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  1. danky added a post in a topic Can EU play in an NA server?   

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  2. danky added a topic in General   

    Can EU play in an NA server?
    I live in Ohio, and play on the first channel in the list, If I buy this game for my friend in Denmark will he be able to play on my channel?
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  3. danky added a post in a topic Fix your game   

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  4. danky added a post in a topic Constantly kicked from game   

    Same, after installing it ran really well, then after time it just went sour, like milk
    and has not improved at all.
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  5. danky added a post in a topic Harrassment?   

    Did you know you can click someone's name and select block, END OF -----ING DRAMA.
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  6. danky added a post in a topic Over 48 Hours and no response Ticket #109232   

    2 weeks here... 
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  7. danky added a post in a topic Still disconnect After the pach,   

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  8. danky added a post in a topic Logs seems like the game is having issues   

    Yeah, I get anywhere from 6-25 megs of this garble between crashes, which takes anywhere from 6-25 minutes to gather, last time I deleted the logs = 950 megs plus.
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  9. danky added a post in a topic Why I Stopped Playing a Game I Love, And What Will Bring Me Back   

    Hi there, not to come in and piss on your parade, but this game has one objective in mind, which is how to get your dollar into there pocket.
    In fact they specifically implement functions into the game to hinder, penalize and outright screw you at every opportunity.
    Also there are shenanigans like freeT5-gate.
    When I started playing this game It ran totally fine on slightly less than high-end mode, was able to afk for the whole day.
    Past 3 weeks have been a total nightmare, pearls disappear from my inventory, game will not stay connected more than 20 minutes, entire system is crashing at random while the game is running, support for problems involving my money are tossed to the side while more and more purchasable items are added to the game.
    These guys need to seriously STOP development and fix the bugs that keep getting added, there are private wow servers that are administered far better than this multi million dollar earning game is capable of.
    I will tell you one thing for sure.
    If a customer is having problems with pearl (in-game money) these guys need to put a -----ing GM right in front of my Character in game (immediately)  to assist and resolve said problem, anything otherwise is unacceptable, going to there website and opening a ticket that is literally more than 2 months backed up, that is total bull.
    I don't foresee myself spending a single dime on this game in the future, but my opinion could change, this is a very entertaining game, if only it would work as it's intended.
    At this point in time though, it is very far from hitting the mark.
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  10. danky added a post in a topic Lagging and screen reloads= DEATH   

    It is a known issue. I am sure someone at Daum or Pearl Abyss is on it, but there has been no word posted.
    Just rest assured that it is not your system and hopefully it will be resolved soon.
    I also have my connection problems and many others also, so they obviously know about the issues.
    On the plus side, there are NEW and EXPENSIVE clothes and thing for you to buy. So while they are busy adding these thing It can be easy to slip a bug or two in there.
    I have a quad core I5 desktop with nvidia gtx, 3 moniters running at 4800x900 resolution 28gigs of ram, PC can literally run any other game at over 100fps, Will even run all at the same time GTA5(90fps), Elite-dangerous horizons(150fps) and ARMA3(75 fps). But this game, and this game only, cannot even run 10 minutes without crashing the whole pc.
    While making this reply I have managed to stay ingame for about 10 minutes, with all options off running on the desktop at lowest resolution.
    It's makes me sad.

    PS it crashed before that black screen went away...
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  11. danky added a post in a topic How to Resolve the Constant Disconnection problem   

    Did not work for me.
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  12. danky added a post in a topic NA server connectivity   

    2 minutes to 30 of play time before it crashes. Same issue, it could be 1000 things.
    Very frustrating.
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  13. danky added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Opening Cashshop freezes computer.
    The cashshop will open and I can move around in it for about 30 seconds, then the computer freezes and reboots. 100% of the time.
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  14. danky added a post in a topic disconnects in towns   

    Connection problems? Check
    Complaining about BUGS the continually get complained about in the forums? Check
    Sick of being ignored? Check
    Money involved? Check
    Can't play the game? Check
    New shit to buy on the broken cash shop that -absolutely will- outright ROB you while your ticket gets ignored? YOU BET
    Another dissatisfied customer, not surprised.
    The future of this game in the US is -----ing doomed, this company is a total shit eating shame.
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  15. danky added a post in a topic Quickslots Empty On Login   

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