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  1. Wyper added a post in a topic To be or not to be   

    Are you sure a zerker have to go full ap ? It looks weird. I don't know the class yet but... Yeah, won't it get OS'd by anyone that way ? 
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  2. Wyper added a post in a topic ninja should get a reset CD mechanic as a passive   

    I don't think it could work... And it only reward the strongest, don't you think ? If you're bad/badly gear, you can't kill fast, so this is kinda useless. On the other hand when you're geared and/or strong, ou can kill things (both pvp and pve) fast, so you're already strong and you become even stronger, I don't see how it could work that way, maybe juste reduce CD's but this is wrong imo
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  3. Wyper added a post in a topic ninja should get a reset CD mechanic as a passive   

    Granting your 1v1 is far from any monster, otherwise it would just be spam fest lol
    (Ninja is fast btw, why would you think otherwise ?)
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  4. Wyper added a post in a topic What if...   

    EU and NA are exactly at the same point and probably always will be, so no, this is not from EU but ty for making me hope it was /cry 
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  5. Wyper added a post in a topic Awakening durability bug ?   

    What Surado are you using ? I just switch from the base one to the storm green one and it stopped loosing excessive durability, might be linked to yagakmu
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  6. Wyper added a post in a topic Returning player! State of the ninja?   

    You didn't put the wiz/witch into easy pve, was that intended ? Because with my guildies I have to be way better stuffed than them (with my Ninja) to grind not even as fast on the same mobs... To me that's easy pvp. 
    You put Zerk on easy pvp AND pve, you sure for pve ? (A real question tho, no taunt or whatever)
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  7. Wyper added a post in a topic Ninja wanting to be gud   

    First of all, thank you very much ! 
    So... I was talking about wars and PK, not "pk wars" I don't know what that is lol (probably just wars ?)
    I don't really care much for "mass pvp" since I never liked it, and we have quite the nice niche in this thing (scouting, backline) so we'll see. Anyway I want to play ninja not the top class in this or that
    Yeah I didn't mean I'm gonna grind xp till 60 from now on haha, I realize now this will be too annoying but my goal is 60 for now

    Ok so this is where I am as of now : http://puu.sh/tt4S8/c519a99564.jpg level 55 (awakening tonight boiiiis) 
    Trying to get some more +15 grunil, any hint on what I should upgrade first ? And what first between secondary, and awakening, secondary and armor ? What matters the most ? (Oh, and which secondary ! I'm with estique right now for AP because I'm quite low but I think tadd or quitar would be better for pvp
    Update for the gear : http://puu.sh/tuvug/46f401e82b.jpg
    Any hint now ?
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  8. Wyper added a topic in Ninja   

    Ninja wanting to be gud
    Hello everyone, especially my fellow ninjaz out there!  
    So here's a bit of story : I started at the very beginning, Ninja wasn't here, I had to choose an other class I picked Sorc, whatever doesn't matter. I kinda burned out few months after the initial release, shortly after Mediah. Thing is I didn't really played before on other countries versions so now I'm lost. Always wanted to play Ninja, now I can and I have a nasty exp boost so I will be 56 and awoken shortly (any hint on xp grind spot?  Mediah sausans till 56 lol ?)
    So, I was saying, I'm lost and badly geared. I'm seeing pri duo tri and even tet stuff everywhere, what is this? Continuity of enchanting after +15, something else? How does it work? 
    OK now after the basics of what I missed, could some of you advise me on what gear to choose? I started to stockpile a bit of grunil when mediah came out, is it a good starting gear? What should I aim for? Is liverto shortsword still worth investing in? 
    think Ninja is almost only shuriken so I bought a tadd, didn't enchant it at all, I currently have a +8-12 agerian, some cheap accessories and +9 shortsword I can't remember the name. Could you give me a good starting set, accessories etc, where to find them if it's not obvious, what should I aim for after this, oh and I'm hella poor (I have like 10 millions at the moment, level 50 in altinova)
    My goals are to get high level (like 60 for a start) and pvp, maybe pk maybe wars I don't really Know... I just love the gameplay of this class so I'm ready to invest some time in it 
    Hoping someone can and will help me, sorry for the mistakes if there is any, not my mother tongue and I'm writing on a cellphone!  Thank you for reading, cya 😊
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  9. Wyper added a post in a topic Besoin de conseils/avis pour une classe (facile) me correspondant   

    J'en revient presque pas de voir des posts comme ça. Ils ont vraiment ouvert la porte au casus sur un autre jeu coréen qui avait du potentiel, j'suis dégoûté moi qui pensais réessayer le jeu avec les awakenings de sortis...  
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  10. Wyper added a post in a topic Un ninja en gvg !   

    Vidéo plus disponible
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  11. Wyper added a post in a topic BDO C'est déjà fini ?   

    Je connais pas Kakao, c'est un peu gameforge qui transforme des jeux supers en machine de casino ?
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  12. Wyper added a post in a topic Le ninja c'est pour mercredi   

    Haters gonna hate
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  13. Wyper added a post in a topic Gameplay Musa   

    tu veux peut-être parler du ninja et de l'invisibilité ? J'suis pas convaincu que le blader soit plus rapide que le ninjas pour le coup, s'il l'est c'est pas de beaucoup et il a pas la même panoplie de mouvement anyway. #TeamNinja
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