pre-merge experience.  As for more people, that is not necessarily true since they keep the same number of channels for people to disperse out into and many prefer to be able to see something besides a sea of afk trade wagons and whatnot.
    I guess they could not make the game completely pay to win so they decided to grab cash this way instead.  And it is nothing but a cash grab, there is no advantage whatsoever to be had by merging except for hardcore pvp players who want to coalesce all of their equipment and other resources to make a supercharacter to prey on the non-hardcore, non-pvp players' characters.
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  12. BC added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Are you really so dense that you cannot see that ONE PERSON for the price of buying the game ONE TIME used to get access TO THREE SERVERS WITH SIX FREE CHARACTER SLOTS ON EACH ONE?  Now repeat after me:  SIX CHARACTER SLOTS ON THREE SERVERS EQUAL FREE18 CHARACTER SLOTS TOTAL PER ACCOUNT.  After the merge instead of three servers you ONLY GET ONE, WHICH IS TWO LESS THAN BEFORE.
    It is a cash grab since in order to save twelve of them you have to PAY FOR SIX SLOTS THAT YOU DID NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR BEFORE.
    You cannot "play on all three servers" (actually three server stacks) after the merge, there will only be ONE large server stack after the merge.  After the merge there will only be ONE THIRD the number of character slots per account.  If Daum/Kakao had intended to only have six character slots they should have had a pool of six that could freely travel between servers or else just have two free slots per server instead of this revolting bait and switch. 
    I do not see how the merge would make things "more fun" since it severely limits what you can do without paying to max out storage and max out character slots.  Even with those at maximum you are very severely limited as to what character variants you can play with so few slots available, and you only have one pool of CP and one copy of the map to use them on so that limits strategic options severely.
    This merge is greedy and it is disgusting that they treat their customers this way.  I suppose it is not surprising though considering their execrable treatment of them when it comes to customer service.
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  13. BC added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I see you do not understand how the servers work.  You start out with six character slots ON EACH SERVER. That means you start out before the merge with EIGHTEEN character slots, six on each of the three servers, all for buying the game ONCE.  Now, after the merge if you want the number of characters and the strategic flexibility of the pre-merge three server system you would have to buy three copies of the game and run three separate accounts. It does not matter that the eighteen slots were divided up into three sets of six, they still come out to eighteen starting slots total.  Eighteen is greater than six, even the average kindergartner knows that.
    It is simple arithmetic really: To get from three servers to one you divide by three.  Three servers worth of characters divided by three equals one server's worth of characters.  Three separate pools of CP, maps, and storage divided by three equals one server's worth of CP, maps, and storage.  To reverse division by three you have to multiply by three, that means you have to buy the game three times to have the same number of characters and flexibility after the merge as there was before it.
    Even people who buy the game for the first time after the merge get less for their money.  Before the merge thirty dollars would buy a package of three basic instances (one on each server) of the game, in one account, that were only tied together by the odd convention of a "family" name spanning all three.  That means that each instance of the game was ten dollars (like buying canned goods on special at the grocery store for three for a dollar or whatever).  After the merge thirty dollars will only get you ONE instance of the game which means they tripled the price per instance of the game.
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  14. BC added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I know that hardcore players who concentrate everything on one or two characters with no personality or background, and do not do any roleplaying at all will not understand, but playing different characters is a big part of the experience for some people.  Playing them only to have most of them cut from the cast is not good.  Anyone who wants to keep their characters (or at least more than a third of them) have to pay out the nose for the extra slots and for many that would not even be enough, especially if one wants to keep a slot open for the Dark Elf if it turns out to actually be implemented. 
    Pearls and loyalty points do not compensate for hours spent on the to-be-cut characters, especially for non-hardcore players who do not have the budget to pour hundreds of dollars into the game. And then, on top of that, if you wish to keep a coherent cast that would take a lot of money on apprentice and name changes to rearrange them without deleting all of the ones in between.
    Not only does the merge come off feeling like a betrayal, playing it the same way as the three server model would require three copies of the game so that three different strategies can be done since the need to link everything you plan to use together with CP pretty much makes it impossible to pursue trade (which is far flung) and various high-density city pursuits like advanced manufacturing at the same time.  Also, storage requirements are totally different for different pursuits (and any one of them pretty much fills the storage that can be generated by buying houses with CP) which means either concentrating on one and giving up the others or buying all of the storage that the game will support which is expensive in real money given the high cash shop prices (especially high considering the moneywall of having to buy the game first which should be reflected in lower than free game cash shop prices).  If all you do is run around and kill things one or two characters then the merge is a boon, for everyone else it is more of a curse.
    To recap why it is a cash grab: Reduced character roster with partial fix if you pay.  Reduced play flexibility unless you pay a lot.  Paywall of requiring a copy of the game to be bought enforces the tightened strictures placed on gameplay since it eliminates multiple accounts for any but hardcore types with money to burn (and who are the least likely to do that unless they are in the account selling for profit business).  Every possible thing runs straight into a pay wall.
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  15. BC added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    The view of the extra vocal PK troll minority again, how nice . 
    Just think how much fun you will have if the non-hardcore, non-PvP majority actually did take off and the game shut down from lack of players.
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