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  1. Zetectic added a post in a topic Blue Parts for Epheria Sailboat   

    Ooh, okay. Thank you so much for your replies! 
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  2. Zetectic added a post in a topic Blue Parts for Epheria Sailboat   

    Does it have to be your guildie or a random pt?
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  3. Zetectic added a topic in PVE   

    Blue Parts for Epheria Sailboat
    Hello, I am a hardcore player in a casual/lifeskill guild. I recently built an Epheria Sailboat and bought all the green parts from the vendor. Since I have almost all the resources for Blue parts. I want to build them.
    List of Materials that I am missing: 
    Epheria Sailboat: Dragon Prow
    50 Black Gold Ingot (Ocean Skin[Guild], Pure Platinum Crystal*) 0/50, 50/50
    Epheria Sailboat: Elena Cannon
    100 Magoria Dark Iron (Hekaru[Guild], 2 Pure Iron Crystal) 0/100, 200/200
    Epheria Sailboat: Black Breeze Sail
    300 Tough Flax Fabric (Hekaru[Guild], 10 Flax Fabric) 0/300, 3000/3000
    I've noticed that I need some guild labeled items in order to complete the building. And after watching few videos, it seems that guild has to hunt the sea monsters in Magoria sea.
    1. Can I hunt sea monsters as a party? 
    2. How hard are sea monsters? And drop rate?
    Here's the problem with the guild. If things are rolling out this way, it's almost forcing me to leave my current guild, in order to achieve what I want. my guild is Casual/Lifeskill guild. We only have 29 members total, only 8 are interactive players. So Is there any other way around this?? 
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  4. Zetectic added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    One of my character who logged in Florin is experiencing a glitch where I could hear other guild's chat on mine.
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  5. Zetectic added a topic in General   

    Pearl Costume Selling Question
    Hello. I was considering to sell pearl costumes for silvers.
    I researched and only learned that I could post 5 costumes per week.
    Well. I was wondering how much silvers do I make for posting a Premium costume?
    Does Value Pack has any affect on the sales income?
    Thank you! 
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  6. Zetectic added a post in a topic Can I level to 50 by grinding?   

    Thank you guys. I powerleveled to 50 and planning to clear these quests. I like this way. 
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  7. Zetectic added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Can I level to 50 by grinding?
    Hello, with all the changes that were made recently with the Black Spirit's quest. I noticed that the quest chain goes all the way to level 50.
    I am currently at level 35 with my Dark Knight and this quest chain is literally putting me into a sleep. 
    Can I grind my Dark Knight to level 50 first, and then do all the quest? I am asking this because there could be a level restricted quests.
    Thank you~! ^~^
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  8. Zetectic added a post in a topic Oh just Heilang takin' selfies when I'm not looking...   

    Aww, nice picture.
    But why does my Heilang look differ from yours? It has less fur and no dot pattern on its leg.
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  9. Zetectic added a post in a topic Main Theme Soundtrack With Choir?   

    Nope, but I was able to hear it again. It happens when you are stuck in the loading screen.
    So I had to play on my laptop, because the central processor on there was significantly slower than my desktop.
    Anyways, I realized it was a different music, but I'm planning to record the sound and mix with the main soundtrack. 
    I'll let you know when that happens.
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  10. Zetectic added a post in a topic Main Theme Soundtrack With Choir?   

    I meant, the music I was looking for wasn't there.
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  11. Zetectic added a post in a topic Main Theme Soundtrack With Choir?   

    I just went through everything. Unfortunately it's not there.
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  12. Zetectic added a topic in General   

    Main Theme Soundtrack With Choir?
    Hello, I am looking for a 'main theme' soundtrack that plays in the loading screen.
    What I mean by main theme, I am referring to this -> (www.youtube.com/?v=DowZovjj5Fc)
    I am pretty sure it has an alternative version with a subtle choir singing in the background at the beginning phase.
    I've tried my best to search for every BDO related soundtracks and googled searched hardcore, but I couldn't get what I wanted.
    So I decided to come here seeking for a help. I also tried to extract BDO files, but no idea where they store the soundtracks.
    If anybody knows what I am talking about, please help me. Thank youu 
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  13. Zetectic added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    Very sweet update.
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  14. Zetectic added a post in a topic Help me with leveling up   

    Thanks for good tips. I'll make a note of it. 
    I didn't bother to gear up because the video guide told me not to worry about it.
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  15. Zetectic added a topic in General   

    Help me with leveling up
    Hello, I am a lvl 34 Valkyrie. My goal is to reach level 50, but I am struggling right now.
    I was following several guides/grind spots by levels. It said at level 34, I am qualified to hunt/grind Caphras.
    That's not the story when I tried to kill them. Their names were in purple, they were at least 3 levels above me.
    So I have decided to stay in Kurutos, but these guys are slow. I mean is it normal to grind for 2-3 hours for a level?
    (By the way I stay outside of the cave, I can't really handle all the Shaman inside the cave. They do too much damage.)
    Please share all the suggestions, tips you have for leveling. 
    Things I am considering to do:
    -save black stones to enhance gears instead of selling them on the market.
    -purchase milk teas off of market. idk how much they cost though
    -don't waste night for traveling. 
    Partying is also something I was looking for. but popular grind spots are pretty empty? are they already at level 50 or something?
    • 5 replies