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  1. Deady added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Awakened DK 100% and 200% showcase!
    So like usual, here is a video of the awakened 100% and 200% skills for the newest awakening, Dark Knights Vediant! Hope you enjoy my horrid editing skills in this video!
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  2. Deady added a topic in General   

    Has anybody else noticed the channel timer is longer than 15 minutes?
    So I was just curious one day because it always felt like the timer was longer than the 15 minutes it was supposed to be, and I went ahead and tried to change channels immediately after changing channels, and instead of getting 14:xx like I expected...

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  3. Deady added a topic in General   

    Small Zerker Shuffle
    Who says there is no dancing in this game? and also why do you need to be a magic class to float? here is a small Zerker dance and you float for most of it. It's kind of like those heel taps somebody does when they are very happy!
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  4. Deady added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    I'm not one to necessarily bandwagon... BUT...
    first time I've ever gotten that error message, not being able to apply item results to memory.
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  5. Deady added a topic in PVE   

    Who Says You Can't Teleport? I found a wall.
    I found a wall that let me teleport.... but it's not a good teleport... it broke my game and I was stuck in purgatory for forever.
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  6. Deady added a topic in General   

    Slight reliving of the rednose event boss!
    Here is a video (yes, i know the quality is horrid, but sshhh, my upload is slow and I didn't want it to take longer than the 3 hours this took) of the rednose event boss on velia 1 today! although laggy, the aftermath (which is linked to from the first annotation a few minutes in) is actually kind of funny because.. well... just skip to about the 7:20 mark to see.
    Aside from me disconnecting, getting trapped under the world, and losing 1% exp from this, it was a pretty okay event.(maybe some sarcasm in there)
    • 3 replies
  7. Deady added a topic in Dark Knight   

    DK 100% and 200% skills
    figured I would upload what the 100% and 200% skills are, i typically enjoy what they look like, this class included.
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  8. Deady added a post in a topic <CursedOnes> Recruiting   

    bumps for the recruits
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  9. Deady added a post in a topic <CursedOnes> Recruiting   

    bump cause recruiting still.
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  10. Deady added a topic in US Guild   

    <CursedOnes> Recruiting
    <CursedOnes> Recruiting! we are a large-small guild... or a small-medium guild? i dunno, but the guild at present is near 30 members. We have been doing a fair amount of Margoria missions because its a blast to take a bunch of us and sail into the uncharted seas and blast monsters with cannons! The guild missions are fun, but we do not require you to come to every single one ever, or really any for that matter, but they are fun when we sail the countless seas. To join you can add me in game and shoot me a message about joining, the "Deady" family, or just join our discord and hit any of us up at discord.me/cursed. Thanks for considering the guild and reading the post!

    • 2 replies
  11. Deady added a post in a topic Myself and a warrior friend sparring   

    see, i did that in the part of the video that gets deleted cause i'm bad, and the BWS's just missed. and i'm like okay then. both did no damage (and no i wasn't uploading the original 35 minute long fight... cause that's how long it took)
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  12. Deady added a topic in Berserker   

    Myself and a warrior friend sparring
     Here is a video of myself and a friend sparring, and also a little bit of text at the start with a gripe about pvp but it's mostly whatever, This was done in an empty RBF cause yay 1 silver pots for a real fight
    Me: 209/211/283 (Zerker)
    Friend: 190/200/295 (Warrior)
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  13. Deady added a post in a topic Berserker Awakening 200% rage   

    for reference this was me at lvl 59 vs my lvl 56 friend who dies to one undertaker... so the damage is underwhelming to say the least https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FUgcN9Zo1M
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  14. Deady added a topic in Suggestions   

    Channel Change Timer
    Just a suggestion to bring back the 10 minute channel hop timer, the 15m one seems to be mostly just a hassle for everybody, and the 10m timer will make a few things better that i can see personally. 1:channel hoping to find a grind spot would be much less painful, swapping 6 times an hour instead of 4 would be nice. and the second just off the top of my head is the main reason i wanted to do this, bosses.Specifically kutum in this case, because the "train" on edan tends to take about 10 minutes a kill. this is mostly just my 2 cents but a decent amount of my fellow kutum-goers seemed to agree that a 10 minute timer might be nice for this. thank you for reading this! and sorry for any typos, did this while fighting kutum. X D
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  15. Deady added a topic in General   

    Fishing Boats: Working as Intended
    this.... I don't even know anymore
    working 100% as intended
    • 3 replies