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  1. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Where BDO fails.   

    If you're bringing LoL into this that's a poor example, mastery pages? rune pages? character unlock? I guarantee you a level 1 account stands no chance against someone with full mastery page and full rune page level 30 account. What skill is there when I can have 454 extra HP or 96 extra armor or like 30-40 magic penetration yielding true damage on all abilities against someone new? That's not skill, that's "gear" in itself.

    And no I won't look at some of the most popular games because this is a strange argument comparing apples to oranges. BDO is one of the "most popular games" these days for an MMORPG.

    If I wanted nothing but PvP at a flatline static equal level I wouldn't be playing a progression-based MMORPG.  Not sure why one would need to be not entitled to being stronger for playing longer and investing more time into a progression based RPG or even any game. 
    Unless you want the game to repeatedly filter through waves and waves of casuals. There's nothing wrong with catchup mechanics don't get me wrong but there's something severely wrong if you wanna throw away your hardcore base as well.

    The funny thing about your statements here is that BDO IS skill based at equal gear or slight off equal gear, and most people are at TRI gear, very obtainable. There's only a few classes way out of check and that's it(they've even acknowledged it). The only real severe problem with BDO is desync and lag.
    There won't be a BDO2, why would they the world is massive and it's a custom game engine(meaning they can expand and upgrade however they like) and holds probably one of the best aesthetics across all MMOs with a YEBIS system coming in an overhaul way later. Don't hold your breath.

    "None of this rolling your face on the keyboard and still winning because the new players can't even land a hit on you when you stay still."
    Lol, I can make this happen in LoL and DotA2 to a new player. Fiddle-> crowstorm flash -> hourglass invuln/fear -> gg., Pugna -> banish -> dagon -> poof you're gone, enjoy respawn counter. Quite sure a new player wont' know wth is going on other than thinking the game is improperly balanced with those characters in 1v1 environment.
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  2. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Where BDO fails.   

    I don't see where in your points you're making out where BDO fails, if anything the only thing you've outlined is that BDO is different and doesn't follow majority MMO formula which is a good thing. If you think you're inaccessible to PvP and node wars because you're not at TET/PEN gear then you just aren't even trying; as in you're not even dipping yourself in war other than "oh i died in one shot my gear sucks this game sucks" mentality. I'm sure anyone with god gear jumping into 4 wizards with 220AP+ meteor won't survive that with any form of gear. If someone else plays 1000x more hardcore than you and gets that edge for their efforts why then should you be comparable to them in 1/1000th of the time invested? I don't understand.

    "Even with decent +15 gear and my awakening, I was absolutely no match for anyone slightly better geared or higher level than me,"
    ^ Sorry but this statement just irks for the response of "get good". If you're no match for someone slightly better geared or slightly higher level than you, by default that is the most proper response one can muster. Also getting PRI/DUO gear is 10x easier than getting +15 so  again no idea why you even stopped there, could easily have an extra +50DP and +15-30AP for little to no cost compared to getting to 15.

    Old skills aren't completely useless they have more utility than Awakening for most classes. If you're tunneled into just using your awakening skills I guess your dodges/movement skills on pre-awaken are completely null and void why bother putting points? For most classes they're probably the most used skills along with grapples and debuff effects. If you're not even rotating 4-6 skill awakening buffs you're just losing out entirely. That should indicate that they're obviously not meant for longterm/sustained/main source of damage, doesn't make it useless if I can CC combo my enemy for a good 10-12 seconds of punching bag time.

    And regarding balance
    I've Never seen an MMORPG have their balance in check, BDO can use some tweaking as we all know the triple W class is all that matters at the moment which is a huge issue. (Witch wiz, war)
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  3. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    You brought it up not me. I made a simple statement that you decided to expand.
    Delighted blast, pretty unreliable, discus rarely ever get tagged by it or see it be used if anything to only extend a cc i sure wouldn't use it at beginning or end of an attack string and ultimately very slow with only a forward G. Shadow stomp loss of damage and only good as a connector or positioning unless opponent is KD'ed/floating, tendon cutter cc net no SA dangerous if you're using your E buff, black moonlight weak unless it's downattack or cc net.

    Read Cross Cut description. I don't think you know what you're talking about.

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  4. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    15% evasion - Added to smoke screen (18%), you can buff more evasion than an evasion offhand. Pretty nice. Last I checked that doesn't stack with smokescreen so unless they ninja changed that in a patch somewhere I don't believe you as there's only 1 evasion+ icon when you use both, not 2 unlike the warrior who can stack +85 DP from 3 shield icon buffs by itself, with an evasion offhand your acc or your damage output goes to shit for kuno in particular having your damage multipliers be so low already.

    10% acc, don't see any actual differences with this. 10% vs. +10 acc is a big differencce and with base acc per class being different and hidden it's as null as it gets, if you got bhegs + an RCE or two and a decent alch stone it's pointless as far as i care considering there's maehwas running around running pure AP with 230-250 and no acc except a bhegs and wiping hordes of people's faces in the floor with no problem.

    16% critical chance - We only have a couple of 100% crit skills, this is a damage increase. <- useless as most of your skills get 80-100% crit by the time you're 60-61 with crit stat alone and with or without skill awakening buff, which would be replaced into precision gems in glove instead ergo making the acc+ buff less impactful or more useful if you're assuming everyone is running pure evasion(which they're not) and more useful than crit chance which is why valors in general are cheaper than precis.
    Lethal spin 75% at 60, lunar dash 100 100, wheel of wrath 100. The ONLY skill that benefits from this greatly is chain crash honestly in a practical applicable sense. I'd rather lose the 16% crit and get 16% all res instead or 10% ignore res or something.

    you'd rather have 20s and 2min? Lol I'd rather have 30s and 3min cd. That's not an argument of it being better, 20s is like nothing when each attack is 2-3 seconds long for Kuno. REALISTICALLY you'd probably be getting 2-5 attacks in tops unless your opponent is a braindead individual or has zero resist and doesn't know how to rotate SA. Tamer getting absorb pet(+10AP, +60crit, +15%MS, +20%ASPD) with Z buff for a whole minute on both is going godlevels for a good 60s with a 5min CD which is fine because it has a duration to be useful not taper off after either being a) CC'ed, or b) scoping for a window of opportunity taking forever with the kuno.

    Compared to the musa buff 20 AP and +50 RES and perma super armor with zero CD on a frequently spammed attack that does good damage the kuno buff is underwhelming.

    The only great thing about Kuno is the super long CC combo she has at disposal and the big AoE each one has  and is great against desync or just annoying targets to capture that is hard to miss due to a mass # of hits not because of a lack/bonus of ACC. Damage output however feels nowhere close to a number of other classes and is MAYBE only on par or equal footing with the buffs on.
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  5. KyrandisX added a topic in Suggestions   

    Tamer block buff trigger time?
    Any possibility to buff the Tamer's block DP buff to trigger faster? Having played other classes that get buff from their block Tamer has to maintain it for a good 1-1.5 seconds before the DP buff even kicks in whereas the Warrior's triggers instantly almost and valk comes up right away.
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  6. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    Game's been going strong for a year without this, so no.
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  7. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    I don't see any benefits to a PvE dedicated channel, this has been asked around for a whole year and the population is going up, to say that a "majority" of people leave and such due to being PvP'ed upon would be highly false. The biggest problem with PvE-only games is player interaction at some point as all your battles are against AI and then you start saying game is easy and lack politics. That's where PvP comes in guys...

    So no I don't support this idea as it waters down the game for no reason. And if it is implemented PvE should players should be locked in PvE channel permanently for good reasons.
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  8. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    sound about right i know a person with 3 level 60s who makes 30-40 mil at gahaz and has like 6 10 slot gardens there, so now i have at least 4 accounts of people making the same at gahaz just being the most crazy grinder i've known says he goes gahaz for money. clearly they know what they're doing and probably elite chasing every 15 mins. if you don't want to believe that's fine go bak to pirates.

    "If both areas are uncontested" yea but pirates is never uncontested for long periods of time now is it? It's just not realistic
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  9. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    I rarely ever go to pirates due to frequent interruption, been there a total of 4 hours probably max through my entire gameplay time. A lot of people seem confused at how I have full boss gear, 1 level 60, 2 level 59s and 1 58 and multiple 57s having spent little to no time in pirates...  I don't go sausans either other than for promo/guild quest.(and i've bombed my gear at tet 12+ times with nothing to show for it; all boss gear non liverto and exploded 2 duo crescents and about 4 pri tree spirit belts with about 67 pri shultz belts down the drain) much prefer valencia for xp and mediah for cash(not at sausans; if you're going sausans party dont solo or you're losing money). I definitely try to avoid people in general, getting into a grinding mood is much better than getting in a pvp mood when i'm not trying to pvp.

    Plus there are big money spots in valencia where frequent PKing occurs as well.
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  10. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Social   

    things to do with friends/others in this game: 

    race each other
    do guild quests together
    go kill gatekeepers
    do awakened boss scrolls
    duel one another
    flag on someone
    sailboat into margoria and shoot cannons at monsters
    whale hunting
    khalk hunting
    take screenshots
    build a fort
    setup defenses

    if you don't like any of that then don't say there isn't any social play in the game. you say lack of social well those are all involving player interactions and multiple to do it.

    it's also an MMORPG, I haven't heard of an MMORPG in the past 15 years where there isn't grinding.
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  11. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

     If it gets nerfed I demand witch/wizards get nerfed from having everything like a 1 million hp pet should be nerfed to 3 hit death on the pet that has better AI than the tamer pet, no super armor on half their skills, no ranged debuff -50% everything for 10s, extend teleport CD duration and 30% x3 tick heal should be nerfed to 10% heal, nerf their base accuracy where they actually need a bhegs gloves, protected zone should be mitigated to half its effect rather than give full cc immunity to self and others, their shift+e everything buff is like what 7-8 lines of textbuffs for 30sec? I think the kuno has like 4 lines of text that lasts 20 sec where 2 of those buffs are completely pointless.

    Zerker gets this infinite grab thing that you can't get out of and is 100% accurate(protip: go 260AP undertaker 800+ damage RIP) lets nerf that too
    Warrior has this 360 block degree radius and is like a wall and gives them +46 stat boost along with a dash that occurs every 2s with invuln and lingering superarmor and basically only needs to use 3 attacks, an actual std attack, vegetable digger and reckless rekt.
    sorcs constantly disappearing on and off on screen and has ultra desync shield nerf lag and throw an error orb that just swallows people
    RBF wizards get invisible water prison circle because most people have effects removed or don't own a 1080ti and an invisible meteor is always great.
    ninjas can touch you and you die.
    valk has frontal guard forever lets nerf that
    ranger has this one chop that 1shots people.
    pretty sure tamer is king 1v1 just no one knows how to actually play her except a handful of people.

    Or everything is just fine, everything is OP gaiz.
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  12. KyrandisX added a post in a topic Ravage Rake, Enforcement, Slanted Balance, Repeated Annihilation, etc..   

    I use enforcement, pervasive darkness, sudden attack & scarring slash and slanted balance and ravage rake. I don't use corrupt ground and I never press E for imperious command as kamasylvia slash does that for you and I find repeated annihilation slow. I carry about 10 mana pots and I don't use extraction gems

    Level 57.62 with 766SP
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  13. KyrandisX added a topic in Suggestions   

    Blue Reagent Price Adjustment
    This is rather expensive was going to suggest if this could be lowered to 10,000silver or 20,000silver each or simply even removed not sure why this was introduced?

    For the price of 3 elixirs to morph into 1 with only slightly added benefits(which some don't even work or no significant notable difference like the ones that say Dramatic increase vs Increase) it's really not worth ever buying it at 50k per process with no chance of having a bonus proc and also hinder everyone who's been making them previously without this added silver sink for no reason.

    Overall just slows everyone down for those who purchase blue elixirs for buffs to speed up and for those who make it for money which ultimately is pretty much a hindrance for everyone. The previous loss from just mixing 3 elixirs into a blue tier without the 50k cost was already penalty enough, this is just an added wall of "never do it except a handful of elixirs unless you have 6 billion lying around", on top of extending it further by adding a tear which costs 21k extra only to lose even more elixirs but at least that one has a chance to proc extra.
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  14. KyrandisX added a topic in General   

    Processing Time ninja nerf?
    Just noticed processing seems slower than usual that or I'm going crazy? It's currently 10s per process, used to be a count of 8s? (Huge difference for those who burn thousands of products a day)
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  15. KyrandisX added a topic in General   

    Underwater Gathering Shards?
    Anyone know or have found hard/sharp shards in underwater gathering? Haven't come across any
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