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  1. Crotaro added a post in a topic [Croxus] Open-for-all RP Discord!   

    Oh the other invite wasn't infinite use/time? There you go then
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  2. Crotaro added a post in a topic Looking for RP buddies   

    Oi, Calpheon is pretty busy and frankly quite a huge area to cover if you say "in the middle". I don't know about the guild, haven't joined yet in the first place, but I myself haven't been playing for a few weeks now. Was just too excited for No Mans Sky but now that it's delayed to August I logged back into BDO^^
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  3. Crotaro added a post in a topic Grind Music - Pleasure me   

    Who needs music when you can listen to some sweet Northernlion Live Super Show or somesuch during the grind?
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  4. Crotaro added a post in a topic How are you fighting as a musa?   

    Usually I open with Chase and Carver/Dragon Bite ani-cancel, hit with Blooming, then Gale or Rising Storm as needed and throw in Divider whenever they're on the floor and Whirlwind Cut is my main dodging ability. I often forget about Blind Thrust/Nemesis Slash, but when I don't I mix it in to keep the crit rate up. Lastly I still got Backstep Slash and quite like it but I almost always forget that I got it in the first place
    Use the Tiger Blade whenever I'm low on health to get back up quickly and reap a neat amount of group kills.
    That's most of my PvE fighting style, haven't joined the PvP fray yet^^
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  5. Crotaro added a post in a topic So you thought you were good at the Dragon Bite animation cancel? Think Again :D   

    Honestly, if this is doable without a macro in the KR version, then I'm glad we received a nerf on this skill/combo
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  6. Crotaro added a post in a topic Musa Useless after nerf?   

    Hey, one thing I've been wondering way too long about awakenings: Why does it seem that classes get nerfed to a point where they return to "default power" only at the "very final endgame"-stage? Like why not have the class be the way it was built and balanced against without awakening and then apply debuffs/nerfs to the awakening weapon so it doesn't become op? Like instead of saying "nerf the sith outta Chase, because once you reach awakening it's gon be k", you say "make Chase k without awakening and (maybe) not so k with awake so that it's not too crazy"?
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  7. Crotaro added a post in a topic Undertale in BDO?   

    Noticing an intended or not so intended reference fills you with DETERMINATION
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  8. Crotaro added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Weird...are you sure you haven't maybe already claimed it during a long session of gaming? I literally just logged in and received my loyalties and the seal
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  9. Crotaro added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    "Four our second event we would like to [...]"
    It's supposed to be "For our second event [...]" but they just misspelled "For"
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  10. Crotaro added a post in a topic Is there anything to be done about Griefing?   

    Don't forget to mention the fact that even if you died to monsters in Ultima Online you could be fudged over because not only does your corpse disappear after, like, 2 hours or so but some mobs would actually loot you. I loved it...and occasionally was close to heartstroke when I checked my bags and found an awesome spellbook or ring missing^^
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  11. Crotaro added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    I'm not that big of a sidecut fan, but other than that she looks great and very fitting within the theme of BDO. I especially love the sorta modesty in her clothes, no overkill, could mistake her for an NPC anyday :3
    It's my Musa, Ishaku

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  12. Crotaro added a post in a topic Am I interpreting the Skill Tips corrects as far as percentages?   

    1) My sister and I came to the conclusion these percentages are x% damage of your AP. So if you had 10 AP and your skill does 100% x 1 damage it's 10 damage. 100% x 2 is 20 damage, split in two hits of 10 dmg each. so with 10 AP 801% x 4 hits would translate to roughly 320 damage split in four hits of ~80 dmg each. Sounds logical? EDIT: And in meteor's case it does two times different damage (these 787% and 801%) because when you call it down and it gives that weird wankyjanky shockwave look it does a few hits of damage and then the meteor itself crashing on the unsuspecting victim does a different amount of damage.
    2) Yep, is that easy I believe
    3) Pretty much. Unless it says +12% damage of target's max MP or something like that, then it's +12% extra damage of whatever your target has as max MP, but I've only seen a handful of skills that work that way^^
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  13. Crotaro added a post in a topic [EU] Seeking Small RP Group   

    well I'm not the only roleplayer who picked Croxus and found out about Jordine too late^^ we're few but we want RP as well, so feel free to hit me up anytime either ingame Crotaro or Ishaku (mostly playing my Musa Ishaku right now^^) or here via PM :3
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  14. Crotaro added a post in a topic ANYONE CAN HELP ME TO FIND THE DATA!!!!   

    Wrooooooong subforum. Might wanna move it to the art area :p
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  15. Crotaro added a post in a topic Can we please get some variety with mobs in the future?   

    I agree! Get some variation in combat AI tactics! Heck, just taking a 5 minute peek at The Binding of Isaac should give you more than enough ideas to experiment around with
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