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  1. Vyndetta added a post in a topic how do you even come up with something as ridiculous as grab engaging?   

    Go find a different game to play if you don't like the mechanics here. Oh wait, every game out there has some stupid skill that people whine about.  Welcome to gaming.
    I hate PvP. But I love a bunch of aspects in this game. So, if I'm in the mood to play, I do. If I get ganked or PK'd, I simply move on or log out for the night. No reason to complain, the game isn't going to change just for a few people crying.
    I'd play this game every chance I had if there was a PvE only server. I'd probably spend even more money on the game too. Alas, there will never be a PvE only option, so I shrug it off, play this casually and wont spend more money on it.
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  2. Vyndetta added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Patching at 0.02MB/s
    What is going on with the patcher? Decided to come back to the game over the holiday and the game simply will not patch at anywhere near a reasonable rate.  I know this issue has been around for awhile, however, by this time, it should be fixed.
    And doing a full remove and re-download is not an option. Internet providers are capping data in my region now (those tools).
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  3. Vyndetta added a post in a topic The thing is... P2w   

    Bottom line, stop whining.  Either buck up and quit the game, or learn to control your spending.  You want a refund? They posted how somewhere around here, do some digging. Most likely though, you're out of luck.
    If you do feel the need to post your complaints, put it in one of the 30 existing threads.
    Too many self entitled kids these days... and by kid, I mean even the "adults" who act like children throwing tantrums.
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  4. Vyndetta added a topic in US Guild   

    [Uno] LF Guild
    Hello and thanks for reading!
    Looking for a laid back guild of adults. I finally hit 30 tonight after starting over on Uno.  I had originally started on Edan with my husband, but the chat was so toxic, it was a complete turn-off from the game.
    I would like a guild of "normal" players.  Face it, we're all a little off being gamers, but in all reality, I'm here to have fun.  I have thick skin but would rather not have my game time filled with idiotic chat, politics or any other real world crap. I play this game to get away from all of that.
    So, I work full time during the week and being a wife and mother, that has me needing to afk a bit at times.  Here's the list!
    *M-F Play evenings after work
    *Weekends Play pretty much the entire weekend minus a little sleep time
    *Have all voip type programs available on my system, but only get on if I'm doing something that it's needed for
    *I deal with idiots at work and have kids, I don't want that in my game too
    *Enjoy taking my time in this game
    *Not a PvPer, but will participate for fun here and there or to help others out
    Anyway, it's late, stayed up way beyond usual tonight! I'm sure I rambled here, so may edit after some sleep.  If you don't think I'm nuts and you have a good fit guild, please let me know either here or in game (IGN: Syralin).
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  5. Vyndetta added a post in a topic Can beds break?   

    Wait a minute... You buy something in the cash shop and it expires?  Is there a way in-game to renew it?
    If I could get my money back on this game, I would at this point. 
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  6. Vyndetta added a post in a topic B2p or F2p but not BOTH   

    If there was some way to buy pearls with in-game money/items, I could totally go for their prices.  Like in GW2, you can obtain their Diamonds with the in-game exchange.  Even one of the older F2P games, Perfect World, you had an in-game trading system to obtain the cash shop Gold.
    The prices currently in this game's cash shop are really steep.  I'll just have to only buy one package every two months to equal a normal subscription game.  Anything more, it's sort of a waste IMO.  It's a shame, I like all that this game has to offer. If things were just a bit more affordable in their shop, I'd be willing to spend more.
    $30 for an outfit?  Yeah, not worth my money.  $10 for an outfit, now I'm definitely thinking about it!  People like to change it up, make it affordable and more people will spend money more often.
    They aren't going to change it.  Let's just hope they have sales to encourage spending.  For example Path of Exile.  I dumped a good amount of money into that game (about $400 between my husband and myself), and I don't feel guilty about it at all.  The reasoning, I felt I got a deal when I made my purchases, each purchase was reasonably priced in my eyes.
    I will say again, I really hope this company evens their prices out. In the long run, they'll make more.  For now, I bought the game and wont spend any more. A shame, it's a game I would love to contribute more to, just not worth it yet.
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