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  1. ariga added a topic in PVE   

    About fishing in Margoria
    Hi i noticed when you fish close to margoria fish are linked to Varabin but the thing is there is no varabin node manager at all(did look for it in kr map etc doesn t exist...)
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  2. ariga added a post in a topic Quest taking way too long   

    guess your clear speed is really slow so that's why took you time
    also maybe you got unlucky a little but 200mob/h is very very low clear rate
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  3. ariga added a post in a topic DP needs to get buff!   

    What you want to be able to OS anyone & have nobody able to kill you? damn... you also want free PEN accessory?
    with 160-180ap you can easyly kill someone if you are playing good enough & don t get OS(160ap mean you can get pretty high DP)
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  4. ariga added a topic in PVP   

    Give us a PvP chan like in KR

    Hi everything is on this post posted on general by mistake
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  5. ariga added a post in a topic DP needs to get buff!   

    YUP DP useless i admit just remove all your dp never use it ever pls
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  6. ariga added a post in a topic patch notes?   

    they probably failed something & removed patch note
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  7. ariga added a post in a topic Give us a PvP chan like in KR   

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  8. ariga added a post in a topic Give us a PvP chan like in KR   

    Yeah i heard they have that in KR don t undestand why we dont... while griefer are a big ***** of this game which probably  caused many ppl to ragequit the game(a few day or forever) because we can t do anything about it & when you want main in Pirate/sausan you sure to meet griefer again & again & again(ofc happen even on low contested spot where they just need to switch but they prefere to grief)
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  9. ariga added a post in a topic Give us a PvP chan like in KR   

    Going red=>no more worldboss out of desert with main(exept if you wanna downgrade), no afk on main exept in jail or negative karma city(in desert you get debuff out of desert you are never safe. If a Player succed to kill you(because even best geared & best player World can die on 1v1) you lose at -1M karma 3% exp without tear(1% after using tear→YES you still lose exp even USING TEAR), also almost all your crystal break in first death you get weither it's PvP or PvE(Pve→even in desert).
    Also don t forget the part downgrade chance on PvE death out of desert(at -1M pretty high) because a berserker can easyly make you die from fall death with grab & then you can downgrade your 4 TET item you spend 4 month to farm the money to up them using the fall death mechanic, or even if your dp is not high enough anyone can just try to make you die from mob coming back again & again untill he succed to you downgrade your gear, don t forget -1M go pretty high chance to downgrade & downgrade also affect accesorry.
    So yeah not but no exept if you plan to stay in desert for some time.
    Also i am not talking about the fact that when you negative in desert a guy or a party can abuse coming back again & again during 2h(yeah that's also happened to me) to try to kill me & send me to jail(since one death is enough to send you to jail)
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  10. ariga added a topic in General   

    Give us a PvP chan like in KR
    Hi like in the title i heard that Kr got a special chan(have a specific channel(like olvia chan are for new player/come back) where you can PvP anyone without karma penalty at all.
    This would be great to have it here a big part of the player base would enjoy to be able to switch to this chan time to time to have a PvP session Open World(because RBF is clearly not enough) without any risk or penalty.
    Would also allow ppl which are confident enough to go farm there without being afraid of karma griefer since there is no karma penalty at all so you can t get kick by 1 guildless/"not ready to war" guild guy griefing stealing mob doing that 2-4h even untill you leave(happened me multiple time a pirate island to have some even if he wasnt  even getting more than 100-200bandanna/h(since mob was at respawn time in my run & i was faster than him)). 
    • 75 replies
  11. ariga added a post in a topic C+S Teleport Bug?   

    Tp is faster with the game combo than in the bar?
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  12. ariga added a post in a topic Exp Loss Changes   

    Do another caractere lvl 55 with at least 100+ap & +15 weapon for accuracy for WB if you can t handle the strats so you don t lose exp on main caractere. Karanda is one of the easiest boss if you don t get aggro with a class without block(if you don t have block just avoid to dps too much so no aggro & problem solve) & know how she work(skill patern). Kutum is harder but if you carefull it's the same you can avoid death did many kutum without die once it's only dangerous with PvP.
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  13. ariga added a post in a topic Exp Loss Changes   

    Got a good tips for you, don t die to mob, dont  understand how you even can die to mob. And for worldboss do it on alt problem solve.
    Many game got exp loss on death nothing new 
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  14. ariga added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch secret nerf of dagger stab
    Hi dont  know if you noticed it yet but witch dagger stab got nerf, hit slower than before(was instant & animation like .5sec) & also you can t spam it like before.
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  15. ariga added a post in a topic Do not release dandelion weapon   

    You can t drop if you don t go WB but if you attent every WB & don t die all the time on it it should drop you liverto often at least a few time/week.
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