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  1. Juraszka added a post in a topic Fail to Spark during Amity Minigame   

    Mevo and Ronatz after nerf, are the biggest <put here every bad word> guys in this game.
    I lost 120 energy, How?
    1 conversation Under 500 amity cost 6 energy, yeah? I had 20x fail spark interest 4-5 Times, in first or secound round. Some People will say, that is RNG... No, It isn't. Amity system is unfair. You must pay huge amount of energy and you can get nothing.
    One of players said, that this is these same like fishng or gathering, but no... By gathering you pay 1 plik of energy every Time when you will gather somethin and you will always get something. In fishing you don't need pay any energy and you always get something, sometimes something rare. Amity system suck, nothing more...
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  2. Juraszka added a post in a topic Treant Camouflage Costume in PVP   

    This suit was created for gathering, not for PvP.
    Leave hidden name, make unable to attacked by white, green and grey mobs, leave gathering bonus and the most important - make player who wearing this suit, unable to putting out weapon (something like backpack but with possibility to ride by horse and normal runing).
    this will be fair for others and this suit will be still op but impossible to use in pvp.
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  3. Juraszka added a post in a topic buy levels in pearl shop   

    WTF... Are you joking, right?
    Very weak troll...
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  4. Juraszka added a post in a topic Server transfer coupon   

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  5. Juraszka added a post in a topic make muskets 1hit ko anyone with 10 more ap than you   

    If 60lvl take off his eq, he will be able to kill eveyone too... many 45lvl will start grief high lvl players who would wait on boss.
    sory, but this is stupid idea...
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  6. Juraszka added a post in a topic too expensive ItemShop   

    I know it and do not accept such action.
    Only indicate one of the possible solutions that would eliminate goldsellers, restore trade and gift system and would make more money - and this is important because, for example WoW has a monthly subscription so that paying are Devs and fees for the server, domain, and other expenses that allow to stay BDO online.
    Pearl Abyss and Daum Games chose the one-time mandatory fee but it is not sufficient that the server is maintained despite the fact that in the first month reached 400 000 accounts, which is more than 12 000 000 $.
    1/3 of the current price would be more affordable for most players and this change would bring more profits for developers.
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  7. Juraszka added a topic in Suggestions   

    too expensive ItemShop
    The question is 'Why People risk, and buy items from goldsellers'.. Because they sold this items cheaper... Much cheaper... 25-30% of price...
    Next question is 'how to earn money again from players, who paid for playing the game?'. Decrease prices in ItemShop to 30-40% of current price.
    Last question is 'Why?'. There are 3 types of players. First group will never buy anything from ItemShop. Secound will always buy something, because They don't care about money - They have money so are ready to spend it. Last and the bigest group are these people who would like to buy some items but their salary is lower or currency exchange isn't positive.
    So PA/DG, maybe I'm said this in brutal and Simple way, but it is True. You will earn more money from ItemShop if you lower current prices, people will stop buying from goldsellers and you, Devs, could unlock gift and/or player-to-Player trade system.
    Enjoy Plum and Blader!
    P.S. Sory for English - writhing anything on Phone isn't easy
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  8. Juraszka added a post in a topic Suggestion - Guild trading/storage!   

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  9. Juraszka added a post in a topic FULL SCREEN issue, 1600-900 res. (STILL NOT FIXED)   

    Me and two other players report this issue in antoher topic: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/60376-full-screen-glitch/
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  10. Juraszka added a post in a topic Full Screen Glitch   

    I have this same problem. My native res is 1920x1080 but for higher amount of fps I'm playing on full screen 1366x768 but now, after today's patch I have small screen in center with black background.
    After some time, I deleted UserCache from Black Desert Documents and now when I set full screen, game is in small borderless window (no black background but now I see my desktop) in up-right corner...
    Full screen doesn't work right now but only in this mode I have more than 30fps.
    I have Windows 7 Pro, Intel and Nvidia GTX 860m graphic, newest drivers - before patch, everything was ok!

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  11. Juraszka added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Any news about Character Name Change Coupon? I would like to change my character so much!
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