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  1. DRKN added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    Me as well, I mean I have about everything except the damn logs that take forever, I was just chopping trees before the warm milk deletion and it just takes forever ... 80k logs also mean about 40k energy because unlike everything else now, gathering still takes energy.
    Besides the failboat grind was dumb, you dont lock a expansion behind such a grind wall ... I can guess why they did it but really, all they did was torpedo it off the gate,
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  2. DRKN added a post in a topic Spirit quest - DIM magical items   

    Secondary is similar to a Green +15 Accuracy Sub weapon.
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  3. DRKN added a post in a topic Stella costume for Ranger   

    Thats one of the winning entries of a competition Korea had some months ago (before Dark Knight)  along with Mecha-cat for Tamer/Kumo and some ones I dont recall.
    It will come eventually.
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  4. DRKN added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    Outside MOBAS like Overrated, I mean Overwatch ... not really, Guilds Wars (I) was supposed to be more PvP centric with the Arena but it departed from that.
    Pure PvP games have been successful but mostly been FPS, Black Desert is not Overwatch or Team Fortress as it lacks any way for people to just go in and go for a PvP match, its too gear dependent and any game that does that just bleeds and dies, PvP requires a type of balance ... and FUNCTIONAL SERVERS, because its the SECOND TIME I been disconnected today (this is why I dont play on the weekends because their servers simply cannot handle the stress) and this is kill on any kind of competitive game.
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  5. DRKN added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    ... Why?
    No, really ... WHY?
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  6. DRKN added a post in a topic One of the selling points of this game: Housing. How to ruin it   

    Well if you just care about your personal housing what does it matter the Investment Bank system or the Monopoly system?
    The problem IF you want to use Investment banks and Trade Monopoly as how those system are connected to the Housing system, none of the systems are broken per say, its how access to them is limited to rank 1 house players that prevents players from using them.
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  7. DRKN added a post in a topic One of the selling points of this game: Housing. How to ruin it   

    Not really, they just need to open the system so it doesnt look at rank but just house score, that would still provide a incentive to buy Pearl Store sets without it being locked into a PvP wallet war.
    The base system is more or less fine, the adding rank system is just whaling.
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  8. DRKN added a post in a topic Explain me the new horse system please???   

    Dont think so, it apparently when breeding the foal will have 2 starting skills from their parents.
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  9. DRKN added a post in a topic #RewardsGate   

    Oh I can think of some that would not do it either ...
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  10. DRKN added a post in a topic best way to get 30 fs   

    Well in theory armour is harder because safe ends at +5 as weapons ends at +7, I am not sure if that is true because even armour seems to enchant "oddly", gloves and feet seem to be easier as head and chest seems.
    Of course I had a Reblah chest getting +15 with 5 failstacks ...
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  11. DRKN added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

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  12. DRKN added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Meh, more social media garbage ...
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  13. DRKN added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Update: Servers are Live* Maintenance March 22nd   

    This is why I say NA/EU are the testing servers, we had Field Bosses from the start that were added later to KR, it seems any changes that might have a negative impact on KR are tested here for before they are implemented there.
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  14. DRKN added a post in a topic We all roll Cresent ring   

    Err ... no.
    The system rolls when you press space, whatever you see spinning have no relation, its decided the moment you hit space and hitting space only make it a internal (as in, you dont see it) roll, its not slot machines and you cannot time it, it simply draws the result and thats it.
    If you dont believe me, when in Black Spirit Minigame you hut one of the rolls squares, after you press space, open mail .... you will see what you got because it immediately mails you the item when you land on the square.
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  15. DRKN added a post in a topic *Brainstorming* Replacement to yolo rng enhancements.   

    It would not solve the underlying problems.
    There are two aspects to the issues, the PvE aspect that can more easily be resolved by simply readjust the mobs and the PvP that is far more complicated, I would just rework the entire enchantment system from the ground up, salvaging the existing one is not a solution.
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