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  1. Someone added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    Horse breeders did not start this though at all, random people started offering, I got offers before I even considered doing anything like that, I even got offers for real money before pearl gifting came, though I did not do that.
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  2. Someone added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    Yep, pretty much. And with the upcoming patch it will be even harder. I know a lot of breeders like myself is quitting completely with horse breeding.
    I've sold 30 T8's. I've P2W'ed all the way. And it was only worth it for me since I was selling to friends and guildies that would pay for the rerolls I use to make perfect T8's, and the resets I use to keep getting T8's in general.

    Now with the patch incoming I don't see the point in it anymore, if I can't provide people I know with good horses I don't see the fun with it anymore, so I am out.

    (For the people that don't know, in KR there is a 10 minute registration queue on horses, and a serverwide notification when a T8 or T9 has been put on the market, so it will be very very hard to get one when that patch hits)
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  3. Someone added a post in a topic Tier 8 horse   

    Exactly what Aastrid is saying, I don't think you will get any white ones without having to pay a good chunk of pearls for it.
    Whites are pretty rare and in high demand, and with how little horse breeding is worth compared to afk processing or even fishing, it's not even worthwhile without pearl exchanges.
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  4. Someone added a post in a topic PvP 2017 Tier vote   

    Ninja > Tamer > Warrior > Witch/Wiz > Kunoichi > Berserker > Ranger > Valk > Sorc > Musa > Maehwa
    Wizard = Witch > Warrior = Sorc > Valk = Berserker = Ninja > Maehwa = Musa > Ranger > Tamer > Kunoichi

    Same as you though I am not taking into account DK.
    This is my personal view from being in a top tier guild with regular node and siege wars.
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  5. Someone added a post in a topic PvP 2017 Tier vote   

    Added it, just forgot, they are such mythical creatures ;D
    I really don't get why you rank ninja so low, most 1v1 tournaments are won by them.
    Anyhow you also forgot something, tamer is nowhere to be found ;D
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  6. Someone added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    It was only cause of the protective area right?
    Also worth noting, these are not just random "plebs", a lot of these as far as we know are geared and skilled players.
    Also somewhat DP builds work for a lot of classes. When I say DP I mean evasion.
    But those who excel at it is Wizards, Witches and Ninja's, as they got high enough damage with lower AP's to F up anyone in a few abilities, while others might have to do either very long combo's or in several combo's, which usually isn't that viable in sieges/node wars.
    Ninja has their place in sieges, and they are amongst the OP I would dare say, no you cannot run into the mainforce but in smaller groups like a dagger team you do wonders.
    The disruption you can do is incredible.
    And you can have super low AP and go full out evasion and still melt people in a split second.
    Ninja's also do great works as either cannoneers that can actually defend themselves or as scouts.
    And never underestimate stealth either.
    @Tryldom used your vid 
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  7. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I love horses. I think I've had the best time ever now that I am quitting with breeding, while I was breeding my last ones I leveled a T7 female to breed with the last T8.
    And this happened

    And no I don't do rerolls on T7's, this one made itself, it was only level 25.
    Then I started on leveling the horse I am gonna use for pegasus, and this happened with only 3 rerolls used <3
    It's a nice goodbye to breeding at least ^^

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  8. Someone added a post in a topic Which Servers are Trashcans?   

    Try clearing your cache, you probably used X channel a lot, had this issue a bunch in the beginning, our main channels started lagging a lot, but just doing a little spring cleaning helped.
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  9. Someone added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    It really does not, if it does it's not noticable at all.
    Also did we talk about pet skils?

    Sorry for slow answer, they are all 2.5 unless they aren't level 10, if your panda is level 8 or 9 it is at 2.8S
    I have 7 different types of T4's, they are all at 2.5

    Bird, Cat, Dog, Panda, Cerberus, Ghost and the witch cat.
    Are you joking? These games are competative FPS games. That has nothing to do with MMO's, you can't compare them at all.
    You can't have p2w aspects in actual Esport games.
    However an MMO will NEVER be an Esport.
    Even the beloved WoW is slightly p2w, with it's bought level what is it now 95, that you can sell subscriptions etc. Not to mention you can literally buy the best gear in that game with gold as well.
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  10. Someone added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    I am overwhelmed by all this information.
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  11. Someone added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    If I am at sausans unless I stand around and wait even with my pets a lot gets left behind.
    But my point is that all these gear upgrades will be worth nothing unless you got pets that can deal with it, getting the same amount as you got at 160 AP at 200AP for example(just randomly throwing numbers out there), makes all those gear upgrades you might have worked hard for not actually feel rewarding at all, but that's my point of view.

    I do ofcourse agree this is highly P2W. But I'll stay by mine and say it's pretty mandatory, I had such a huge increase in general. At pirates for example there was a flat 30% increase of bandana's when they buffed the T4 pets to pick up faster and have a longer range.
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  12. Someone added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    At lower gear levels you can easily just go with T1-T3, you wont kill fast enough for T4's to be efficient. But I would say they are near mandatory when you start clearing way too fast for your pets to pick up everything and you start leaving too much loot behind.
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  13. Someone added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Not true at all, Dog at T4 is at 2.5, all T4's are at 2.5, and then they pick up a lot faster(they run to the mobs faster) and have a lot longer range than any T1-T3

    Just going from the normal T4's to the buffed T4's gave me around 30% more loot, not even joking.
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  14. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    No secret, I start rerolling at around 9-10 skills regardless of level, that lowest skills I've had on a horse so far is that one while I've been rerolling. S kicks and several of the other skills doesn't have as high chance as fore chop and hind kick. The key is to get many skills to begin with. If that horse has 12 skills and is missing that much I'd start right away if this is how you wanna do it.
    This horse here was pretty potato, so ended up using around 15 coupons total to make it a courser. Still way less than I would've if I left it to faith and tried after it was 30 though.
    Usually spend less.
    Didn't see this one, but yeah no point in rerolling anything else than Fore chop, I sometimes reroll hindkick too though when I feel like it(very rarely). But look at it this way aslong as the horse has a skill equal to every second level, say it has more than 10 skills at level 20 is great.
    So no need to worry yet ^^
    Good luck
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  15. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Don't hurt the potatoes feelings!  They all got a tiny bit of potential in them
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  16. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I said it can! Also I know you don't do rerolls on them, thats kinda needed sadly
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  17. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I can also confirm you can sell branded horses, I've sold several of them so far, and sold branded equipment too.
    They do lose the brand though, so your buyer will have to rebrand if he for some reason want it.
    And don't give up on horses just cause they are potatoes. It can always turn around.

    This turned into

    Full courser status now.
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  18. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    That turned fast haha. Grats hun!
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  19. Someone added a post in a topic Someone buy my stuff   

    Haha sorry to disappoint, got bored of that quite some years ago. 
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  20. Someone added a post in a topic Someone buy my stuff   

    Should maybe relist that manos so you can actually maybe sell it
    And for the other jewelry, take it off, smash it, make some failstacks for yourself.
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  21. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I have a friend that had a white tier 8 with 8 skills total.
    But the part of higher tier horses having a higher chance of learning skills is totally true, that's even been in the ingame tips.
    There's no max or min limit though, so you can get a godlike horse like my T8E or you can have a T8 with 7 skills.

    This game is just pure RNG all over the place. 
    This is just random reposting of pics I've posted before but they are relevant.

    Here's my T8E, He's literally the smartest horse I've had to date, and I've done 2 rerolls on him.
    Most my horses I usually end up using around 8 coupons on to nudge to get the right skills while leveling. Getting 16+ on average.
    Right now I am working on a horse that is not cooperating even with coupons, again which I just look at as RNG, cause it was bound to happen, getting only horses with 15+ for Pures and 16+ for non pures was a little on the good side even for using coupons.
    My base right now is 25ish horses in total that I've leveled and sold at level 30. Minimum skills was 12 or 13 I believe, which was one I had on a wagon, which I will never do again cause I think wagons are cursed, and that they don't calculate correctly.
    Other than that horse all of them have been at 15/16+ as stated.
    But yeah heere's a picture of the current horse I am working on that is not cooperating.

    This is the first time I've experienced a horse learning S:Sideways by itself though.

    For how the skills work, there's pretty much tiers of skills, from easy to learn and hard to learn, so technically some skills have a higher % of getting learned than others. which is why some trainers experience stopping getting skills at a certain point. Since their trainers don't use coupons and the horse only is lacking the good skills, this is pretty much a proven fact as it's what we see again and again on all horses.
    Sidenote: Toomanyvaginas gave me a T8! :D:D (the horse I recently bought off the market with the weirdest name)

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  22. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I am speechless, there is apparently people in this game even worse with names than me. I just bought this "beauty" off the market.

    Why thank you for that name 
    When I used to level horses on wagons, they used to become vastly different, never had any true carbon copy to another.
    Most the times on wagons as well as single, they learn skills individually, there's been no set pattern to anything, apart from one time I had 2 horses with the same exact speed, but not same skills.

    You gotta keep in mind, RNG = anything can happen, literally anything, you cannot calculate RNG properly.
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  23. Someone added a post in a topic 12 Fails at TRI.....   

    Don't worry, I have no bill to look at
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  24. Someone added a post in a topic 12 Fails at TRI.....   

    You gotta realize this is quite common, and not take the game too seriously, I personally had issues with my muskans to TRI the last time I failed TET on them, leaving me with going from 25-31 stacks to 8x 44-57 stacks. No idea how many attempts I used, as I don't count, counting makes things a whole lot worse instantly.
    Not to mention at one point the DUO's alone gave me those 25-31 stacks to begin with

    This can happen, just gotta fight through it, eventually it gets better for us non RNG carried people.
    + Those stacks you do get can be used for wonderful things down the line.
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  25. Someone added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Yeah if it's a horse you intend on keeping I for sure would use rerolls while it levels up to make sure it gets at least 15 skills.
    Don't thin anyone is meant to get a T9 anytime this century though.  The mats are just wow.
    Sent the message again.  It even said "message sent" when I sent the first one.
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