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  1. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Like a few others, taking my leave of this here cluster----- (I mean BDO, not this thread which is actually the best part of my BDO experience). Can't autoloop, breeding is rather pointless atm - and pre-Legion is just about to kick in; been playing WoW since Vanilla, taking a few breaks along the way but always with the knowlege that I would return eventually, for however long. I missed playing a decent quality game for a change, one that isn't designed to annoy you into paying to alleviate the frustration, where you can stay logged in for as long as you like, where customer service actually exists.
    I will miss you guys though. Good luck to those who are still hanging there. May it rain t7s/t8s on you.:)
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  2. Stillheart added a post in a topic Are you guys going to fix the servers?   

    Unable to AFK autoloop for more than 10-15 min at a time for several days now. Last straw for me. Haven't been doing much of anything except horse breeding in the game for a while, there's no way in hell I am going to level t7s actively (not sure if I want to laugh or cry at the thought), so now that I can't even train my horses there's just absolutely no point in logging in ever again. Thank you, Daum/PA,  for teaching me a valuable lesson; I will never bother with another Korean port. Also, this game actually made me appreciate Blizzard on a whole new level; WoW is not perfect by any means but there's just no comparison in terms of quality.
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  3. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horses dying mysteriously   

    In general, 1 extra level will 'negate' 1 death when breeding. But leveling t7s is absolute murder, so there's no way I will chance having to go an extra level on a t7; I have 12 of them and none are going anywhere without a wagon (which prevents horse deaths) until they are breedless. For that reason I kept several t6s with good stats/skills that are no longer breedable, and use those for combat and travel until t8s are out, since I am saving the t7s' breeds for that.
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  4. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horses dying mysteriously   

    That's what the calculator is for.
    Thing is, when you level your horses for breeding what you're trying to do is achieve a certain threshold. I don't know the exacxt formula but it's calculated based on combined levels of the two horses you're breeding and also number of deaths. So long as the latter doesn't put your pair under the threshold, it doesn't matter how many deaths there are - but it just might make a difference (say, you're aiming for the 700 threshold and the combined number of deaths puts you at 699.5, see what I mean?). The calculator takes this into account when presenting you with the required levels.
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  5. Stillheart added a post in a topic Sell Horse Level to high?   

    It's a bug that doesn't benefit the player, of course it's not going to get fixed any time soon. Horses erroneously getting extra experience at night now, that was urgent; got fixed in under a week.
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  6. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Whoever told you that you can't get a t7 from 2 x t5s is ill-informed or is monthes behind. You can't get a purebred t7 from the pair you have, and possibly that's where the confusion is coming from since at first the only t7s available in our version of the game were the purebreds; that's no longer the case, though, and hasn't been for some time. I would suggest you go 29/29 with your t5s for the best chance at t7. It's time-consuming, yes, and you may still get screwed by RNG and get another t5 as an outcome - that happens way more often than any of us would like - but an 18% chance is hell of a lot better than a 9% chance, and you stand a better chance at a t6 vs t5 at that threshold too.
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  7. Stillheart added a post in a topic Compensation for broken Auto Looping   

    For your reference, it takes roughly 200 hrs to level a t7 from 1-30. 200 hrs. Think about that  - about doing it without the AFK auto-loop. I've leveled 6 of them so far, have 5 more to go, and that's not counting all the t6s I wioud need to pair up with those t7s for the t8 attempts when they are introduced. Except now that I can no longer AFK auto-loop reliably I am just about done with this game so t8s are rather a moot point. Because, you see, I may not have bought BDO for AFK horse leveling to begin with but that's all I do in it these days - that's all that's managed to keep my interest - and it's not for you or anyone else to question why I'd want to play a game I paid for the way I want to.
    Not in favor of asking for compensation but I (or anyone else, including the OP) shouldn't have to 'figure out how to ride afk' without breaking' the game because the problem is obviously not on my end. So please don't try to make it sound as if it's within our control; if it were, there wouldn't be topics popping up on the subject daily. The fact that Daum/PA can't figure out how to make their game even close to stable in 5 bloody months is absolutely ridiculous, and that you - and some others - are actually defending it is mind-boggling.
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  8. Stillheart added a post in a topic BDO and EVE   

    I have to agree with that. Eve devs actually care about the longevity of their product, very much so. They understand their market and make decisions based on that understanding; and if those decisions don't yield expected results they have the integrity to admit they are wrong and do their best to fix the situation. They are also very much aware of the importance of good communication. BDO is a quick cash grab with all that it implies, and what's more, it was clearly intended to be exactly that from the beginning. There's no way it could ever hold a candle to Eve where quality is concerned, not that PA/Daum would even want to try.
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  9. Stillheart added a post in a topic BDO and EVE   

    Eve is a difficult game to get into. Too much information, distances are too huge, too many ways to stupidly die and nothing to hold your hand - you can lose everything you've got very quickly - plus it takes a significant amount of time to become anything close to relevant. It's a game where you absolutely need the right group of people to play with at the very beginning, else you will become overwhelemed/bored fast.
    Once you get over all of that, Eve's a game you can never quit. A game where the majority of the population truly loves newbs (assuming said newbs are willing to learn and work at getting better). The only game where I get honest to god adrenaline rush during PvP encounters. 
    The one advise I give friends who want to try Eve is to get the hell out of High Sec immediately. Joining a newb corp located in Null is one way to go though there are other options. If you stick around mining/doing PvE in High Sec, chances are you're going to quit, never having discovered what makes Eve the amazing game it is.
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  10. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I definitely can't complain about my luck with breedings (post-mixed t7 patch) - but all but 2 of my t7s are males (and one of the two females was bought off the market, thankfully with a breed and already leveled), so I figured I'd breed a few males with t6s - skins that I have triplicates of, or those the least useful color-wise - to try and see if I can get more t7 females. Didn't work out and the time investment wasn't worth the gamble, not even close, so I won't be making that mistake again. From now on, like you, I am leveling and then storing the rest of my t7s (and a bunch of t6 females) until t8s are out.
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  11. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I have 6 x t7s at lvl 30 now. Only one of them has all the valuable skills. 3 of them have 1 premium skill a piece (unless you count Roar which is rather lol). Most of them learned nothing of value past lvl 20 (as in, one t7 male - the I - gained Sprint at lvl 30). Also, on Uno I see maxed out t7s on the market all the time - atm there are 2 of them, have been there since last night - and all of those have/had 10/11 skils, with 1-2 premium among them (usually Drift and Charge). 
    TLDR: you're being entirely too optimistic; not necessarily a bad attitude to have but hardly grounded in reality when it comes to this game's RNG in general and horses in particular. I am not suggesting not to max out t7s and hope for the best - that's what I do - but I totally understand where @Ninon is coming from with her frustration, and realistically what I am seeing between my own horses and those on the market supports her point of view.
    Honestly I think the skill RNG is the most frustrating part of the entire horse business, mainly because you're so very likely to get screwed yet again after everything you go through to get your dream horse in the first place. Pretty smart in terms of marketing though; you're sure as hell tempted to fix the situation and it only costs $2.50, right?
    Uno horse market at around 6 pm EST:
    Time to GTFO of horse business...
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  12. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Got a few of my t7 males to 30, decided to breed one of them:
             t7G male lvl 30     +      t6D female lvl 29     =        t6N male
             t7G male lvl 30     +      t6N female lvl 29     =        t7E male
    Not terribly happy with the results as at this threshold I was hoping for at least one t7 female (that was the whole point). It could have been much worse - I'd gotten a mustard t5 from breeding a maxed out t7 before - but considering how long it takes to get to the 800 threshold it just felt like a giant waste of time, trading a lvl 30 t7 for a t6 male and yet another t7 male. Granted t7E is better than t7G  in terms of colors but still, I won't be breeding at this threshold again until I know for certain that the t8s are available.
    On the bright side, the t7I male that was an absolute potato (4 trash skills at lvl 18) has 10 skills at lvl 30 but among them is the speed trinity (Sprint/Drift/IA); his stats ended up very decent too, so he's a keeper after all. Also, my only t7J (favorite skin) has 13 skills at 25, including the speed trinity, Sideways move, 2-Sitter, Charge and Roar - he's the perfect combat mount and the only horse I've ever had, in all my time breeding and training, to get every desirable skill.
    You lose some, you win some, I guess.
    Still have 5 x t7s to level to 30, also 10 x t6 females and 8 x t6 males and various t4s; I see another 10 wagons in my future at least.:)
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  13. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Not some. Everyone (short of maybe people who try once, get lucky on that first try, and have the wisdom to never bother again).
    It's just how it goes; you get used to it and learn that it has stages: hopeful --> disappointed --> salty --> pissed off --> permanently salty --> too apathetic to be salty, let alone pissed off
    Out of likes atm but wanted to cheer for you. That skin is plain gorgeous. I had a male with the speed trinity + sidestep, bred him once, got a t5 and rage-sold him (really wish I'd have given myself time to cool off - he was gone in under 2 min on the market).
    I weaned myself off buying t6 males thankfully (still have 7 of them, unleveled, that I don't have much use for but can't bring myself to sell because I love the skins) but I can't help buying t6 females with breeds every chance I see them. It's been playing hell on my finances - but then again, at least I will have something to pair up with my army of t7 males when the time comes, as t7 girls elude me for the most part.
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  14. Stillheart added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Yep. Nothing has changed except that now you have to vendor horses instead of deleting them - but there's a level limitation and carry weight limitation (could be bugged, could be intended) which makes it pretty much a no go for anything but low tier, low level horses and puts you in a position of being unable to get rid of anything else that doesn't sell on the market.
    My t7I is now level 19. He has learned Fore Chop, Hind Kick, Caution and Start Accel in addition to Quick Stop he was born with - so 5 trash skills total. Without a doubt the worst horse I ever had. I see nothing but stud duty, then exchange is his future when t8s come out.
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  15. Stillheart added a post in a topic Invisible horse   

    No, it's not. It's happening to a lot of people (see the horse megathread). The horse is under the terrain. If you go to high ground - rooftop or something like and call it from there, it should appear. The other option is remote collect (unpleasant since you have to run to the stable and pay to restore the horse's HP to top it off).
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