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  1. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic NA- Edan {Unrepentant}- Casual Smartasses   

    I long for company that can not only maintain their composure but also their consumption rates of adult substances. 
    YOU DECIDE what those might be. 
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  2. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Confession Booth   

    Confession #1452: I really want a community event to make a new in-game pet. 
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  3. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Is it just me, or does off-topic seem to have a lot of on-topic threads?   

    Basically, yes. I've found more engaging content in Off Topic threads regardless of which game forum I'm on. 
    Also, cats. 
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  4. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic [SE] Side Effect - | Hardcore PvP Oriented Guild | EDAN |   

    I'm everywhere! Okay, mostly just here now. I haven't logged into GW2 since October.  
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  5. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Thank you!   

    Contagious enthusiasm! 
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  6. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic I keep PKing the people making "Pvp is bad" threads, but the threads won't stop coming!   

    What does a Carebear taste like? Would you use 11 herbs and spices or the full 12? 
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  7. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Games to play when not playing BDO   

    BDO was my game to help take a break from other games. It just happened to take over. Oops. 
    When I need a break I ball up that idea, punch it repeatedly and then keep pushing in BDO. Ain't got no time for breaks. (Usually I dive into my Steam library to play the many games I've purchased due to their crack tastic sales)
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  8. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic What if like   

    What if hot dogs asserted their own rights? 
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  9. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Confession Booth   

    Uggggggh. Now that is incredibly depressing. I find I hang out on the boat city way too often. We hide candy there. For reasons. 
    Frequently this is how I react to the world. Now I gather together with my friends, point, stare and generally adopt a superior stance. While wearing plaid and camo. Because I can. 
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  10. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic NA- Edan {Unrepentant}- Casual Smartasses   

    One time there was a group of intrepid heroes who determined that pants are an accessory deliberately implanted into our psyche by the man. Now, we all know that the establishment is evil and horrendously out of touch with fashion choices. In order to complete our manifest destiny, we just dispensed with pants. No need. Everything, swinging in the breeze of our high levels of awesome. 
    We also drink a lot. Coffee mostly. With the pinky out. Like a boss. 
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  11. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Petition for love marriage specialist in BDO   

    Seems legit. 
    Please take all boats out to sea and spell out naughty words now as a means of protest solidarity. Thank you. 
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  12. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Confession Booth   

    See through clothing options? Always worthwhile. 
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  13. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Obligatory "Release Blader!!!" Post of the Day   

    I read this as "release bladder". Very disappointed now. 
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  14. Fatherbliss added a post in a topic Best Girl?   

    "Not only the President but also a client" 
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