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  1. Someone added a post in a topic Kunoichis finally getting SOME love! [KR]   

    I do think they should buff it somewhat, at least give us an iframe or super armor for a couple of seconds when going into stealth, and maybe a longer teleport so it can be properly used without random derps just knocking you out in mass pvp.
    And it wont be massively OP in any way.

    And of course it's still retarded that pets see you, but ohh well, at least with this proposed change it would make it more managable as you wont just get CC'd since they see exactly where you are, you'll most likely be able to get away in time.
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  2. Someone added a post in a topic Limted "Ranged" Classes?   

    It's still a mix, and with them doing that primary weapon revamp it will be mostly melee
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  3. Someone added a post in a topic Item Collection Increase Scrolls in Party   

    He is asking about the item collection scroll, the scroll that you get with the 90 day value pack to get 50% more trash loot.

    But for the topic, I believe it is if you kill the mobs the scroll is in effect. Not who loots it. But I can't say for sure, cause nothing is confirmed in this game. 
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  4. Someone added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    And I am guessing most of them are either cats, dogs or birds? ^^
    Still don't believe anyone has gotten a T4 from tier 1's, but who knows.
    And yeah true about the penguins, even my T2 penguin has combat exp, just overlooked them completely as they can't be bought. ^^
    and +1 for song  Even though I only spent 3500 for mine
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  5. Someone added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    mneh, I have 7/8 Tier 8's with Combat exp, 5/8 with Karma Req, 2/8 with luck.
    I guess if you really think you wont get it while attempting, but I feel like the newer pets have a high chance on the so called good skills.
    IE, Desert Fox, Halloween pets, the new birds, panda, and this bunny. Maybe more that I've missed, thats just from what I've observed others getting on these pets, I see less good skills on cats, dogs and the like.
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  6. Someone added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    I honestly think thats tinfoil.
    I've got 8x Tier 4's right now. (don't ask) and I know loads of people that has not been that much more unlucky.

    I even bought 2 halloween bundles, and I got 3/3 T4's from my attempts, I don't think there was any massive nerf. But RNG can be a cruel mistress as I've stated. But most people do get them pretty easily, I'd say there is at least a 50% chance.
    But just like jewelry you can end up failing 5 times in a row.
    I also tried my first T4 attempts around that time, I failed 3 times in a row in the beginning of the game, and didn't touch them again until around summertime where I got my first.
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  7. Someone added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    You can only get T4 by smashing 2x T3's or a T3+T2
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  8. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I am totally getting that barding, if my T8 white could think he would hate me for that, but gonna be fun to see how the other tiers look in it too, and how their names and stuff will be ^^
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  9. Someone added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    Most of my T4's are from T3+T2, I don't personally think there is huge difference, and I also think level 10 does nothing, everytime I did level tier 1 pets to 10 I got tier 2's out of it. So I am thinking the difference is minimal if any, since I have a good record of T3's from smashing level 1's together.
    And no they cannot downgrade  not even with T3+T2.
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  10. Someone added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    If you took a moment and just read through the horse thread, it's pretty much confirmed that the numbers are not correct.
    And you gotta on top of that calculate in colortheory as well.
    The numbers from the calculator does not come from pearl abyss, they loosely came from the russian calculator. Which again did not come from pearl abyss.

    I don't lie. But you are very cute to imply that I do. ^^
    @Leuphe answered most of the other "issues". 
    I will now let you continue on your rampage, I am really not phased, so I cba giving you any more time. ^^
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  11. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    @Aastrid Tsk tsk, you know you've been super lucky when it comes to your gear, being able to actually snipe it off the market, do I need to mention the TET <3
    On another note, feels very very weird not breeding atm.
    Looking at my horse and getting weird feelings doing this.

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  12. Someone added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

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  13. Someone added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    Ahaha, I could not help myself. I had to try. RIP MONEY.

    First attempt though, so it could have been worse.
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  14. Someone added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    RNG can be a cruel mistress is all I can say, for the halloween bundles like 10+ people in my guild was buying the, most people got 3x out of 3 bundles.
    I personally got 3x from 2 bundles.
    Though there was a guildie with as bad luck as you as well.
    But I completely understand it sucks when it costs that much, but on average a T4 usually ends up costing a pretty penny.
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  15. Someone added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    How about treating horse breeders with some respect?
    Why on earth should horsebreeders continue breeding when aholes like you can get their horse?
    I am a full TET armor/weap and TRI accessory horse breeder that has even been below average on luck when it comes to enchanting, I grind more than most, like my money from actual horse sales have been nothing compared.
    Ohh and I forgot to mention I enchanted everything myself, didn't buy any pre enchanted stuff.
    That arguement that horsebreeders get things from the other people in the community is so BS, most of us do actually do other things too.
    Pretty much my only income has been grinding, while my peers have flown past me with their AFK processing.
    You think that is fun? you think it's worth it? Really is not.
    I only bred horses to give to guildies and friends, however I did charge pearls even there, cause people opted to having me reroll their horses while leveling up to ensure that they don't get potatoes.

    Pretty much everyone I know wanted a courser, or at minimum one with all the speed skills + charge. So yes people very much only cares for good horses, in the begining when I was selling T8's people didn't even want them cause they weren't perfect(before I started rerolling).
    And this way was mutually beneficial, I got a better value of my horses as they mostly had all the good skills, and sold for around 200m the last months, and they got horses they did not have to cash out 100eur+ on to reroll. (I sold horses for roughly the cost of what I used myself on pearls, sometimes less)
    And to do this, I have to check on the horses every couple of hours to check if they learned X skill and see if I have to reroll them again.
    I probably would've quit horse breeding a long time ago if it wasn't for the pearl trading, as getting around 60-70m a week on average, this is if you sold a T8 in the mix while breeding, is really not worth it, and if you don't use pearls for resets that weekly is gonna be even lower since you wont get enough T8's to continue every breed with a T8, so you'd probably be at around 30-40m a week selling horses after taxes on average.
    While you can easily get 200m+ on processing every week. Do you not see why horsebreeders don't wanna sell their horses to random person X? Or that they want pearls for it? And not much investments need to be done there, you even earn more from fishing, again no effort what so ever.
    It takes roughly 9-10 days to level up a set of horses to breed. And this is for someone that can run horses nearly constantly, not affected by any loadingscreens from the game that interrupts horserunning, or someone PK's the trainer etc.
    And with that you get 2 chances on new horses, and with what a 20% chance on T8, you think that will happen often?
    What happens most of the time is that you level up say a T8 male and 2 T7 females as the best case you can do most of the time. You do 2 breeds as you aren't using pearls, and you get 2 T6 females as per usual, and you pretty much lost the profit you could've made on the next time around.
    TLDR; Horsebreeding is pointless now, and I am happily boycotting the "community" with quitting breeding for good. 
    And Harow, please just stop with throwing BS at horsebreeders it's really getting old, though if you want, I can tear you a new one ingame. ^^
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  16. Someone added a post in a topic Flying Mounts   

    All expansions are free in BDO.
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  17. Someone added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    You do know that he is only on Russian Premium, aka subscription servers right?
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  18. Someone added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    You are aware that the breeding rate they added in KR will most likely NEVER come here cause of many factors.
    First of all, it destroyed horse breeding, theres even less money in it right now in KR, there's no reason for anyone to buy resets or anything of the sorts, so Kakao is losing out on a lot of money.
    I do think we'll get one of the breeding rates inbetween, but I highly doubt we'll get the KR rate, as it literally broke both pearl sales(resets etc), and it broke horse breeding since nobody wants to buy any horse that's not perfect.
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  19. Someone added a post in a topic Pop in and Draw Distance   

    I personally noticed a HUGE difference in popins when I went to an M.2 SSD over a normal one.
    It seems to be the running theme. Everyone I know thath as M.2's stuggle a lot less with popins in general, I have to squint to see it at this point.
    Everyone here needs to keep in mind, there is a HUGE difference between and SSD and a proper M.2 SSD.
    We are speaking a normal SSD can be at around 500ish read/write while the M.2's are usually 1700-3200 read, and around 1500-2000 write.
    6 times faster than a regular SSD.
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  20. Someone added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    Leuphe has a point, I see a lot more spam for people wanting pearls for kutum/kzarka etc etc. than I see horses.
    And I think the people that already were spamming in server will continue to do so regardless.
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  21. Someone added a post in a topic Kutum vs Nouver for PVE?   

    Out of the two, Kutum
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  22. Someone added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    I don't think they changed the market for anything that's going on right now.
    And I also think we are a majority that mainly sold to guild and friends, the ones shouting in world and stuff is of course harder to ignore and the memory sticks.

    But I do think the real reason this is implemented is cause of the tier 9's, I can promise you people would be able to sell them for pretty ridiculus amounts outside of the game.
    So PA/Kakao wouldn't even earn money from that.
    This does not 100% remove this issue for T9's, as the price alone makes it safer to sell this way, but it's a step in the right direction.
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  23. Someone added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    Haha good luck actually trying to snipe horses.
    I am pretty happy with this change though, been having my queue on horses low in case it would happen since it was added to the KR version.
    And I decided a week ago I was only gonna sell 1 more horse, and I was on point.
    But yeah, now you people that have been treating horse trainers badly, and not even close to realize how much of a pain it is to get a T8 can try to get them.
    I'll see you in a couple of days when you realize it will be like sniping a valuepack. 
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  24. Someone added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    I would not go for that one as it has very very little space, you gotta remember how big the game is, and OS needs space too, I'd go with a minimum of a 250g, but preferably 500g, as I've found 250g a little small concidering I end up putting every game I play actively on SSD's.
    Here's a good option.
    Though there was a sale on the type you linked with more space as well if you prefer corsair.
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  25. Someone added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    There is your issue though, the M.2 SSD's is a lifechanger in this game. I went from a pretty decent PC aswell when I upgraded my system, and it was literal night and day when it came to popins etc.
    I rarely see any popins what so ever, even when I double instant around on my T8.

    The SSD you say you have around 500 read/write.
    While mine has up to 3200/1800MB/s read/write.
    Also Samsung Evo that others have stated they also have.
    Even if that is the crucial M.2, they have really low read/write compared.
    But yes, for me and my SO, the M.2 changed BDO forever, and even several of my guildies just upgraded to M.2's and saw massive improvements in the game.
    If anything needs to be prioritized it's an M.2, Just having a normal SSD won't do much.As stated above, use some money on getting a M.2 SSD. It's truly night and day, if money is an issue you should rather just go down to a 1070 and rather get a good M.2 for the money "saved".
    As stated above, use some money on getting a M.2 SSD. It's truly night and day, if money is an issue you should rather just go down to a 1070 and rather get a good M.2 for the money "saved".
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