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  1. Someone added a post in a topic Anyone else thinkthe dk awakening is...   

    I'd go 2, but I'd need to do more testing to say for sure.
    It really depends on what other accessories you got as well.
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  2. Someone added a post in a topic Anyone else thinkthe dk awakening is...   

    Accuracy is a huge issue for DK, you should at minimum use RCE.
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  3. Someone added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    Ohh ohh darnit, I managed to post my pics in the wrong forum apparently.
    Ahh well I'll post here too then. 
    Pretty happy with both iterations of my DK so why not flaunt it a little.
    Ebony and Ivory pretty much, I don't do middle ground apparently so.

     And a little GIF cause it's fun.
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  4. Someone added a post in a topic Post pics of your character!   

    So I kinda made 2 presets I swap between on my DK, SO decided to share both here too since I did another dump of all my other chars a while back.
    It's the same one just with slight alterations with makeup, as I am very happy with how it turned out in general.

    and  GIF cause fun.

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  5. Someone added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Made a white version of my DK.

    Ohh wow playing with the modes in the screenshot thing.
    Did not know our weapons were so glowy.

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  6. Someone added a post in a topic It's official, we got our buffs!   

    226/228/305, with both Yellow Sharp Protection and Destruction alch stones. missing TRI ogre, but I swap gear in different circumstances, even got full accuracy gear for the evasion stackers, don't have nouver or any AP offhand anymore though as I found it redundant, might get it back now with the upcoming DP changes as both AP and DR DP will increase in value.

    I don't have that huge problems with lower geared witches, but for the good geared ones they have pretty much been counters for us since the beginning, same with wizard and tamer. But other classes I have no real issues with. Zerks are even nearly a non factor at this point.
    But every class has their brick walls.
    Can easily one combo zerkers, and that is a feat in itself.
    Again though I do not count any people with ~10 or less of my GS, it's no feat to beat people lesser geared.
    But overall I still have lots of fun, and I've been wrecking faces in OW forever, 1v1 and 1vX is extremely satisfying as a Kuno.
    And cause of that I will never fully reroll.
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  7. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Spring cleaning  

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  8. Someone added a post in a topic It's official, we got our buffs!   

    Yeah can understand that, cause of my horse breeding I've been able to completely deck the DK with what I need, even have the shark costume.
    Though I do not intend to fully reroll DK, I will most likely end up using it for sieges and nodewars and the kuno for small scale OW pvp.

    I don't think Kuno is completely horrible right now, I have had a lot of fun since the buff came, we still got tons of issues/bugs, but I can finally melt just about anyone even on my own gear level, I am an exception though as I am very geared, I really can't tell how it is on lower gear levels.
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  9. Someone added a post in a topic Problems with Legend of Florin event quest   

    Step 1: Pick up the quest.
    Step 2: Wait at the entrance of Florin
    Step 3: PK person that has the golden egg, pick it up
    Step 4: Deliver the quest, time saved.
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  10. Someone added a post in a topic Problems with Legend of Florin event quest   

    For me the quest did not work for my Dark Knight at all, did not get it from the black spirit, but relogged to my Kunoichi got the quest, relogged back to the DK, thinking well now it should work, delivered it in florin, and did not get a followup, had to run there and do it on my Kunoichi instead, either there is prequests that needs to be done in general(My Kuno has done everything before mediah content), or DK is just bugged with the quest.
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  11. Someone added a post in a topic It's official, we got our buffs!   

    Just join the dark side with me.

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  12. Someone added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    New outfit <3

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  13. Someone added a post in a topic Do you think Shais will ever be playable?   

    Only reason she won the popularity contest is cause of her location as a general vendor and all the gifts she's given us with the events.
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  14. Someone added a post in a topic Level a LVL 51 DK or keep leveling a LVL 60 Kuno   

    Really lightening, stop making new posts every day about how bad Kuno is, we will get some buff eventually, there's no need to try to make more and more forum drama.
    It is just not worth anyone's time, and you are completely biased too.
    Yes wizards/witches are OP, DK's  are not as OP but they survive more therefore they have a higher KD ratio, thanks to iframes.

    It was pretty clear you had no intentions on going on the DK either, you are just crying for attention at this point.

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  15. Someone added a post in a topic Pet skills   

    Tier 1-2: 1 skill
    Tier 3 : 2 skills
    Tier 4: 3 skills
    No bug, this is how it's always been since they added it.
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  16. Someone added a post in a topic 2 days fighting bosses for no loot   

    This is not true though, I am way above 530 GS, and I barely get boss loot ever, I am lucky if I get one decent item a week, and I rarely get liverto's/AWK boxes.
    This used to be true in the beginning of the game, but they changed the system to pure RNG.
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  17. Someone added a post in a topic Things were better without pearl gifting   

    Exactly as others have said, why do it?
    Those items people are WTS X item for pearls, just put a preorder on that exact item, not like you have to pay pearls for it, if you have a high enough preorder that item is your if it goes to pre.
    And for the horses, you wont get one anyways, so no need to pay a guy for a chance, he will put that horse up no matter what, so you can try to snipe that as well.
    Us that actually sold horses for pearls for whatever reason is mostly gone with the new market changes, and a lot that mostly did it to sell to friends.
    I only sold for pearls since I used around the same amount of pearls to make the horses good. And that also made the silver value become bearable, as it usually is not even worth it over AFK fishing.
    Me personally have gone over to processing like everyone else now. 
    But yeah, don't fall for people selling X item for pearls is the general idea, these items will be put up anyways, and you'll have your chance like everyone else.
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  18. Someone added a post in a topic Egg Event Crowding Out Hard/Sharp Drops and possibly relic shards as well.,   

    For a lot of the events I disagree, but for once I actually do agree with this one. As I've done 5-6 full rounds with 260 energy on Artisan 9, without actually getting a single sharp or hard.
    I've had bad rounds before, but nothing like this.
    Edit: After the small patch that came in I started getting again, so either it was changed or just a really bad round of RNG
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  19. Someone added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Ohh thank you, you make so much sense, I shall remember this when I can't even catch up to any witchard, but then again all we other classes should just step to the side in sieges and let the witchards duke it out, we can make picnic outside the castle while we watch our master race fight.
    It shall be lovely having picnics for half a year more.

    Also, when does Kuno's get to shine? Are we next senpai?
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  20. Someone added a post in a topic Which class should i play at 56 ?   

    Sadly, I would say none if your intention is to PVP with them, as most people you'll meet in PVP circumstances are 59+, and the differences between levels are actually quite significant.
    I'd rather try to focus on one class you like to play and level it up.
    And not care too much about pvp until you get there, getting 58-59 does not take that much time if you just do the daily 200% buff as much as you can.
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  21. Someone added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    Ninja, has more damage, better damage scaling, 2 grabs and 2 iframes, please do not say that Kuno's are just like ninja's.
    We are vastly different in playstyle and viability, not saying both don't have issues though, we do, but Kuno is way worse off.
    Ninja can/could go full evasion and still kill people in a couple abilities, while being immortal, if a Kuno did the same you'd see a tiny little fly trying to do some damage.

    A Kuno before this buff couldn't even properly combo for shit. Our awakening was garbage, apart from being able to keep SA/Block up.
    Now we can do more combo's thanks to the buffs, but we are still not even slightly the similar.

    Of course both can do plays though.
    But if you tried playing any of them in large scale you'd end up taking a gun and blowing your brains out most likely.
    (Worth mentioning, in NA's weird AP meta a kuno can to tons more than the evasion/acc meta thats been in EU for the longest time.)
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  22. Someone added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    @Korvgubben @Slasher
    205 AP, no accuracy, around 320 DP

    To clearify since people like to think they know stuff that's not even true, he does not V, he does not use PA before he got up from the zerks grab right before he ulted.
    But anyways you'll see how broken they are.
    And no the other players are not mansha's they are properly geared aswell most of the ones in this video.
    And I am honestly amazed that Lemon is still going at it, even after it's been pretty much shown that tamers aren't in that bad of a position.
    Who the F gives a F about tamer? we all know they are pretty good, there are other classes that needs more attention, that can't do half the things tamer can.
    But ohh wait, all tamers are just that good, no other classes have a playerbase that can play nearly as good as tamers or try nearly as hard as them. <3
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  23. Someone added a post in a topic second new class concept   

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  24. Someone added a post in a topic Share your Horse!   

    Never saw this thread before, sooo here's my champion named Carp

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