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  1. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


    Found deep in the vault of the IthilRakka family, a slightly faded portrait of Great Grandmother Helke, High Queen of the Seas. Feared by men, envied by women, she shunned all but her beloved feline companion, Shoe. Shoe and Helke, perfectly content, sailing the oceans in search of treasure.
    I included my sketch, a detail shot of her face because the resize kind of ruins her cool gold tattoo, and a screenshot of my beloved sorceress Helke, whose glorious visage graces this portrait! 
    (Disclaimer: Yes I am an artist, yes this is my own work)

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  2. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes   

    Except, to people like me who will never buy that crap. Give us women some PANTS!!!!
    [edit] meant to quote the "sex sells" comment. Dumb forum system IMO
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  3. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes   

    Ugh, more diaphanous, transparent, half naked underwear as outerwear for rangers. My kingdom for some goddamn pants. It makes no sense whatsoever that someone who spends half her life on the back of a horse, and the other half stealthing around in the bush hunting orcs would do it in chiffon and heels ffs. And what is with the wings??? Guess I'll just keep hanging onto my money. 
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  4. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    9/10, silky hair, pretty eyes, cheekbones to die for, cute mouth! I like her
    My Sorc. I <3 her, she's a bruiser!  

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  5. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic i did a thing   

    This is a sweet drawing, lovely linework, great colouring, nice mood! I'd like to see more.
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  6. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic High end mode sunset screens!   

    Not technically sunset, wrong end of the day but I thought it was pretty all the same. Also, night has been nerfed? Some nights I have noticed are so dark I can barely see a thing, and others when the moon is out are as bright as day. Seems to be working fine? 

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  7. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic @Daum - Costume Exchange Coupon   

    I'd be happy enough with purely visual. If you want the gathering bonus, you can wear it as your main gear, if you want the visual while you're out hunting, you can wear it as an appearance only costume. I think stacking bonuses from appearance gear might get a little OP. Although, if it's just the gathering bonuses it may not be too bad.
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  8. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic @Daum - Costume Exchange Coupon   

    It'd be nice to have both loyalty and pearl purchase options like they do with storage and inventory space and dyes.
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  9. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a topic in General   

    @Daum - Costume Exchange Coupon
    See title. If you add that to the store, I will buy it. Please either change the clothing descriptions ingame, or put the coupon in the cash shop. Thanks.
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  10. Aiobhinn IthilRakka added a post in a topic We need less skimpy female armor in the cash shop.   

    On my first day in BDO, I spent money on the only pair of pants available in the cash shop for my ranger. No one is upskirting her. If Daum keep adding transparent fabric wisps as "clothing" then I simply won't be spending any more money. It's in their interest to give us a variety of options, rather than sex bomb, sex bomb, sex bomb, hessian sack. As soon as there are other options, I'll spend money, it's really that simple. Also, where is the costume exchange coupon???? You have it in your item descriptions, but not in the store!
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