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  1. Champlocker added a post in a topic T9 Horse guide   

    I have not done enough research too answer your questions, Sorry, I'll link my sources here:
    I hope this helps a bit, but the data is all from korean gamers I think so we will have too wait and see if they use the same thing in EU/NA.
    do you have any idea about this? I would also like too know it
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  2. Champlocker added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    I didn't spend so much euro's at all (prob around 30 including the 14 from the skill resets) idk exactly but if you do the same as me its not That hard just 80 mill starting cost too get some t6 pref. get them breeding and also smash them for that extra chance at t7's do the same with the t7's but sell them after you've bred them and buy t6's again with the money u just made from the t7's do this for 5 months strait and tada you have 4 t8's with two t8's having decent skills (this is in my case, i dont say you will get this result too) soo before you run your mouth about horse2pay shit first ask yourself how much time someone spend getting something instead of just throwing money at it for it.
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  3. Champlocker added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    u mean like my purebred black t8 Courser 14€ Total cost :P
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  4. Champlocker added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    How is it fair I tried buying 3 horses and i din't see 2 of them cus they where sold before i could click it. and the one i did see was sold when i clicked the button. Please make a bid system if you are gonne leave the anouncement and queue in place....
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  5. Champlocker added a post in a topic Horse market   

    well its the same end result so would be fine by me
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  6. Champlocker added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse market
    Hey there,
    As of the more recent patch with the t4/t5 horses being in the wild the market is kinda floaded with them and i would like to suggest that horses above tier 4 need to be lvl 15 to be able to sell so that its more spreaded instead of just every 2 min 4 new horses on de market because every one is catching horses instead of actual training. hope too hear from you guys.
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  7. Champlocker added a post in a topic T9 Horse guide   

    yes exactly.  thnx for the link Tho the link i found later (mentioned some additional information) 
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  8. Champlocker added a topic in Guides   

    T9 Horse guide
    T9 Guide
    Hi, this is a small guide on how to prepare for the T9 Horses coming to BDO.
    First of all, I would like to let you know I did this with limited information and no actual experience as far as getting the T9 horses, for I haven’t played the Korean version. This is just a guy making a guide because he didn’t find it on the internet yet. And if someone here knows more please comment below so people can find more information.
    All the different items and how to get them :
    Technical Training Materials: 
    Stone Tail Fodder : farming byproducts 20x (Simple Cooking) 
    Rainbow Fruit Gem: 10x Shiny gold seal (Imperial delivery)
    Elegance Training Materials: 
    Ferocious beast neidan : rare chance of looting from Khalk or Blue whales (Hunting)
    Breezy conch seaweed : rare chance of being obtained while fishing (Fishing)
    Physical Training Materials: 
    Pure forest breath : rare chance of being looted from monsters in the Kamasilve region (Grinding)
    Deep blue hoof root : rare chance of being obtained while gathering (Gathering)
    by exchanging 7x Peridot leaves.
    Peridot leaf : received from certain quests in the kamasilve region (Questing)
    Final Materials: 
    Rumbling earth fragment : exchange 2x Shiny golden seal (Imperial delivery) or 1x Horse race seal (Horse racing) or 15x Peridot leaf (Questing) 
    Swaying wind fragment : exchange 1x Shiny golden seal (Imperial delivery) or 2x Horse race seal (Horse racing) or 15x Peridot leaf (Questing) 
    Krogdalo’s origin stone : combine 25x Swaying wind fragment with 25x Rumbling earth fragment (Simple alchemy)
    I found a Post about it while doing some more research:
    I also have some of the data here:
    Each of these training areas can be increased using different materials which you must collect. A single material is equivalent to 1% increase in training. You can get a maximum of 100% in any one of the three training areas. You must get a total of 200% in training from any combination of the three areas before you can proceed. Once training has reached 200% you cannot apply any more of the training items. 
    If awakening fails, the 200% training you obtained through collected materials will be reduced back to 0% and you will need to begin awakening training again. Only awakening training % is affected, the horse’s level and skills will not change. You have the option of using 100 cron stones to reduce the training loss instead to 100%. The chance of success is currently estimated by players to be at 1%. 
    Will choosing to train different training areas affect the outcome of the awakening, or the skills and stats of the Pegasus?
    No, the current understanding is that there is no difference which training type you increase. Pick the ones you find easiest to collect items for. 
    Will the stats of my T8 affect the stats of my Pegasus?
    Unfortunately no, your Pegasus will gain stats and skills independent of what you T8 may have had. Your level 30 Pegasus may turn out to be slower or faster than you T8 was. Take a look in the Pegasus Details section of this guide for an example of the stats a level 30 Pegasus may have. 
    I Hope I have Helped you get Ready before it’s too late. I know I will be doing these steps:
    - Imperial delivery   - Gathering   - Simple cooking   - Simple alchemy   - Being lvl 60+
    Let me know if you liked this or not and how to improve for any possible new Guides.
    P.s. I have 4 T8’s without the Course requirement so being able to get one is very hard or very expensive. (total t8’s : 4)
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  9. Champlocker added a post in a topic New Class   

    the gaming community should be like that. it isn't but schould be  see you ingame someday.
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  10. Champlocker added a post in a topic New Class   

    thnx for the invite, I kind of like to solo it in the end tho because I don't have too really think/talk but will see. Really appreciate it tho.
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  11. Champlocker added a post in a topic New Class   

    yeah but friendless guys like myself who enjoy grinding for 2 hours just dont really find groups but doesn't matter really still super enjoyable game too solo
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  12. Champlocker added a post in a topic rng improvement   

    i know but still it would be nice to see any kind of improvements because it's still unbalanced but o well lets just enjoy the game
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  13. Champlocker added a post in a topic New Class   

     didn't think about that thnx guys but still a very low damage character would be fun because there is almost no teamwork atm in bdo execpt knowing what your own class is good/bad at
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  14. Champlocker added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    didn't get the pearl shop coupon
    Dear reader,
    I've never received the pearl shop discount coupon?
    hope I still get it
    Kind regards,
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  15. Champlocker added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Dark Knight
    is there anyone who can explain to me why people prefer sayer knot over rosar? and sorry if this is an (noob) question or already a post, but thnx for any answer.
    Kind regards
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