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  1. Hau101 added a post in a topic What upgrade to increase performance?   

    I'd say it's your processor. BDO is quite CPU dependant along with GPU.
    I just updated my PC with similar specs as yours aside from the CPU also in 1440p, get 40-60 fps in fields on max settings with High End mode, 20-40 in Calpheon. If I turn off High End mode it's much smoother.
    i5-7600k @4.6ghz
    EVGA geforce 1080
    16GB 2.66 RAM
    Samsung evo SSD
    Check Task Manager (You're in Windowed Full Screen right?) and gpu monitor - you'll probably see your CPU maxes out more than your gpu at medium settings when you're turning the camera rapidly. Even with the 1080 both my cpu and gpu are utilized very similarly, so SLI seems like a waste of money even for a 1070.
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  2. Hau101 added a post in a topic Flying mount?   

    Flying mounts, now with new feed! Available in the cash shop near you! Train (autopathing currently disabled)  to fly faster, farther, and HIGHER as you look down on the horsebound plebs beneath you!
    Screw dat. Just let me ride a dolphin if the ocean's really that vast.
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  3. Hau101 added a post in a topic Mudster AOE...   

    What's weird is I saw a vid of soemone fighting it, and he had no problems avoiding the aoe spikes. He didn't need to run a block away or roll like hes on fire. Wondering if he does a larger or targeted aoe at whoever has aggro since I was tanking it..
    And my guildies in the back didn't need to stay nearly as far and kep pewpewing it.
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  4. Hau101 added a post in a topic auction house disaster   

    They should just change the failed bid text to, "Sorry, you're not a winner."
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  5. Hau101 added a post in a topic Mudster AOE...   

    I do. I still get nailed when I Shield Chase backwards twice away from the ground spikes before they even erupt and blocking, sometimes still getting hit. If I survive that, he then he charges at me and does more aoe = gg.
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  6. Hau101 added a post in a topic Whats questing/griding like at 50 with average gear?   

    When I had only +7 all around, only the shadow knights/Abandoned Monastery gave me trouble, and the skeletons at Hexe only took too long to kill. I could even handle Cyclops (not ogres, though) but took a while to kill. Just need to be careful and not pull too much in Catfish, really. 
    If you really need to do shadow knights at Abandoned Monastery for the token quests, I stayed near the long staircase around the east side of the underground area. All the mobs there are melee and don't have to deal with ranged until the bottom of the stairs. And spam that Shield Throw + RMB against these as you won't be able to facetank them with low gear.
    I recommend grinding Manshas if you want to just grind, or Catfish if you feel comfortable. And max that DP self buff, well worth it.
    Oh, don't bother blocking unless it's for emergency surviving or quick SP regen - wastes grind time. If you can't facetank them doing SOL's, spam Shield Throw instead.
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  7. Hau101 added a topic in PVE   

    Mudster AOE...
    How do you avoid it? I'm a 51 valk doing the guild boss and have 131 dp + 20dp buff, and can only block like <3 sec of his constant spike aoe spam before dying. I try to block, then dash backward but no matter how far I go I still get spammed by the spikes til dead or close to dead. A few times I avoided it but can't tell how..
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  8. Hau101 added a post in a topic To the sheep complainers.   

    As if this thread is helping? Also, way to be presumptuous; in fact, this OP also reeks of "sympathy baiting and wants SOMEBODY to agree with them to make their feelings better"
    There have been plenty of constructive feedback before whiteknights whined about them "complaining," like you're doing here. There's a difference between giving feedback and taking it in the @$$.
    As for the p2w, it's been in a grey area. Example, Elion's tears and world bosses.
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  9. Hau101 added a post in a topic What gear/stats are "OK" enough   

    Yea, absolutely. I just don't want to go into pvp when say, 90% of others are outgearing me. I want that to be 40-50% who outgear me or less, to reduce the frustration. Like in WoW, I wouldn't want to go into BG's wearing blues/greens when everyone's in purple gear.
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  10. Hau101 added a post in a topic Peeking Inside Someone's Home...   


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  11. Hau101 added a post in a topic Peeking Inside Someone's Home...   

    Always see fem's in underwear cooking. Must be a thing.
    Wonder how it resets though. Kept going in and out my house but only saw the same couple.
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  12. Hau101 added a post in a topic Pirate Event? who is this event aimed at?   

    What's your luck at? Maybe it affects the drop rate.
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  13. Hau101 added a topic in General   

    Peeking Inside Someone's Home...
    Sometimes I wish there was an option to burglarize a home or PK someone in their sleep... don't hate...

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  14. Hau101 added a topic in PVP   

    Peeking inside someone's Home..
    Sometimes I wish there was an option to burglarize a home or PK someone in their sleep... don't hate...

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  15. Hau101 added a post in a topic Everything WRONG with Red Battlefield   

    The name plates swarming everywhere is my main gripe, but apparently nobody finds that an issue in the Suggestions forum... Why can't we hide the guild name/title/family name and only show player names?
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