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  1. Vygun added a post in a topic $9000 gaming laptop?   

    I'll take one for a birthday gift. Thank you.
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  2. Vygun added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    Tell me how I am in any way confusing anything by posting a screenshot of what I consider the perfect armor for Dark Knight (or better yet, retract your statement and apologize for something that had nothing ado with my post and shut your mouth).
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  3. Vygun added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    True armor for a Dark Knight: 

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  4. Vygun added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    Yup, this pretty much hits the nail on the head, though it's funny how some people say "go back to WoW" when WoW was the first MMO to encourage AND promote solo-play. Before WoW was even a thing, soloing was seen as something only the prestigious/elite would be capable of, if only because mobs could not be soloed by the average player.
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  5. Vygun added a post in a topic This game is very satanic   

    What I don't like about many RPGs is that even if you choose all of the Dark/Evil options, your character is still just trying to "save the world" (ex. in SWTOR, where I RP'd a pure-dark sided Sith Juggernaut, though it didn't help that the Sith actually were on the righteous side of history). Hell, that pretty much goes for all video games ever - even in a game like The Darkness, Clive Barker's Jericho, etc. - you still have to play as a good guy and have no choice in it. In BDO though, while it still doesn't feel all that different it doesn't try to hide it either. The black spirit actually knows what it wants, and it knows that the player really is in it for his or her own self.
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  6. Vygun added a post in a topic What are your other hobbies besides gaming?   

    I have various hobbies or interests, including: Anime, Computers, Demonology, Dragons, Economics, Mythology, Philosophy (Autarchism, Christianity, Libertarianism, Transhumanism), Photography, Technology, & Writing.
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  7. Vygun added a post in a topic Hate speech   

    It firstly needs to be known we're talking about private property here. The servers and the company that owns them, they can enforce the rules as they see fit. Though we are certainly within our limit to refuse to obey, settling for the consequence thereof or fight them at your own peril.
    However, if you recognize "freedom of speech" as a right, there can be no such thing as hate speech in your vocabulary. The principle of freedom of speech means exactly that: the right to offend by any means non-violently. It does mean that a Nazi gets to talk shit without being punched (I can't help but link a video my own friend produced), and vice versa (that you get to talk shit about a Nazi without being punched).
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  8. Vygun added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    I'd get both of them, but GFD the PaymentWall shit. >_<
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  9. Vygun added a post in a topic Paymentwall - Blocked Account   

    I'm inclined to agree.
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  10. Vygun added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

    I'd totally pay $50 for a shot if you did such a thing.
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  11. Vygun added a post in a topic Get servers that actually work   

    Has anyone that's been lagging tried going through certain commands from .cmd (tracert/ping/etc.) to actually check and make sure it is the server, not something on the way? I can tell you with experience that it's not always the server, but one of the routers on the way, that's often a culprit, and 99% of the time the router is owned by a top-tier ISP (most often, Level-3).
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  12. Vygun added a post in a topic Cannot purchase Daum Cash /game pass issues   

    I won't even repeat what happened except to say I'm now blocked like many others. So even if I wanted to buy anything from the BDO shop, I'm Shit-Outta-Luck. If I were looking to purchase this game these days, I certainly would've done no such thing because of PaymentWall.
    I won't speak for anyone else, but PaymentWall is definitely on my blacklist now.
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  13. Vygun added a post in a topic Trying to pay with visa gift card through paypal...   

    I know if I had to go through PaymentWall just to buy this game, I would've just taken my business elsewhere. It was bad enough they put me through the mess for DaumCash (which I finally got resolved, but no 6k DC for me to spend).
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  14. Vygun added a post in a topic 100% Opaqueness Not Dark Enough ("Dialog Window Transparency")   

    I'm bumping this.
    C'mon, this has to matter to more people around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Updated with images.
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  15. Vygun added a post in a topic I got banned...   

    Ouch, that sucks to hear. Hope you find solace in the error and get your account unbanned.
    Cheat Engine is free, very user-friendly, universal, has a professional touch to it, and most of all? It doesn't even look like something created by someone who can't speak proper English... unlike most trainers, editors, or what-have-you.
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