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  1. Doomviper added a post in a topic <Aethereal> The casual, but serious Guild! [PvP/PvE/Node Wars/Life Skills/Social] [Recruiting for Node Wars]   

    I applied on your website Friday.  Its holiday time so realize recruitment may be shut down for time being, but i see 2 spots open, hoping still recruiting.
    haha, HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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  2. Doomviper added a post in a topic Santa event in Altinova was poorly implemented   

    no, i am providing feedback on the piss poor execution of the event.  Your reading comprehension is AIDS.
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  3. Doomviper added a post in a topic Santa event in Altinova was poorly implemented   

    hah, well they are at end of login reward event, well 1/4 chance anyway.  Just saying this Santa even was so bad someone should get fired.
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  4. Doomviper added a topic in General   

    Santa event in Altinova was poorly implemented
    very very pooorly designed event... i mean i cant even imagine how bad it is in calpheon, but altinova is the worst place to have an event like this...
    1. altinova is nearly impossible to move around except on the main roads due to the over abundance of crap preventing you from getting to spot where the package dropped... often leading it to be lost because of the absolute shit storm of crap all over the city together with snow/blizzard theme makes it near impossible to see the gift box even when within 10 meters
    2. looking up in altinova is PITA.. you cant., so you cant follow santa effectively - see #1
    3. finding the box or getting to the box to collect it, often impossible - the box even touches the side of a building, it sticks and wont drop to ground... several were impossible to even gather - on top of buildings that you cant climb or lost due to the clutter - see #1
    4. rewards suck - i mean, they suck bad for the work you have to do just to get 1, again, see 1-3 above.
    5. cant sell the crap rewards to people would even want it.. like rp'ers. - see #4 above
    recommendation: add minimap icon for the gift box - if there is one, it doesnt work and add option to sell this crap on Marketplace
    if you want to have a successful event... do us all a favor.. spend even 5 minutes planning it out, then test it, if it is stupid... doesnt work, or isnt fun or worth the effort... why implement it?   stick to login rewards.
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  5. Doomviper added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    kinda sad LOTD trying to stay under the radar and avoid pvp.  I guess they just wanna hide in corner and Life Skill... No shame in that... more guild leaders should have the courage to come out and admit their carebearish desires.
    everyone, clap for Mange.  
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  6. Doomviper added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    Dont wardec LOTD, they scared and Mange is a little girl and doesnt like pvp.  
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  7. Doomviper added a post in a topic We need (meaningful) content to be released. Game is bleeding users right now.   

    -> most games lost players after the first few months -- the content locusts play the new content and then leave and have no interest in long term progression.  It is inevitable and part of every single mmo.  all of them, without question.  -> You say the game is good, but then complain you are bored, yet new content and new classes are released quickly giving players PLENTY to do to progress.-> you bought 1 game, so you will be playing the SAME game for as long as you play.  It's BDO, thats it, thats what you bought.  What else are you expecting?  It is buy to play and you have a lifetime to play or not play for zero payments extra if you so choose.-> Daum communicates as much as they can, they are a publisher, not a developer, you knew this when you bought the game.  Daum have been awesome in there communication and follow through taking care of the playerbase when a mistake occurs that affects the community (GM bessings and such).-> edan server is not dormant, neither are the other two servers.  There are plenty of players, the difference is there are less than launch, again, this is normal for ANY GAME EVER RELEASED, EVER.-> all mmo games go through a player bleed and eventual guild / server merges as the players that enjoy the game (quite a few) stay loyal.  Those that leave, may return, or move on.  All games, ever.  There is no max exodus... i see plenty of players on all chan's. and I'm on orwen which is arguably the least populated.  All games go through this.. did i mention this?->  If you are burnt out it is your own fault.  Look away from the monitor, there is real life all around you.  Play it.  Come back when you need a diversion, this game is not designed to replace the real world, you do not live in it, it is here for entertainment.-> devs have released roadmaps of future content, are you even paying attention?-> have you maxed all life skills?  TRI gear on main and boss/pve alt?  Do you pvp?  Do you have all boss gear?  are you level 60?  ya i didnt think so.that just about clears up all your questions and concerns, have fun in game.  peace
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  8. Doomviper added a topic in General   

    what is the purpose of valencia region?
    After exploring Valencia and scratching my head a bit, i am confused what the purpose of the new area is, aside from some new nodes for collecting Black Crystals and digging for sharp/hards.  Exp from various mobs is not even remotely close to sausans.  That alone would be fine if there was some drops to earn silver in Valencia.  so far from my testing of various mobs, not many drops of gear and the vendor sell drops are basically = Mediah... 1100+ silver each.  
    Why exactly did i need to upgrade my gear to fight new mobs that give less reward/exp?
    What exactly are we doing here other than digging?  I thought we were supposed to get new regions to progress our characters...
    I mean its beautiful, but the sand is mostly empty and requires carrying too much purified water/tea.  Should be some type of immunity to stroke when you pop purified water... but i can pop it and immediately get heat stroke 4-5 times in a row right after... makes no sense.
    what are everyone elses experiences so far with Valencia?  
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  9. Doomviper added a post in a topic Was there a stealth boost to enhancement rates?   

    dude, i dont think you read a damn thing i typed in this thread.  If i get higher FS, OFC i would use those for a TRI, and switch to an alt... fkn duh.  I can't get past 15 stacks, and 15 is not enough to TRI anything.  I am not the only person seeing this.  Open your eyes and read the thread comments.  what you are saying may work in a perfect world where you have hundreds of concentrated stones... some did, very few.  while i was prepared enough to get my gear to duo, i have spent hundreds of stones trying to build up enough fail stacks to START TRI'ING gear.  I have failed.
    already said that i do this.  i have a karma alt.  Look, sky isnt falling, so fkn what i have trouble building stacks, it sucks, and im not alone.  All i am saying (multiple times), is that i want DAUM to confirm this with PA and add it to the patch notes and reduce stones required to force gear (for lower geared folks) since the enhance rate is significantly improved, and provide us with another method for building fail stacks for higher geared folks, even if that means cash shop.  NO one wants to spend 30 days grinding for stones and still not get even 25 stacks.  At 25, you can use concentrated to build higher, but that is very expensive except for the richest 1% on the server.
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  10. Doomviper added a post in a topic Was there a stealth boost to enhancement rates?   

    funny thing is i am doing exactly this.  Problem is i cant get to 15.  All my gear is duo, so i need higher stacks to attempt tri... tri isnt going to happen at 15 stacks... get it?  concentrated stones are not abundant enough to fail stack off anyway, and super expensive method - though worth if they were abundantly available at max price, but they are not.  
    All i want is for daum to investigate with PA to confirm enchant rates for gear was improved significantly and if so, they need to be honest with us as to how we should build fail stacks.  also, adjust the # of stones required to force, since it is obvious that 29/31 stones to force is just absurdly high (i have NEVER had to go about 23 to get a +15 and even that was super rare.  
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  11. Doomviper added a post in a topic More Bundles for the rich   

    haha, rng not good for me on bosses... never got a liverto once and i have been camping them daily.  Had to get lucky buying one on market, but i got it.
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  12. Doomviper added a post in a topic Was there a stealth boost to enhancement rates?   

    ya that could be it, i have always had good luck enhancing, but not THIS good.  My account would have a significant boost to enhancing.. like 5% per stack or something? but it is not like i am willing to test that luck out on a liverto... not even going to attempt tri unless i have max 35 stacks.
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  13. Doomviper added a post in a topic Gear Difference-Daum how will people ever catch up?   

    catching up as in what? be equal to someone that started before you and put in more work?  this is not WoW.  game was designed for there to be imbalances in gear/level/stats.  Doesnt mean you still cannot progress... its easier for you to get closer to them due to diminishing returns and rng/cost.  
    Some people saved up 50/100 stones ready for valencia and rng they didnt even get tri.  Some didnt prepare at all and they have nothing... so ya thats what they get for no prep work.  Sharp/hards were sitting there in reach of everyone on market... 100 of each day before valencia patch.  Obviously some folks made a decision for quick profit and sold them instead of saving.  
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  14. Doomviper added a post in a topic Was there a stealth boost to enhancement rates?   

    that wastes more stones getting back 1-14.  and since everyone is failstacking the market is flooded with +15 gear, so after taxes there is little profit.. if it even sells.  I have a negative alt for reducing +15 back to +14.  Where i lose more money is getting to +10, +15 stacks, then max enhancing... i just lost 7m silver.  rinse repeat a few times and the loss adds up to serious money that will take a long time to regain, to start again and likely fail (at failing...lol)
    Seeing comments above, seems i am not alone, so there appears to be a trend.  I would just like clarity from Daum why this wasnt in the patch notes and what they expect us to do to build stacks to upgrade gear to pri/duo/tri and beyond.  again, not looking for them to make it easy, but right now it is damn near impossible.
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