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  1. Cascaden added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Anyone who feels like making the costumes at the costume mill for the dark knight and then show casing them in some screen shoots here on the forums will be much appreciated.
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  2. Cascaden added a post in a topic Dark Knight Pre-Registration Beauty Contest Winners!   

    Orinai Dark Knight looks like a Dark Elf from the EverQuest series. I like it.
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  3. Cascaden added a post in a topic Best Proffeshion   

    Fishing Master 14 @ 68%
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  4. Cascaden added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    Still??? It never was and still isn't. There ARE lots of ways to blow money on the game but it wont make you more income/better gear/higher level than someone who is smarter than you and plays more than you. BDO is play to win.
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  5. Cascaden added a post in a topic YEBIS promotional collaboration with Black Desert Online   

    So now its even harder to make out whats going on?.... JK! This reminds me of one of the most graphically powerful upgrades that Skyrim Special Edition improved on over the standard. Looking forward to this. As long as it doesn't kill my FPS. =/ 
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  6. Cascaden added a post in a topic Where's the catch up for the catch up mechanic?   

    Also someone told me that there was a setting you can turn on to make the game auto control your character for you. It sends you character out and It will do your quests, kill plenty of mobs, loot everything, organized your loot and sell stuff accordingly and upgrade you skills as you lvl up and will also pvp if someone is in your area. Just wondering if someone could tell me how to turn that setting on?
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  7. Cascaden added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    Very very creative. I like it. Stands out in a good way. 
    I personally went for a realistic look and did my best to look similar to myself. 

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  8. Cascaden added a post in a topic road to TET Ogre   

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  9. Cascaden added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    I'm getting 65 mb/s and downloading at 5-7 mb/s and Im stuck at 66% on the patch. Its not me. 
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  10. Cascaden added a topic in Suggestions   

    Imperial Alchemy/Cooking turn in limit
    At the moment there is a limit of about 30 available turn in's for Imperial Alchemy and Cooking that is NOT shared by server but IS shared by players. This does reset every 3-4 hours but it takes some serious camping or luck to get to be able to turn in close to the max amount, or even turn any in at all.This strikes me as an interesting mechanic choice because I cannot see the advantage to this.
    What if the limit was no longer shared by players but was individual to each account? Also to removal potential channel swapping exploits it could be changed to be shared across servers. So each player account could turn in about 30 items every 3-4 hours regardless of channel and regardless of other players.
    What do you guys think? Would this make more sense to you? Would you prefer this? And does anyone see a disadvantage to this change? 
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  11. Cascaden added a post in a topic PSA: broken OP Warrior Bug   

    I was under the impression that this was intended. 
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  12. Cascaden added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

    I do really expect they will listen to one person as they have said before that they do read every post. Now do I expect them to act on one persons opinion? No. Did I ask them to stop the event? No. All I suggested was to collect player feedback and consider it in the future when addressing events like these. And to clarify its 30 fps if I'm standing still. Once movement comes into play I was dropping to 20. That isn't playable IMO. With the way you worded your post I'm thinking you have anger management issues. 
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  13. Cascaden added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

    In my above post I expressed legitimate concerns and valuable feedback. Open minded individuals are open to criticism, salty people are critical.  
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  14. Cascaden added a post in a topic Lunar New Year Celebration!   

    On average have 50-60+ FPS in BDO. Since this event started I'm lucky to get 30 FPS. In the future please consider asking the community if they even want these events. If an event is impacting my game play negatively, I would prefer to not have it in the game. Also, I would love to see the Holiday decorations we have all over the towns/cities to be removed asap (or 4 weeks ago) as they break my immersion and cause me additional FPS drops. Thank you for your time and presence here in the forums.
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  15. Cascaden added a post in a topic Margoria - incomplete nightmare or amazing map expansion?   

    I'm looking forward building the new ships and trying to kill the new sea monsters. After that Ill judge the expansion.
    And some pvp navel warfare.
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