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  1. Blighter added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

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  2. Blighter added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Yeah I use Kutum for PvE and will continue to run Nouver for PvP, simply because I think if anything the special attack modifier being allowed to roll for as many effects as you trigger is just a game breaking bug and if it ends up being intended to function this way, then I wouldn't be too surprised to see it put on Nouver as well.
    Which is why I want to know how tests were conducted because I know from reading about the Ninja Air combo, that any time you use an attack that will have 2 modifiers be it Down + Crit / Air + Crit / Back + Crit the Green off-hand will show up uncommonly strong. However do a test where you hit from the front on a low crit rate skill and watch its value shrink. Just something to think about.
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  3. Blighter added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Sure you can continue to think you have damage superiority and I am sure you do in some circumstances.
    However, I wouldn't trade 300 HP for potential bonus damage when it's already so easy to 1 combo people with Nouver.
    Maybe when the DP buff comes back, and the game changes with the shift KD defence, we'll see how it plays out.
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  4. Blighter added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    You don't like to trust blindly, yet instead of taking note of your tests and providing information you just say you sold your off-hand because white horn is better.
    You said that Nouver with AP + Crit wasn't as good as the other bow with +crit, but how about Nouver with Crit Crit?
    What skill were you using and how were you attacking? Was it a back attack Petal Bloom? Therefore using 2 special attack modifiers and gaining a double roll of bonus attack damage?
    Like there is so many things to consider that need to be tested to determine an items strength.
    Definitely possible the green offhand might be the best but need valid proof from all angles of approach, and not just a generic sweeping statement.
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  5. Blighter added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Where is your evidence from any testing though? like actual numbers not just "trust me."
    Also if +crit damage is so powerful then running 2 of them in Nouver should be just as strong as the +1 crit dmg + 1 special attack modifier. Given it's the same amount of bonus crit damage.
    Or are you implying 2 of the +1 crit damage gems don't stack, if so where is the evidence supporting that?
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  6. Blighter added a post in a topic What crystals are you running for node wars   

    My set up, does require p2w costume coupon but eh.. 
    Prefer Cobe over Evasion because of % healing on Wiz/Witch in Node Wars, would probably swap to Evasion if only doing small scale or you never position to receive heals.
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  7. Blighter added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    You have to think about all the damage you do when a target doesn't get CC'd as well though. 
    I am curious to see some actual tests with the HP scanner tool done, but I feel like this debate rages on quite often and ends up roughly the same every time. It does seem that the +1 special attack likely brings you up to Nouver damage level during special attacks or at least so near too it that your eyes won't see a difference, but you're weaker everywhere else and thus why people default to Nouver for damage, or Kutum for more all round performance.
    There was a test some time ago: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/127624-kutum-or-nouver/#comment-1792955
    However, he left the 2nd gem out of the Nouver offhand, and later went on to say: a TRI Jubre Talisman for example has 7 AP less than TRI Nouver. Using Jubre + a 7 AP ring did exactly as much PvE damage as my Nouver (i used a +1 crit crystal in my Nouver for this latter test, to get the same crit bonus as Ultimate Jubre with +1 to all special attacks).
    So it's all relative, but don't let this turn you away from testing it thoroughly though. It'd be interesting to see, but it seems like everything else in the game where power spikes are minor, but you gradually move up. Grunil > Boss Armor, Liverto > Kzarka etc.
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  8. Blighter added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    I find it difficult to believe that if the +5 AP was tested to be better then a +1 Down Attack gem or even the Critical for that matter or worst case equal to it, that somehow the +1 stat modifier on the off-hand would then be stronger then twice that value in AP.
    Otherwise everyone would be running around with +Down attack gems to begin with, but test away, curious to see the results.
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  9. Blighter added a post in a topic 60 Maehwa vs Valk.   

    This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.. It is not available in your country.
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  10. Blighter added a post in a topic new Party XP Chart   

    Pretty sure this is already the system we have lol, or very close to it..
    Partying has always been better then solo for pure exp, but you get no skill points and that is largely what people need because of 100% Bonus Weekends..
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  11. Blighter added a post in a topic Open letter to the game creators   

    To hold crystals/ accessories and other sought after items players may be interested in?
    You should expand your horizons and get some more understanding of things before you just complain for the sake of it.
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  12. Blighter added a post in a topic Open letter to the game creators   

    This statement is false.
    There is no spots defined for anyone, it's a sandbox. Everyone can go where they please.
    To further elaborate on that, do you think people should just stop farming Ogre Rings because they are above level 51 and therefore out level the Mansha area? or Witch earrings? Mark of Shadow? etc. 
    Stop projecting your own ideals on what should take place at a given area. 
    Using your generic example: Sausans is a good money/ hr spot, and therefore lucrative to hold and thus PvP worthy. The people going there have the same intent as you, your reason is not anymore noble then theirs just because you're a lower level either get stronger and fight them off or leave to a place more fitting to your power. Stop over reaching and expecting the same rewards as the guy who's put in the time to be where they are.
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  13. Blighter added a post in a topic Best Level 60 Grind Location   

    160awap - Bashims Solo only
    180awap - Bashims Solo only
    200awap - Bandits 
    Over200awap - Bandits
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  14. Blighter added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    Awesome thanks for your insight. I've been running the mentioned set up for quite some time an felt like it was doing fine but maybe a bit more min/maxing wouldn't hurt. :^)
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  15. Blighter added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    2x rce + tsb + nouver is what you run now? or are you still using helrick?
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