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  1. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic Level 49   

    yes lvl 49 is the last level your safe from being flagged on pvp.so if that chara is a  lifeskiller,leave it at 49 and don't do the quest to lvl up and youll be fine
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  2. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic How do you sell a Tri Liverto?   

    I sold a bunch of tri livs for different classes theres abit of a trick to it.The prices go up and down,depending on blackstone prices and other factors.I noticed usually ((not always but its the time more common)) at approximately 7pm EST is when the price spikes lower,this is probably cause more people are playing at this time and more blackstones and hitting the market,and this is when you put your tri liverto for sale at the lower price
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  3. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic Buff DK punches   

    Wizard? punching? working as intended,lemme show you

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  4. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic Valencia   

    I remember that good question.maybe that's something still on the works?
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  5. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic You should NOT be using Boss Armor   

    aand someone finally sees what I saw long ago and I got rid of my boss pieces months ago full pen armor,pen defense offhand,pen mainhand.armror common set.made me able to focus on accessories ((which I have a full ap and dp set)) over 540 gs on both sets
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  6. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    ya guys crying so hard about nerfing wizards,wait till awakened dk comes,it does as much damage as an awakened wizard,with more range,and more defensive options,THEN the true crying will begin
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  7. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic taking bets on how many times i disconnect before bdo is playable   

    i had to go to serendia to get a stable channel this afternoon
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  8. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic taking bets on how many times i disconnect before bdo is playable   

    change to completely different channel.its wierd its like each channel has a different netroute.some channels i cant connect while others no lag.it happens rarely and today is one of those days for me
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  9. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic Dark Knight Nerfed?   

    Theres also oros if you dont have nouver,still has a decent chunk of ap
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  10. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmewomeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmewomeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeomeomeowmeowmeowmewomeomeowmeowmeowmowmeowmeowmeowmeomeowme...i had to ;.;
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  11. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic !!!Add ANOTHER SERVER!!!   

    did you try another places besides sausans/pirates? thats what i do when thigns get too crowdy and works like a charm.big world out there
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  12. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic IS THIS A JOKE?   

    Your not a very sharp tool in the shed are you? skills that require higher than lvl 60 have been there sicne the beginning of the game when getting lvl 55 was nolifing.The devs plan of eventually making our lvl go that high,just like before lvl 51 was hard,now easy and lvl 56 was hard before and now its a peice of cake,in the future getting 60 will be a cake,then 70 ect a they keep adding contents
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  13. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic Why BDO fail so hard?   

    Let me explain.When you get the message of "item alredy sold" it means the person with the "winning ticket" won the item and purchased it at the time you clicked ur button,if you get "failed to win item" it means that you werent the winner of the "lottery ticket" and the person that "won" still has not clicked "purchase" yet.
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  14. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic Why BDO fail so hard?   

    Lets be serious here.do you even remember how it was months ago w the captcha and the bots? there literally were scripts that were used to snipe the items.I know the system now isnt perfect,but atleast a lottery "ticket" chance is way more fair than have a bot take every item you wanna buy because a machine can read the captcha and press buy faster than any human can
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  15. LinaCrysta added a post in a topic Why BDO fail so hard?   

    think whathever you want.i obtained many of my items this way and nothing you say will change that reaility.If I ddi it,anyone can,when an item pops in notice,wait to mins then change to an alt in marke and camp for 5-8 mins and bid.if you dont get bad.if you get good! its about perseverance.
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