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  1. Everdawn added a post in a topic Level 25 Fishing Advancement: Where is Leather Carp??   

    these fish are in the freshwater swampy area beside glish.... you can also get them in the freshwater "seagulls" in serendia (which is just a bunch of fish jumping out of the water)... they're rather hard to get to most of the time and the area doesnt extend much farther than what you see... they also only last 1-3 fish generally
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  2. Everdawn added a post in a topic Margoria Adventurer [Guild Activity] - Are these doable?   

    You need to have a galley as the sea monsters can only be killed by cannons sadly, but at least "sea monsters" counts as any monster out there... 
    i've been out there with the guild and tested hitting it with muskets, practice matchlocks, awakened weps, and non awakened weps, thats the only conclusion i can come up with and it sounds right
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  3. Everdawn added a post in a topic Leveling sailing skill   

    you need to be in magoria (or very south of arehaza) where you can't see your map and drive your boat. doesn't have to be manual (can just press T and let it go), but its based off "distance travelled" so you cant just hook up an xbox controller and elastic a joystick so it does donuts all day, best way to level at the moment if you want to afk is to just press T in sea of ross and let the afk screen effects turn you, although you can still get stuck, get popped out of ross sea and into one with a map, or get farther into magoria and killed by mobs.
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  4. Everdawn added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild List (UPDATED)   

    Ebon Nightmare
    Focus: Economy & CraftingVoIP: Discord (optional)Website: N/ARecruitment thread: N/A
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  5. Everdawn added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Ebon Nightmare
    Focus: Economy & CraftingVoIP: DiscordWebsite: N/ARecruitment Thread: N/Afrom edan
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  6. Everdawn added a post in a topic How to advance life skills?   

    taming horses gains you the most exp, leveling horses gives less xp but there is still some. that's the only 2 ways to gain training exp that i'm aware of as breeding gives none...
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  7. Everdawn added a post in a topic About fishing   

    I was fishing into ross sea before magoria (through the wall :3) and was filling my inventory of 192 in ~2 hours active fishing for 20-22m after keeping all blues/golds/relics/silver keys and then selling relics and imperial everything, ironically the middle of magoria is the best fish so you should be making even more than that in the more dangerous zones. you can also make ~15m doing seagulls for roughly the same time if your lucky with finding them. hard to say with per hour since its all active fishing, and different inventory sizes (if you're less than 100 slots i'd just keep golds). Otherwise Aidlac says some pretty good stuff in his reply
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  8. Everdawn added a post in a topic About fishing in Margoria   

    all you need is to discover the area where you obtained the fish, so if your in vadabin you should be able to see where you are in your map, just discover where your fishing and you can sell anywhere so long as lema island is connected (dont need to discover what's in between)
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  9. Everdawn added a post in a topic I Need Fishing Advice   

    if you fish in the ross sea you can fill a 192 slot inventory in ~2 hours for 20-22m between fish and relics, with average being 10-12 relics (usually 7-10m in fish alone)
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  10. Everdawn added a post in a topic Did trading get nerfed ?   

    I made a post shortly after this happened on both reddit and here on the forums, it drops from 100% to 75, 50, 25, then 0... and its not just imperial, ive had it drop with as few as 102 items and as high as 240... litterally the nerf to all acitve trading, not just imperial T.T
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  11. Everdawn added a topic in Suggestions   

    Trading nerf (what combat and gathering equivalents would be like aswell)
        Alright, so I think we can safely assume we all agree magoria was a pretty crap expansion... Hell I know I would have at least liked it way more if Port Ratt was a whole city instead of just the docks, like what the hell BUT theres more that came along with this expansion than just a ton of water and a bunch of annoying sea cucumbers, theres a huge active trading nerf... yep, something most people here don't even care about, active trading. Hell alot of the grinders should just skip to the combat version of this to understand better.
         Most people won't see it much unless they are someone who likes to trade, and it's about 250-350 items before it even goes into affect, when your past that point all nodes will only have 75% of the trade items they did before (quantity wise) and this isn't the lowest it goes.It take somewhere between 1 and 2k items before you hit the cap, which is 0 items at not just nodes you bought items at but all nodes... now THAT is a big nerf, still most of you are gonna be screaming who cares so I have 2 examples I'll share; the combat and fishing comparisons.

        Combat comparison:
            Decided to go to pirates and grind your face off for the weekend, you get there and start killing some mobs... after two or three rotations you notice theres less mobs, nothing major but hey you're still getting less exp.. ANOTHER three rotations and now it's real noticeable, only half the mobs that should have been there... Finally by the point theres no mobs left its been maybe an hour just cause you had to look for the silly land lubbers and got 25% of 56, now thinking this is just a weird thing going on at pirates you go to sausans (its easy sauce anyways, might as well) and theres no mobs there ethier, almost think node wars are going on, but your on a #2 channel not a node war... No mobs no matter where you went, no matter where the hell you were grinding, and only able to get 1-2k mobs before this bull happened. That is what's happening to trading right now, not just the node they bought from but every node.
        Gathering comparison:
            You start chopping some trees with blessing of kalamsylve and fig pies up (getting logs for the sailboat, might as well get some hards/sharps out of it y'know?) and by the time your 2/3rds the way out of energy alot of those damn trees dont want to talk to you anymore and it's taking forever to finish off your energy, by the time you do and need to swap to ana lt to finish up, only half of the trees you find (even if nobody else ever goes there) have decided to ignore you, this alt takes FOREVER to finish their energy but eventually you get to 20 energy left and no tree likes you at all, silly haters, and you cant find a damn tree on any alt, anywhere... that's trading right now, yep, all their trade managers (trees) hate 'em~
        I hope you like the examples I have >.< this bs would make tons of sense if it was only in the places you bought items (chopped trees / killed random shit at) but it's litterally everywhere in every channel and on every character, you wouldn't do that to combat or gathering, or anything else so why nerf active trading that next to nobody does? NA has alot more lifeskillers than KR and in the end you're killing player base who do nothing but do this, and alot of horse breeders aswell who do this while trying to level the horses for other people to enjoy at LEAST make it the node you already bought at if your going to nerf active trading like this, that is understandable as you've already bought them out and they can only have so many a day, or even based on region, as just because you bought out all the items in valencia city and arehaza, port ratt and olvia shouldn't be sold out too... that doesn't make any sense at all 
        welp thats it for my rant, thanks for reading and feel free to share all your thought in the comments~ althought you were probably going to do that anyways...
    https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5qc4js/trading_nerf_what_combat_and_gathering_equivalent/ is the reddit link~
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  12. Everdawn added a post in a topic weekly cooking quests   

    Roruju in Azehara gives the quests
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  13. Everdawn added a topic in PVE   

    weekly cooking quests
    It appears most people don't know about the weekly cooking quests in arehaza whih were added on the november 16th patch... I went there the other night with a master cook (im middle of artisan at the moment), we got the quest that says it's the pre requesite for the quest (super easy 540 contribution exp). The patch notes say it just requires professional 1, and level 56+, checked bddatabase and its pro 1, < 55, and have the quest chain from rojuru done... by now i've done all the quests in arehaza (I believe the master cook has just the coconut pasta quest left) and nethier of us can get it... anyone know if theres another requirement? sent a ticket but the reply was extremely useless 
    (this was both to ask the question and tell people there is indeed a weekly cooking quest)
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  14. Everdawn added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fish bait!
    Can you implement fish bait? i don't mean ones like you can get for fish tokens which increase fishing speed, but instead ones that increase the probability for better fish... These could be cooked up from fresh white fish/dried fish and don't even have to last past a single cast~ Just that better fish would be worth it, maybe even make it's recipe out of the trashy fishing rewards? (seaweed, fish bones) to make them worth something?
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  15. Everdawn added a topic in Suggestions   

    Boat Toggle
    personally i would love to see a toggle function for who can stand or maybe use your boat. For the Toggle function what i mean is: a setting to allow certain people onto your boat, like guildies, party, and friends... this might not sound too important until your group is the "driver" during whale hunting, other parties want to have all 5 of thier members on your boat so you end up getting worse, or no loot. Then for letting people use your boat, likely wont happen but its just an idea  sometimes you need to go afk on a fishing venture or whatnot, and it would beat autopathing or just sitting there if your guildy could just drive it instead while your afk~
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