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  1. Someone added a post in a topic ATTENDANCE rewards last week so much effort?! LUL   

    And not to mention that in KR these days are labeled as "bonus" days, and has the exact same things. The event is over, but to be nice they added a little extra.
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  2. Someone added a post in a topic Summoning people that fish a lot !   

    There is/was yeah, it completed the fishing game for you, so people using the bot was earning a lot of money, since it pretty much just was active fishing while afk.
    It has even been linked on these very forums plenty of times in the past.
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  3. Someone added a post in a topic Summoning people that fish a lot !   

    I think a lot of the fishing botters were banned, would explain the sudden lack of relics.
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  4. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Yeah exactly, thats from their Premium server( Subscription model ), it has no cash shop. ^^
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  5. Someone added a post in a topic Value Pack not working   

    I will explain the super simple way.
    720 000 - 35% Tax = 468 000
    You click recieve: + 30%
    What you get in your bank: 608,400
    The bonus amount will not be shown in your market place ever, but when you click receive and see how much you get, you should have gotten the amount stated above
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  6. Someone added a post in a topic WTB [Ninja] Narusawa Premium outfit max price please   

    Like just out of curiousity, why on earth do you feel the need to say max price? Seeing almost no one sell outfits below max as they sell instantly no matter what, not to mention how cheap they actually are.
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  7. Someone added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    "Dodging" We do go for fights, and you are apparently not even aware what dodging even means.
    And if you were a little more aware, we are not on the same level as say Addicted or enemy, we have several people at around 440 combined, we can't compete against that. The gear gap is actually huge, and if you are gonna say that doesn't matter, don't kid yourself.
    We don't just go to a siege to win it, we do it for the fight, but also it's not as fun when you have absolutely 0 chance of winning without help.
    If we only did it to win a territory we would be in potato fields right now.

    And for Addicted Heedun have said all along we are up for going with several guilds to take them out.
    But what is the point in just bashing our heads in a brick wall alone? When we are not on par, I doubt we could even turtle against Addicted.
    (This is personal opinion)
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  8. Someone added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    Can you people stop misinforming people with linking this stuff? THIS IS NOT IN KR, it's on premium russians servers, their Subscription server that does not have a pearl shop at all, costumes, resets etc are all from ingame vendor.
    Please just stop, it's pretty bad spreading rumors for no reason.
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  9. Someone added a post in a topic I may be the worst wiz in the entire history   

    Even with your fix it is still wrong, it's still 100% accurate that wizards were clearing faster than everyone apart from ranger.
    Even when Valencia came. *Gasp*
    Stop the BS please. I have played classes that was grinding half the speed of witchards. I know fully how good they were, and I've played one myself, I again know the difference. you apparently don't. Try giving the other classes unawakened a whirl for grinding and see how efficient you can be.
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  10. Someone added a post in a topic I may be the worst wiz in the entire history   

    Slowest clearing speed unawakened? what are you on about, Wizard and Witch was literally the best class for grinding after Ranger.
    Please do not feed people false propaganda on how "bad" witchards had it pre awakening. ^^
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  11. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Yeah I completely understand that people can't or wont, I used to do it lots cause I was selling horses to people and they wanted good ones, so they rather send me some resets and stuff than a chance of getting a potato, seeing it can cost a lot to reroll a T8 with only 12-14 skills.
    I haven't bought anything new, not even breed resets now that they changed the market for my last horses.
    Though I've mostly quit horses in general, I do processing now for the most part, while leveling some horses to 10 and selling them off, and when I need "quick" cash I level a T8 and for females breed them, and males sell the breeds and then the horse. ^^ 
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  12. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    There's always RNG involved, but I have a huge quantity to look at personally, as I've been doing horses since day 1, and they have been running a minimum of 10 hours a day for a year. guessing average is around 18-19 hours a day of AFK running horses, the rest is playing the game on average.
    And overall my wagon horses have been a lot more stupid than the ones I've single rode, not speaking of every single horses, I am speaking of the overall average.
    So what I am saying is that overall, I can most likely promise you if you lump together all the wagon horses thats been leveled in this game, and lump together the ones thats been ridden solo, the ones that's been ridden solo will be smarter, not by a HUGE margin, but they will be smarter.
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  13. Someone added a post in a topic New classes should come with this...   

    Now you suddenly start speaking about 61, you wanted 500% exp for anyone that has a 57.
    And you don't need 61, 60 is enough for the most part, and it takes a couple of weeks of "it has no life", or a month or so with kinda normal play.
    Honestly though I doubt you even are 61 or maybe not even 60.
    But yeah obviously you are the all mightly, all knowing special snowflake that require all the things.
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  14. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Well 14 at 26 is a good number though, I wish you luck that he gets a couple of more. ^^
    I always get baffled by seeing a horse learn S:Sideways on it's own though, usually takes soooooo many tokens to get it.
    It's not proven in any shape or form, but I feel the same, I feel most horses that are purely leveled on wagon turn into potatoes, I used to swear to wagon training, but after just leveling a few horses solo it was a huge increase for me, so I never turned back, unless leveling T6's as I really didn't care if they became potatoes.
    But I am guessing it feels that way since the costumes etc doesn't count while on a wagon. But this is purely speculation.
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  15. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Also for that DLZ as you call it, rerolls help with that, the usual culpirit that the horse stops learning is that it has only the good skills left to learn.
    So if you start rerolling Forechop/Hindkick at that point it should continue learning, this is of course p2w and not everyone can do it.
    But can tell after 15 being the lowest skills I've ever had on a T8 with this method going through 30+ of them, I'd swear to it.
    Ohh noes, not the horse God  You must start giving more carrots to your horses immediately, to show all mighty RNGorsie that you are trying to make it better.

    Sidenote, I angered RNGesus, when I finally thought my RNG was gonna get to average, life as we know it got turned upside down, started working on the Dande for the DK, first I got 110 stacks, decided to start on a new one, and succeeded with the new one at 104 stacks, a total of 21 attempts for TET(not to speak about how many DUO and TRI attempts was needed), used around 500 sharps total for that weap, meaning around 5000 mem frags. My soul still isn't over it.
    So I am now back to being way below average with enchanting.

    But Hey, I started leveling one of my backup T8's cause I was starting to get desperate for money when I was failing the attempts so I thought I'd level her and just sell her off for "quick" cash, and I just saw the most beautiful thing happen again.

    She got S:Sideways by herself when she dinged.
    Also got S: Instant, drift and sprint all by herself.
    Most likely keeping her as I already sold off my backup courser a few days before cause I also got desperate for money. (Failing enchants is hard ;()
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