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  1. Blackkat added a post in a topic Unable to Switch channels   

    Why are all my, and my guild members from Orwen Serendia in the Uno server now?
    Do not click on it though as I hear at the moment that if you click on it your character will be locked to Uno and some even had their character reset to level 1.....
    - Kat
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  2. Blackkat added a post in a topic awakening weapon question...   

    It has a 8sec cooldown I think and is placed on your hotbar.  So it is simple to swap between your original weapon set and your awakening.  But a long enough cooldown to stop you from doing it too quickly and have to think a moment.
    While using your awakening you use an entire seperate skill tree and cannot use the skills from your normal weapon set, so no matter how nice the awakening is, you will always be using your normal one as well.
    Again as mentioned, it is an option and one you should take advantage of, but not a necessity.
    The quest is at level 56 from the black spirit and takes place in the valencia region (so need to wait two updates as it will go release, media region, then valencia region).
    - Kat
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  3. Blackkat added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakening   

    Lances work just fine however when by foot (yay Monster Hunter games).
    Also, this world has magic while ours does not.  Thus it's best to keep the values from our world from clouding your judgment.
    - Kat
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  4. Blackkat added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakening !   

    One, there is already an awakening thread.
    Two, the warrior was never a tank.  They are a brawler class that focus' more on the sword and combo moves.  The tank classes are currently Berserker at the top with Valkyrie right behind.  However with this new awakening, the Valkyrie will most likely finally far outstretch the Berserker in the tanking roll (this is pertaining GvG/Sieges since that is the relative end game of BDO, not 1v1 fights).
    - Kat
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  5. Blackkat added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakens   

    I don't see how that is important.  As the picture could have been taken while the shield is falling over.  You don't know if the shield is in motion with a static picture.  This would more only need to be something called out if it was say in a video.
    - Kat
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  6. Blackkat added a post in a topic Tamer mini guide - by Tenrai   

    They are actually one of the top at 1v1 PvP for now.  That is up to the +15 enchant level on gear.  The problem is when the Media region is added and the enchant cap is increased to +20 like in the Korean version.  In there, they forgot to make the Heiling (your pet) scale with gear beyond the +15 point.  So the Tamer at that point really falls off.
    Until their awakening, they also never do well in GvG/Siege because with a large group, their pet is to easily focused and removed.  Without their pet, the Tamer falls far behind from other classes.
    With their pet and especially the 1min super buff from sacraficing their pet (can resummon the pet right away after sac-ing it) and they are a force few can stop.  That coupled with their relatively easy to do combo's that are full of CC.  The pet being actually quite tanky if not fighting people with the overpowered above +15 gear).  As well as being able to jump around with their evasive skills more than any other class (other classes may have more options, but with the same level stamina and the Tamer's super low cost to use her large hops, she can jump around 50% to 100% more than other classes, allowing her to hop around her opponent, this was done to help with the fact that she doesn't have a single long range skill).  All of this makes her great in 1v1, turning each of those situations into essentially a 2v1.
    Again, she only has a problem with opponents using gear beyond +15 enchants.  Even if she is using those same over +15 enchants.  As her pet, she relies on, doesn't scale anymore.  With her awakening however, it seems she will most likely not only not require her pet, but she won't even be able to use it while using her Skyrod, as well as getting some "longer range" attacks, but that's all that was teased and the trailer and release is not out for that.
    - Kat
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  7. Blackkat added a post in a topic any tamer looking sorcs?   

    Aww, she's like a little flamingo in that last picture =^.^=
    - Kat
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  8. Blackkat added a post in a topic Valkyrie Awakens   

    That's an AMAZING looking lance.  Bravo Pearl Abyss, bravo!  (and she still has a shield =^.^= )
    - Kat
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  9. Blackkat added a post in a topic Who else here is leveling a tamer for ninja?   

    I'm going to level a tamer for tamer's sake.  But also plan on playing a kunoichi later, so it's an added bonus =^.^=
    - Kat
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  10. Blackkat added a post in a topic Greatsword in NA   

    Exactly this.  Even if you hit the required level of 56, you need to wait for the Valencia region to even be able to do the quest to get the awakening and the Mediah region is to come before that.
    - Kat
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  11. Blackkat added a post in a topic Male Sorcerer   

    On that specific note, IF there ever was a male sorc, they would most likely have a different awakening.  So no scythe.
    You can also always do this: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/7019-i-turned-my-sorc-into-a-man/
    - Kat
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  12. Blackkat added a post in a topic +20 weapon transformation   

    Very nice set of numbers and thank you for repeating yourself.
    - Kat
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  13. Blackkat added a post in a topic Gender Locked Classes? Seriously?   

    Rants are wonderful =^.^=
    - Kat
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  14. Blackkat added a post in a topic [POLL] BDO Userbase Gender   

    Seen those before, but they make me smile every time I see them anyway =^.^=
    - Kat
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  15. Blackkat added a post in a topic Should +15 be the gear cap?   

    That I generally do take up the devils advocate.
    As far as signing my post, that's just habit because the front of my user name often changes, but I always end it in Kat.  In one such MMO, i had 8 characters with such naming sense, and I would just get called Black/Emeral/Hel/Nyx or the like of what ever that person saw me as first (each ending in kat), so I just started adding Kat at the end of my chats/text to make it simpler for them when I switched characters (overall nickname, kind of like BDO's family name).  So again, just simple habit.
    I have said I agree that the amount it gives could be curbed, but I then asked, if you really want it curbed, by how much would be considered acceptable by most (not all as no matter what anyone does, you will never satisfy everyone)?
    - Kat
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