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  1. DeathRuin added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance August 11th   

    Ever since this "Urgent Maintenance" I've had worse lag and desync than I've ever had before. 3 times killed at Crescents by what I refer to as ghost hits. I'll be running with no mobs at all around me and my hp keeps dropping out of nowhere. Potions do nothing so my HP hits 0 and I lose my exp, and millions in rare crystals breaking in my equipment.
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  2. DeathRuin added a topic in General   

    Why the hell isn't the Costume Exchange Coupon in game yet?!
    Title says it all. I mean seriously. It is still probably a cash item So I'm sure they'll make bank off of it.
    On a side note, how many of you think thet the in game market price of crafted costumes is gonna skyrocket when and if we do get the c.e.c.?
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  3. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Which Skill Addons for PvP   

    I went with Shadow Slash 10 HP Recovery on hit/PVE Atk +20, Fatal Blow PVP Atk +10/Crit Rate +20%, and Blade Spin Blade PVP Atk +15/50 Bleed Damage
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  4. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Personally I like this pack. It allows people with less time to remain competitive in the marketplace. I do however see the point of view that it is unfair to those without the ability or desire to buy cash shop items so my proposed solution is this.
    Very simply take the 1 day loyalty value bundle out completely and replace it. Change it to a 30 day bundle, the exact same as the cash bundle but make it cost 3000 loyalties. Meaning, if you want the bundle you can get it for free but you can't use your loyalties on anything else if you want to maintain a permanent value bundle. This way, everyone can get it
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  5. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

    If you read the correspondence thread from pearl abyss you'll see that dak flame isnt broken. It is as intended
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  6. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Warrior Combos   

    I've actually been having some good luck with ground slash / deep ground slash. My personal combo is:
    Deep Thrust > Shield Charge > Grab > Spinning Slash cancels > Ultimate Ground Smash > Ground Slash > Deep Ground Slash (RNG reapply knock down), Repeat from grab if they aren't dead yet.
    That combo has one shotted more classes and has given them less chance to get away than just using spinning slash combo. At least for me. In GvG and node wars, I spam a lot of Deep Thrust to proc cc on as many people as I can to help out the guys in my group.
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  7. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

    Surprisingly I am only semi disappointed with this patch. Yes, those with full boss armor and liverto/kzarka weapons will no longer be the supremely powerful over those without them... but I also see this as a good thing. The people wearing regular green gear can now compete to get a decent chance of a drop for the yellow grade items. I do believe that they should add in alternative ways to get memory fragments because if we got the same success rates as kr then we are all screwed. Afaik you can buy member frags and fail stacks with cash thus making it infinitely easier to enchant your gear. I am disappointed that the skill noticed didn't come this patch as well as a slew of Valencia content that was held back from us. My guess is they rushed out what little they had ready so that we got something to hold us over since node wars ended prematurely. In the end, I haven't gotten a chance to play yet today due to work but I think I am going to enjoy the game just as much as I did before the patch. Do I wish we got more? Yes, but that doesn't mean I can't still enjoy the content we had before the patch. What everyone seems to forget is that this is not WoW or FFXIV where you can get and experience everything in one week. This is a game that takes a huge time commitment to experience it all. There will always be no lifers in every MMO but you shouldn't let such a small portion of the community decide what you can and can't do. Aspire to be as strong as them, pray to the RNG gods and just get out there and have fun. Every loss is a learning experience and every win is an indication of how much you have improved. 
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  8. DeathRuin added a post in a topic warrior vs valk   

    I don't know why but I have yet to lose in PvP to a similarly geared Valkyrie. On paper, yeah they are better but something about then (for me at least) makes them really easy for me to kill.
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  9. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Uno Node Wars - Day 1 Sunday   

    just saying, they also out numbered proxima 2 to1easy
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  10. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Best Overall Class?   

    Warrior is a seriously under rated class. When built properly they become practically immortal and can dish out damage to back it up. Everyone thinks warrior is a one trick pony with spinning slash combo but there is so much more to them than that. Example, my warrior has 122 AP 229 DP and has fought and won against a ranger and sorc 2v1. Both were fairly geared. In pve their shield makes them hard to damage and the 100% critical makes mobs melt. Siege battles may be the warrior's weakest point but they are still a viable class to play. Deep thrust is a nice interrupt skill to use to get people off of your tower and you can do plenty of damage as well as take hits to be viable on the attack force.
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  11. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Node Wars are only for the zerg guilds?   

    I have to say not really. My guild on uno beat a top 15 guild with twice as many people as we had and we are a page 3 guild. It really comes down to skill and team work. Without those you'll never win. 
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  12. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Uno Node Wars - Day 1 Sunday   

    The battle between proxima and Spartans was a pretty epic on as well. Proxima was out numbered 2 to 1 the entire time but fought back hard and forced a DPS race in the last 10 minutes. It was all over orca's  stream too xD. 
    P.S. Spartans was rank 13, Proxima was rank 54
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  13. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Proxima is Recruiting! | UNO | PvP | NA | www.proxima.gg   

    Proxima values quality over quantity and family above all. No matter what, we back our guildies up.
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  14. DeathRuin added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

    I'm extremely upset because I scheduled off of work for a week specifically to fully engulf myself in the Valencia update. Now I am out a week's pay (which for me is a considerable amount of money seeing as I make 6 figures a year) and I can't enjoy the best part of black desert.... THE DESERT! Daum needs to step up their game in a big way cuz the way things are going they are gonna lose players like crazy. Hell I am now refusing to spend another penny on this game unless we get some serious compensation for this crap
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  15. DeathRuin added a post in a topic is this game a prank?   

    I am  level 54 warrior with 96 AP and 200 DP and I s--- on rangers and sorcs. Even gone 3v1 against decently geared sorc, ranger, and valk and I destroyed them all. It's not a matter of the class being OP it is a matter of being OP at your class
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