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  1. Aveneon added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Changed my character for a while, this is how she is rockin now

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  2. Aveneon added a post in a topic Do you feel adjusted?   

    Yes, I feel adjusted... I feel the class can make a difference, we can push out high damage, however still very glassy (which would be fine if we just had a bit more i-frames than 1 each 4th second). I feel the down slope chase needs a fix too.
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  3. Aveneon added a post in a topic How to 1v1 a War/Valk?   

    Never tried it myself, but I would assume the best option would be to block then retaliation as they hit, that would CC them for a moment giving you the only opportunity... Now this will only work with warrior as valk can just throw a spear down on your face... No clue about how to stop the valk.
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  4. Aveneon added a post in a topic PvP damage has been slightly buffed   

    The buff did a lot... I went from being useless to actually being able to do a difference in the arena... That being said, I do miss some i-frames...
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  5. Aveneon added a post in a topic Attack speed bugged after patch   

    AS at 5 should be a 20% attack speed increase shouldn't it? - In that case, we're not getting what we should based on your tests
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  6. Aveneon added a post in a topic New Dash Terrible   

    Bullshit? Our chase wasn't mean't to work like it did before... The truth is, it is actually faster now than before... as it has some sort of acceleration before, and now you can just start out at the peak of the speed. It isn't hard to animation cancel while chasing
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  7. Aveneon added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    Please make it happen!!
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  8. Aveneon added a post in a topic Awakening Weapon   

    Didn't they say they would release all available awakenings at once, when the time to release awakenings in NA/EU comes? Meaning, if Witch/Wizard hasn't arrived in KR, then they will probably be the only class without awakening (and perhaps ninja and f.ninja)
    I could be wrong though!
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  9. Aveneon added a post in a topic any way not to use 100% rage skill by default   

    I wish we could disable our ultimate as well... I only want the speed and the execution of the ultimate often comes in not so wanted situations
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  10. Aveneon added a post in a topic Plum Awakens (Blader Video out. Plum ETA 5/12)   

    lightning spear would be siick
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  11. Aveneon added a post in a topic Since our defense is so weak, shouldn't our attack power be a lot greater?   

    I have a lv. 55 Maehwa... I do not have the best gear, but I would say it is decent gear. Currently I have a hard time in PvP, but I blame the fact that I still need to get used to all the combos, I have after all barely touched PvP on the class yet. I have chosen a few skills that I could see myself live without for now in order to get more skill points for more important skills.
    The class is indeed squishy, but it is very fun to play it... What I dislike about PvP in this game is the ranger.... It is just too easy to do massive damage, and too easy to stay away from trouble, compared to what other classes has to go through. But I believe all will get better in the future once awakenings are in place for all classes
    - Stickin' to ma Maehwa!
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  12. Aveneon added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    This one is by far my favorite!
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  13. Aveneon added a post in a topic The weakest class(from what i play)   

    Firstly, judging a class at level 33, isn't really that viable.. Sure you can somewhat tell if you like the type of gameplay, but you can in no way tell how solid the class will be later on.
    1. You challenge your lv 52 warrior friend with a lv 33, and you are amazed that you can barely sc----- him... With that level difference you will need quite a bit of accuracy to be able to sc----- him, even when he doesn't wear armor.
    2. The class has HP skills.  You can heal up with tigerblades for life steal, or with Nemesis Slash granted that you hit an enemy with it. If you spend that much pots, then you aren't playing the class correctly... You are not a tank, move for christ sake!
    I am still just getting started with PvP, and sure there are some getting used to... but I believe it is a very viable class. You are offered a wide variety of CCs, just look at the different types of CC you can get just from your basic kicks...
    I see potential in the class, and I enjoy playing the class... Sure, it is a bit squishy coming from a valk! But keep moving and you'll be fine!
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  14. Aveneon added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

  15. Aveneon added a post in a topic Happy Plum Day!   

    Shall this day forever be celebrated on the 20th April? Happy Maehwa Day!
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