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  1. Lista added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Am I missing something? How do you get the Halloween Gift Box? it's a bit unclear above, doesn't seem to be a quest reward. 
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  2. Lista added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    Wow, this is an awesome patch!
    Particularly the energy for cooking and alchemy, awesome! Drop rates and XP getting some love, some nice freebies with loyalties - thank you, I'm very happy with this
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  3. Lista added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Oh, oh wow. WOW! I think torturing puppies would have been a less controversial addition than pay to win. You can already see it I hope, by the vast number of responses in such a short amount of time, none of them with a positive comment to say. The culture of the EU countries is very different to that of the Asian countries where pay to win is the norm in gaming and accepted. There is a definite sense of what is fair and what is not in Western countries and you can trust me when I say nobody here thinks pay to win is fair. The 5 outfit per week cap is frankly ridiculous. To announce it 2 weeks after introducing a premium subscription model too? I'd be having serious words with whoever agreed to that decision! People are seriously not that stupid - well, okay some are. Not enough to make you any money though. The only possible solution to resolve this mess is to rapidly u-turn and not introduce this feature. It's the equivalent of drowning in your own wealth; you will undoubtedly lose a lot of the competitive player base and make far less money in the process. Sad times.
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  4. Lista added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    "Auction Reservation System has been added.
    Players will now be able to place a purchase order via the Auction House."
    This is by far the best thing in this patch; at last a way to stop bot sniping.
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  5. Lista added a post in a topic Lost character   

    Exactly the same. I just logged in this morning after playing to lvl 14 yesterday - I also have the family name but can't find my character. I checked every server on the EU side just to make sure I hadn't forgotten it, but my character is missing - from Valencia C1. I'll try and open a support ticket.
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