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  1. Daelyn added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

    Have to chime in, the other dude got banned for....Not scamming? Everything he did was perfectly proper and within all of the rules? If not, then yes part of the transaction was fraudulent and in that case they are clear, no one gets anything, neither back, refunded or replaced.
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  2. Daelyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    From my experience, my wagon of horses, t5,6 and 7 on it have been learning quite a few skills and quite a few premium ones. I was just thinking to myself that it was pretty amazing. I had one horse with sideways move in all my stables and this wagon now has all four with sideways.
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  3. Daelyn added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

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  4. Daelyn added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

     Secondly, not everyone is honest and people will try to scam you! We strongly urge you not to arrange such a deal unless you are willing to take the risk of losing all of the items involved.
    Additionally, anybody caught scamming other players, will have their accounts suspended and all gains removed. This could include item deletion or even downgrading your gear.
    Items and/or pearls will not be restored to the gifting player.
    You saw that part yes? "Risk of losing ALL of the items involved." You lost all of the items involved by risking the deal, it is pretty cut and dry to me.
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  5. Daelyn added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

    Pearl trading for a chance to buy an item, be it pearl shop items or whatnot. They will not enforce or do anything if it goes wrong, short of one end being a scam, then they lose gains and the other players still gets nothing. It really does not matter the minutae of the deal, simply you were given pearl crap to list a T8, something went to crap somewhere, be it the other person scammed and judging by the couple posts today, one person was hacked had a lot of pearl crap charged, another got a lot of free crap out of nowhere and had it removed and now you had more pearl crap removed points to it all linked. Regardless that post says they will not return items used in a legit or scammed pearl for market sell transaction.
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  6. Daelyn added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

    Actually they did make a post about pearl trading for game items and said simply buyer and seller beware. If they had to intervene because of shady practice, no one gets anything back. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/127357-gifting-trade-deals/ note the last paragraph, scamming person loses gains and probably account but the other person does not get anything back either. They said doing this is buyer beware, so I think you are out of luck.
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  7. Daelyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I may go search for it, but it is in the previous mega thread several pages put to testing ticks, wagon xp, overall xp gain etc etc and pretty much every test showed overall experience gained is better on a merchant wagon. Factoring in you have 4 horses to level of course. It is lower for each horse per tick but you gain it x4. In the end, merchant wagon with all else being equal was the most efficient way to level more than one or two horses. On average iirc you get about 2000 xp per tick total. About 500 +/- a few hundred per horse. Now this was before t8's but I cannot see that make a difference.
    Tl;dr if you only have one or two horses to train, single, manual training is faster, any more than that merchant wagon becomes far and away the most efficient method.
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  8. Daelyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Finally leveling one of my T7's my first actually my black purebred. At 22 and she is one skill from being a courser. Rather happy with that, she is not a T8 of course, but still nice for my first leveling of my t7's. She just needs to learn drift by 30, fingers crossed.
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  9. Daelyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Everyone in this thread is awesome. Just wanted you all to know that. You are also awesome when you venture out into the toxic general boards. This is the last bastion of reasonable, humorous, encouraging people. So thank you all for being you. To bring it in line, I am coming into the home stretch of getting about 10+ breeding pairs to 30 to do a mass of breedings and hope for the best.
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  10. Daelyn added a post in a topic Breeding Rate   

    I do not know if it will help, but I went the slow methodical method. Granted it was back when t1 and t2 were the only horses in the wild. My goal was simply to get to the next tier. So t1 to t2, t2 to t3 and so on. Making all my low stock on step higher and repeating, in a way just enjoyed the 'ride'. If I focused too much on the end goal I would get frustrated. I have not hit T8 yet despite going from conqueror head start. I have been blessed in I have not spent a cent on resets or coupons, not blessed that all my T7's, all 5 of them are all female. You will get there. I know you will, to take the edge off focus on the journey rather than the finish.  
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  11. Daelyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Ok messed up the quote somehow lol. In any case for the costume my first reason to by it for my horse was because I loved the look. I would recommend that is the first priority when buying a costume and anything else it does for your horse is simply a bonus. Like the stamina boost etc. 
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  12. Daelyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    The only consideration, if you think the %'s are even somewhat accurate is 27/27 nearly eliminates the chance of downgrading and increases the chance of a same level or tier up. Is the time to level worth what could be incorrect %'s? That I cannot decide. But I personally just go for my best chance, takes longer but then I never "what if" after.
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  13. Daelyn added a post in a topic Ship Building and the Fixed Market Price - Supply and Demand?   

    Also, if I recall my Eve days correctly their was an upper and lower limit to the base minerals thus fixing the prices overall. Too high, it was cheaper to buy rookie ships, deconstruct and use the fixed amount of minerals you got in return. So you could ride the wave, yes but there were hard set upper and lower limits based upon the simple fact you could deconstruct ships for cheaper if mineral prices got too high, heck even deconstruct and sell minerals for profit, thus flooding and returning market to median with a fluctuating +/-. Bigger margins for the rarer minerals of course but still their. I remember shipping minerals to 0.0 space in the form of ships to be deconstructed as it was easier at times.
    There were ways to manipulate, cause plunges and surges over a swath of sectors and make a tidy profit but it would always return to a general median rather quickly.
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  14. Daelyn added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    According to the pricing, roar is worth around 422k, so 50% of that plus the base value of the horse would give you how much you got 229k. Nothing changes in price if it is trained or not. 15% drift on a horse is worth the same as 100% drift.
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  15. Daelyn added a post in a topic Disable pearl gifting   

    Speaking from a horse breeding perspective. There have not been to my knowledge and seems most of the other full time breeders a T8 that leveled naturally into courser status or even relatively close. Any T8 courser, has taken skill change coupons, seems on average of 7/skill. So to sell for pearls to recoup some loss I can see. Though most of the breeders I know of, do not require pearls, since they will not sell a courser except to guildies or friends who offer the pearls to recoup. They tend to rarely advertise it. Since a t8 anywhere near courser status has cost the seller pearls, I honestly do not see the issue asking a fair, again a fair amount to recoup pearls spent to get it there. 15k? Bit much imho.
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