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  1. Janus added a post in a topic NERF dark knight   

    I find it funny how they turned a long-range class (wiz) to a short to medium range class with awakenings and a short-range class (dk) to a long-range one...
    Well, Striker incoming, so that should give lots of nice melee action
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  2. Janus added a post in a topic Anyone else thinkthe dk awakening is...   

    Maelwro, you might want to test with different mobs and with different levels of accuracy accessories. With low level (bashims) my DK lvl58, 215AP (Bhegs and 6 additional acc) comes pretty close to my lvl 60, 230AP wiz. If I would really time it, it might even surpass it due to wiz' long animation times (people often forget about this) and slower movement. I can well imagine that on higher level mobs the accuracy can make a big difference, though, depending on your gear.
    btw, in terms of skills, I am usually going for the 3 AoEs plus flows, the gap closers and the wheel maybe followed by another non-awakened AoE if necessary. With that the cd is usually not an issue.
    I do have a problem with mana consumption, though, and can imagine to be getting a problem due to lack of healing when fighting tougher mobs. But maybe that is all just practice.
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  3. Janus added a post in a topic How long until people realize the DP "buff" is actually a buff for Wizards/Witch/DK   

    god, I hope that the devs are NOT so "intellectually handicapped" to think that the KD ratio indicates overpowered/underpowered classes...   their ?CEO? in the interview seemed to have that thought, but maybe the technical guys are a bit smarter
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  4. Janus added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Yeah, they "analyzed" the death-kill ratio to come to that conclusion. I guess Zerkers should get ready for a huge buff since they obviously can't kill anybody  ;-)
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  5. Janus added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    tbh, I think where the feeling of OP comes from is the strength in GvG. I don't disagree that wiz/witch is very strong there. I do assume it is designed that way - just like Ninja's can easily screw everybody 1vs1. Different focus/roles...
    IF some devs decide that wiz shouldn't have the role of "strong in GvG, weak in 1:1" anymore and there should be a nerf, one could focus it on those areas only. e.g. "reduce damage in PvP" for some of the larger AoEs or - but that would go against the little group-PvE that bdo has - make the heal and protected area not cover group/guild members. Maybe to counterbalance that nerf increase the animation/casting speed or provide a bit of mobility during the skills.
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  6. Janus added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    I guess I am also doing something wrong. As a wiz with 210 AP (accurarcy build) or 233 AP (AP build) I am only 1-shoting people with my ULTIMATE (like every other class' ULTIMATE it is ULTIMATE) only when they are knocked-down already or when I hit the back or if they have underpowered DP/hp. At least this is the case over the last month or two since the ultimate got nerfed already. Maybe your point of reference is from before that?
    Who decideds that 1vs1 is meaningless? For most players it is probably the more important way to fight than the large-scale GvG of nodewars. Just look how many people are participating there (less than 10% of the total player base / 30% of the active players I would guess) and compare to the number of players who do occasionally grind and get into a fight over a grind-spot (pure 1vs1). And if I can hold a good grindspot for several hours or have to move from bad spot to worse spots because everybody is stronger 1vs1 is worth 10s of millions in silver per week. I would say that is more than any guild payout.
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  7. Janus added a post in a topic How to deal with PKers in Sausan?   

    Most important things have been said above (yes, most likely you happened to be in a rotation of somebody else - or they wanted to steal the spot from you, which also happens a lot).
    One thing I want to point out to you and other new players, too, though: Don't use those "self-rez potions" (elion's tear) in PvP! It is a waste of money since you don't lose xp when getting killed by another player. Especially if you resurrect and he kills you immediately again. Better rez at closest node and then decide if you want to go back and fight your killer prepared (e.g. using buff foods and elixirs or grouping up) or simply go to another spot or change channels. Use the elion's tears for cases where a mob killed you to get your xp loss back.
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  8. Janus added a comment to this issue Dunkelklinge kann awakening quest nicht starten   

    Ich bin mir fast sicher dass das eine Troll Frage ist. Gerade bei dem Username  ;-)
    Hier trotzdem die Antwort: Dunkelklinge hatte noch kein awakening
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  9. Janus added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 1st 2017   

    Was superarmor intentionally nerfed?
    Could one of the officials please comment, since nothing is shown in the patch notes, if there was an intentional nerf or if the reduced effect is only a bug that will be "soon" fixed?
    Thanks in advance
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  10. Janus added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

    Funny, with 232 AP I barely kill anybody on RBF with my ultimate. As soon as I throw my arms up in the looong animation, all enemies are gone from the target zone like magic. Damn, got to be a bug. Better cut wizard damage in half so that blind people won't take significant damage neither.
    Oh, and the warriors, valks and zerkers that stay in the target zone usually don't lose more than 50% of their health either. I can't really investigate it for too long, unfortunately, because usually in that second a sorc, ninja, musa, kuno or tamer suddenly appears behind me and deletes me with one combo (sometimes a very short/quick combo, in case of tamer usually a longer but nevertheless still deadly one). Or the warrior or zerker that survived the ultimate without significant damage grab and then kill me.
    I always hate the expression "git gud" but there is really not that much more to say to those that cry "wizzard is OP".
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  11. Janus added a post in a topic Do you think Wizard/Witch will get nerfed?   

    Don't think that wiz/witch will get nerfed. afaik didn't happen on Korea and I also don't think it is appropriate. Yes, high dmg output. But lots of negative sides (partially mentioned above) to counterbalance that. Also several other classes that are more OP, have always been OP and never got nerfed either.
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  12. Janus added a post in a topic Spreading life skills across alts   

    It very much depends on your focus in the game and I would strongly recommend for you to try out the different lifeskills and relatively quickly focus on only a few. Don't got time to go after everything. This will then automatically determine the roles that your chars play and what you level where.
    Examples: If you are an active fisher, you might sail into magoria with your main, fish, ride to valencia and sell your fish there. That will level navigation, fishing, training and trading on this char pretty much automatically. If you do afk fishing over night (instead of training horses or turning your computer off) this approach would certainly be beneficial, too. on the same character. Or maybe you don't like fishing at all but are a fan of alchemy or cooking. Then you might be farming a lot (also for fruit of X rare drops), gathering a bit and doing alchemy/cooking semi-afk. And at night train some horses fully afk on whatever character.
    Important to note is that the CP are introducing a bit of a bottleneck on some things. If you like crafting and want to build a worker-empire, you need lots of contribution points for nodes, buildings etc. Also if you want to trade a lot you need to connect many cities, which costs cp - but it's not as extreme as the crafting empire (but there are some synergies at least). If you want to do alchemy and cooking on a significant scale, you will need farms. 100CP would go into 10 farms, probably keeping you from a "worker empire". etc
    To answer your initial question: A few most important (for me) alts:
    You may want to have a dedicated trading alt stationed in Valencia or Arehaza (to sell off crates/coins in small badges - to avoid the price dropping too much - over time). If in Valencia it would be good if that alt would have access to the desert trade buff, which is a bit of effort in itself to reach. Enough people don't want the hassle and simply sell in one go and accept the loss in silver. Then such a trading alt is not needed.
    Unless the main is getting to your base of operations at least once a day anyhow, one should have at least one alt good in cooking or in alchemy (or both) to be able to fully take advantage of the imperial cooking/alchemy each day.
    1 or 2 dedicated boss alts are useful, too (ranger or witch seem most popular for this; I use a Ninja and a Sorc since my main is a wiz already and a bit change is more fun), to be parked at the most important bosses' locations to be able to switch there directly after the spawn-notification.
    If hunting is interesting (seems not as profitable as other things so many people skip it), 1-2 alts for that might also be a good idea to reduce travel time.
    A dedicated fishing alt would have been nice for me plenty of times already for afk night-fishing or guild quests while my main is at some grind or boss location. BUT, fishing (for fish - as opposed to relic shards) requires a good amount of inventory space. If you have bought those expansions from the shop already for your main, you might be loath to do it again for a fishing alt. That's at least what keeps me from doing so.
    To repeat my first sentence with a little different emphasis: BDO is very complex and unless you are a full-time gamer you will probably not be able to do all off it (or it may kill your fun with the game). Especially not if you want to do it "well"/"productive". And some articial bottlenecks like CP will make it impossible to do all on a large scale anyways. So, figure out what you like and focus on it. The skills will level "just by themselves" while you are playing what you like to play.
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  13. Janus added a post in a topic Wizard - Boss Rotation   

    I can only start repeating myself so probably everybody's waste of time.
    Just some pointers for you as you obviously think it closely through and are not looking for only one standard rotation as the thread opener did:
    - Cataclysm gets you 10% cast speed increase.
    - Hellfire increase the dmg output also of your rotation significantly. If all skills are with protection anyways, no need to keep it for saving yourself and make it part of your "priority list"
    - I am not sure where you get the 6648% for Bolide from (lvl 56) but if that drops and hellfire comes in instead, we only have a discrepancy on whether to use catalysm (which I like because of protection and 10% cast speed increase) or bomb (which is a very high dmg skill - no doubt about it even if I first thought that the flow only starts later)
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  14. Janus added a post in a topic New Quest line blocked by p2w aspect   

    you could also try using a ranger alt or maybe a wiz/witch with skills that improve moving speed. just to add to the other points...
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  15. Janus added a post in a topic Wizard - Boss Rotation   

    No sense going into every detail of your suggestions as it seems to evolve into a "----- length comparison" discussion.
    Just one thing to clarify (maybe not only misunderstood by you but also others due to poor wording on my side - my apologies for that): The main damage rotation that I am suggesting is hellfire->cataclysm->aqua-jail. Everything else after it only as needed to avoid running into cd for this core rotation. That can happen in static fights because of the cast speed buffs of controlled madness and cataclysm but possibly not in mobile fights. So the calculation is 6230%+5518%+9074% in about 5s which allows for one additional skill (or a lot of movement) afterwards before starting the rotation again without cd.
    So, the dps is also ~4.2k% (plus modifier by whatever you do as that additional skill/movement) but all the time with an armor up -> less risk of dying, less need to move or even teleport out for healing lighthouse, which heavily affects total damage dealt over the fight. And exactly that is my point: You can't simply look at dmg numbers in optimal conditions but have to factor in also things like protection or time-loss from evasive actions. And if you do that the figures look a lot different - and in my oppinion a rotation with pretty much constant superarmor/guard will outperform the ones without (unless lucky and e.g. a valk is aggroing Karanda the whole time from the other direction - but those are uncommon circumstances and to be disregarded imho). btw, IF we want to continue this discussion like that, we first would need to clarify what duration-assumption each is using, since the 12/14s vs 10s don't match my experiences, even if I would recommend such a long rotation.
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