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  1. Ticonz added a post in a topic Sorce most broken -----in shit ever !!!!   

    People are so mad cuz bad.  This is fantastic... someone pass the popcorn.  Less time on forums.  More time learning to play your class against others.
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  2. Ticonz added a post in a topic Purchased Pearls NOT showing up.   

    Same deal.
    So I have now received my daum cash back but it says im a restricted user now so I can't purchase pearls with it  
    Any help?  @GM_Dew
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  3. Ticonz added a post in a topic Daum Cash disappeared when trying to buy pearls, ended up without daum cash nor pearls!   

    Same thing happened to me today..  Paid 100 dollars for daum cash.  got the gold, tried to buy pearls.. takes gold and gives me zero pearls.  This is totally not cool.  Same thing happened when i bought cash shop items a month ago.. put in a ticket about it.. and they haven't even looked at that one yet.  Basically.. this company is stealing money from people and if you ask for refunds through paypal... they will ban you.  I understand the CS is probably swamped with tickets but shouldnt' there be some sort of tier of importance to people who are actually giving you money?
    Request #92363
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  4. Ticonz added a post in a topic The comunnity wants Player Trading   

    Please do not add player trading.. A guild bank/market where you could put up items on for your guild only would be amazing though.  
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  5. Ticonz added a post in a topic The Lag is Bad   

    I can't talk to NPC's or transfuse crystals into gear, or even pick up loot after killing mobs...
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  6. Ticonz added a post in a topic Stuttering Problem, Can't talk collect fish   

    After playing a bit more.. its a bigger problem than just fish.  Talking to any NPC will cause the problem but if you wait about a minute, it sometimes ends up talking to the NPC and sometimes it will disconnect me.  Same deal with tranfusing crystals into an item.  Anyone else other than Edict and I having this issue and know a work-around?   I have attempted to repair files but nothing is working.
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  7. Ticonz added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Stuttering Problem, Can't talk collect fish
    I woke up today after AFK fishing and I was in Velia.  Since then, when I fish, I can't grab the fish with the "r" button when I catch one.  Also, when i talk to NPC's it starts lagging to the point where it won't talk to them and my character aftwerwards requires me to constantly push WASD to even move a centimeter at a time.  Sometimes the lag from talking will actually lag my person out.  I had the same problem with the combo tutorial and after deleting the quest, it would fix it.  I dont' have the quest anymore after completing it but the problem has returned.
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  8. Ticonz added a post in a topic Black Spirits quest daily and weekly bugged?   

    I have the same problem.  hopefully there is a fix soon.  I want my daily hunter seal
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  9. Ticonz added a post in a topic Can't Open My Map and The Cash-Shop   

    I wish I knew about this before I deleted my client to reinstall it.  I will try it once I get back into the game
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  10. Ticonz added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Patch Update Broken
    I patched the client after waking up this morning and after logging in, I was not able to to click the cash shop.  I was still able click my inventory and do my skills/combos correctly but after trying to talk to any NPC, it would not let me.. as soon as I tried, it pretty much broke my client where my character would twitch and trying to move would just stutter in place.  I would also not be able to hit escape and bring up any menu options and had to close the client process in order to exit.  Any help?
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  11. Ticonz added a post in a topic [PRX] The Professionals...since 1999   

    Oh yay!  Hai PRX.  Looking forward to seeing you guys in game!  ^^
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  12. Ticonz added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.1 - Party System and Energy Changes   

    Agree 100%   The moment you allow energy potions to be sold on the market place or cash shop is the instant the pay 2 win starts to happen.
    My fear is that people will buy cash shop items, sell them on the marketplace for in game silver then use that silver to buy the energy potions to make more money for themselves to fund all the enchanting they will do on their characters.  Add the fact that energy is not account wide but by character so you can just make a bunch of characters that have their own set of energy even though the max energy increase gained by playing is account wide, not character.  This is not going to end well long term.
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  13. Ticonz added a post in a topic Top 3 biggest fears for NA/EU release   

    1)  No Ninja at launch but not really a fear more like.. just sad cuz its true. 
    2)  Increasing the potion cool down even more because people not even lvl 50 complaining about spam but have yet to fight lvl 50 wizards on mounts
    3)  Lack of auto pathing for NA/EU to increase training skill because everyone loves using scripts or key weights to manually do it.
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  14. Ticonz added a post in a topic Additional Ways to Recover Horse HP/Stamina idea   

    I personally like the system that it already has in which you can recover it at a stable or through the use of consumables. 
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  15. Ticonz added a post in a topic Accuracy as a stat in BDO   

    Not really.  Accuracy isn't on applied to levels but also towards how certain classes work... you know.. like Blader, Plum, Tamer...and I also believe Ninja and Kunoichi.  Taking away accuracy would mean you would need to redesign evasion based classes since Accuracy is used to counter high evasion?
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