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  1. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic How to delete horses?   

    Problem is the damn thing just respawns.... it is the devil's work!
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  2. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic How to delete horses?   

    Dude there is nothing I would like more in this world than being able to kill my horses. I just don't know HOW! I long to hear their desperate neighing throughout the night, and to extract that sweet sweet glue.....
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  3. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic How to delete horses?   

    Don't worry. No one reads threads anymore
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  4. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic How to delete horses?   

    Read the thread.
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  5. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic How to delete horses?   

    Wtf are you serious? So after a while I will have every single stable slot in the game filled with male horses and no way to get rid of them? GG WP Daum.
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  6. tarkin1980 added a topic in General   

    How to delete horses?
    I noticed that "delete mount" is no longer an option in stables. Instead there is "sell mount", but when I try to do that with my lvl 16 T3, it says "Level too high". What gives? Am I stuck with this for ever? Pls halp.
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  7. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic Please don't force us to Gather...   

    It is so painfully obvious that people in this thread have no idea what they are talking about. I am an artisan8 gatherer. I stopped gathering around 4 weeks ago, which means I gathered about 2 weeks after the shards were introduced to the game if I'm not mistaken. In those two weeks I managed to get over 100 shards (75ish hard and 35ish sharp). How 50 shards/week can be considered even remotely hard is beyond me. Even a casual noob should be able to get 10-15 shards/week.
    Just like everything else in BDO, getting shards is easy mode auto success. There is literally ZERO things in this game at which you can actually fail, and the entitled crowd is still crying. Stop for a moment and think. Why do you think YOU deserve to have top gear? Why should the game be designed so that everyone is guaranteed to have everything? And why should they get it in 1 day?
    Back in the golden days of MMOs, only the best players could get the best stuff, and it could take years to get there. In today's MMOs, people expect to get everything right away. And when they are max lvl with maxed gear after 2 weeks, they complain that modern MMOs have no longevity. Stronk logic right there. 
    If you're not ready to man it up and do what it takes to get geared, just accept that you're a pleb and that your place is in the +15 casual crowd. You may not be quite as special as your mom told you. Sorry. 
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  8. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    Seriously? I'm about to lose all hope about this game...
    I am so incredibly happy that I didn't choose processing as my main life skill since you have now made the effort those people put into it completely and utterly wasted. What the hell is the point of having life skills if everything is going to be free to everyone anyway? Haven't you learned ANYTHING from your mistake of making fishing energy free? Don't you understand that skill levels are meaningless if they take no effort to achieve? That we have a dozen master fishermen in each channel but 0-1 masters in the other trades should tell you something. I saw a master22 fisher today. Very impressive, considering he did absolutely nothing to get there.
    Destroying life skills wouldn't be nearly as bad if the combat part of the game was actually interesting, but it just isn't. There is no challenge anywhere in the game. Not a single area poses any serious threat even to a solo player, and your solution? Nerf the mobs even more. We have a game where mobs are just mobile EXP piñatas. In every other game you try your best to fight as FEW mobs at a time as possible, you try to isolate lonely mobs and take them out, or pull mobs away from their group because if you aggro too many, you are in trouble. In this game we gather 10-20 mobs into a bunch before we even bother to attack them. All sorts of warning bells should be ringing when these kinds of "tactics" are common in your game. But no, you make mobs even weaker. Wtf is the point of all these cool attacks and spells when there is nothing to use them on?
    Not even bosses are even close to be able to put up a fight. All scroll bosses die in 10 seconds to a 5 man party. How about field/world bosses? Sure, they kill a bunch of people every time, but every boss fight is still 100% guaranteed to be a victory. In other games you actually have to do things right to win, too many mistakes and you wipe and lose.
    You have an amazing base for a game with huge potential, but too much has been going in the wrong direction since launch. It's time to wake up.
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  9. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic How to MAX fps through a Real Fullscreen Mode:   

    Complains about language, writes like a retarded 5 year old. GG WP.
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  10. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic 15-18 enchanting, how long does it take or how much money does it require?   

    Err... so far I have lost 50 million silver worth of blackstones trying to get my trainer clothes to +2 (and I'm back att square one), and you quit over 23 blackstones? Very hardcore.
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  11. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic Horsegear Enchantment - Failstacks?   

    Failstacking horse gear is not worth it imho. I force it all.
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  12. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic Best, most complete, Horse spawn location map   

    It's a frame so right clicking doesn't work. No image to right click. But I downloaded the image from the front page.
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  13. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic Best, most complete, Horse spawn location map   

    It doesn't work for me. The map never loads. I use Chrome version 51.0.2704.84 m.
    Halp pls.
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  14. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic Hasrah Dungeon needs a significant buff   

    None of this classifies as difficult in my book. If you can get top gear in less than a month, it is easy mode and nothing to whine about. Then again, every game is easy mode these days. Difficult is something at which you can actually FAIL, no matter how much time you spend. You can't fail at anything in BDO.

    Back on topic, I agree with Myssy that all areas don't need to, and shouldn't be completely balanced. If you want a certain drop from a certain area, you have to suck it up and accept that silver or xp may not be as good as an area where you can't get that item. 
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  15. tarkin1980 added a post in a topic Hasrah Dungeon needs a significant buff   

    Well of course it should not take 6 years but complaining that you have to grind for 6 hours to get one of the most powerful items in the game is kinda ridiculous even in BDO imho.
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